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to be continued

081300 part 2

if gentle corpse then

dillemma of virus elseif



 081300 part 1


Have you seen the data collapse?

The work of malicious virus wipes out the index file. "When the center does not hold..."

Bits by bits, byte by byte, the information was scrumbled. There is no end to this loop until it is done.

Every time you reboot data crumbles. All the alien characters that are undeciferable scroll down the console screen.

Beauty of the fall. The un-order of devine Chaos

Word falling. Light falling. Data falling. Shape falling.

Shikisokuzeku. Kusokuzeshi. Ishiezeksiohusizesiho.....

Existense that holds is no more.

A shape is no more.

Just jumbles of Chaos.

Encryption without decrypt.

We are no more.


Upon the disintergration of D drive (Sachiel)



Also Production Versus Creation.

What is the definition of Production? That is to create to be destroyed. Laws of entropy intervenes.

Creation is the surge of chaos. It goes in accordance with entropy. It is only a part of it. It is not to be destroyed for it is emanation.

See the definition between play and work. Play is to create. Work is to produce.

Can we play and work at the same time? Can we create and produce simultaneously?

That is the question for us, Utopians, non-dialectic doers.


Taizo looked out the window. There was a desolate beach. In the bossom of the sand dune was an old man sitting by the fire. A familiar look in the old man. A man from the South West. Taizo remembered that in another time and place he has met him before. The old man is cooking fish by the fire, lit a cheep Mexican cigar or it could have been an unusually large joint. The sun is setting into the enameled surface of the ocean. It is the time of the day everything seems to collapse onto his heart. Dusk, an acute anxiety attack. Maybe he needs aspirin. The day's end hints the sign of suicide. The night breaks.


"The Time of the Naguals"

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