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Collage : Scott Lickstein

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Hi all,

Hope you had great holidays. :) Here are the news of the month :

The CD :

1. "Music for Dreamachine" by Optical Sound :

Pierre Belouin has sent it, and it is really great work. The sound quality is perfect : see the details in the News page : With musics by Ramuntcho Matta, a Brion Gysin 's recording, and Foe's music among all. You can get it from Pierre at .

Izzy : my first dreamachine (1982)

Photo : JL Baudron

Mglon also has just made a CD. You can get it from him at

Dreamachine :

2. "Algo" de Mglon :

I am establishing contacts through my work about the dreamachine, with people working in relaxation. I shall tell you the result soon. I have one here, so people can experiment it.

See the expo by binda23 DREAM MACHINES 8 September - 29 October, 2000, Camden Arts Centre, London.

Brion Gysin

Interzone Productions :

Following the crash of Foe's hard drive and mine, we have been remaking the site, which Foe put in a new server.Some pages are still missing and we still have to work on some details. It should be ready at the end of September.

Foe created new e-mails : you can e-mail him at , Gary at, Rick at and me at .

Burroughs post-cards :

William Burroughs

You can see a number of post cards made by Grovetta and Alchemickal at : By Coolcat :

Detoxification :

A group of Zoners is working on the subject: see the articles in the rubric Medical research in Interzone Academy .

More soon. I am looking for info here in Belgium on eventual treatments and the approach of it.

New pages in the sites :

1. In Interzone Productions : :

Chiki had saved the index page he had made, so we still have it on line. The French and English menus and have been remade. But they are getting huge !!!!! Looking for something more practical.

In the rubric "Our partners" I have added a page on Claude Eloy's bookshop in Paris, "Dans la Gueule du Loup", specialized in collection comix, thanks to whom José Altimiras and François Darnaudet's comix "Le Taxidermiste" is gonna appear in the catalogue of the French comix for the next edition. See : .

Foe: 4 Swans :

Morgan Landuré: Joseph - Acte II de Tabula Rasa :

Manifestos : has been completed.

All the pages of the site are being changed or updated, so it's a bit messy presently. I have problems to load some pages at the moment (permission denied (?)), so they will be on line when I have solved them. Thanks for coming soon if the links do not work.

2. In The Western Lands :

the links in the page containing the writings from the Time of the Naguals , the anthology of Interzone, have been updated. Some pages hosted in are still missing though. On line soon.

3. In the Interzone Academy :

The news of August and September : &

In the other Zoners' sites :

Gary Leeming : Welcome to Interzone :

Exhibition : binda23 DREAM MACHINES 8 September - 29 October, 2000, Camden Arts Centre, London see in the News page of August at News 12

Edwin Johnston artcar:

Studio X:


Amythecoolcat :

Michael Goolsby : Collages at :


Kenji Siratori <> and Mr. Dingle <>
Cut-up pages at : and

So here is what we have been at lately. :)

You will be welcome for email exchanges, a chat, a visit of the pics gallery, etc., in "THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE" at . You can bring your own drinks without any risk of prosecution from the founders :) .

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"BINDA 23" , dedicated to the music project.


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leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


"Chapel Perilous".


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Thanks for your work, your emails and participation.



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