Interzone report of August 21st 2000

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Previous report: Report of July 2000

Hi all,

I am still in Belgium working, and am rather busy at the moment. Though I can keep on with the Zone's work, answering to the mails and coordinating the info.

Hard drives frying :

After my main hard drive collapsed last month, Foe's one did the same this month. As a result, Interzone Productions at is down for some days, the time Foe puts it on line again on another server. Pages will probably be missing and will have to be remade, as I have lost the most of the recent ones, but with the actual index pages and the previous version of the site which was on a disk, we should make it soon.

I have lost the most of the pics, collages, etc. from the Zone which I used for the post cards and illustration book. They are in the sites, but it would take me ages to go and collect them again. Thanks for sending them back through email (

Dreamachine :

a) CD : "Music for Dreamachine" is ready :

Pierre Belouin's Optical Sound <> compilation of the musics for the dreamachine is ready : you can purchase now : see at

Here are the details in Pierre's mail 3 days ago :

Artiste Compilation

Format 2CD / 2CD Ltd. Edition
Date de sortie 18/08/2000
Label Optical Sound
cat-N° OS.002
Distribution Wave / Cold Spring...
Music For Dreamachine est la troisième édition d' Optical Sound.

Cette compilation a pour thématique l'invention de Brion Gysin "La dreamachine".
Chaque participant vient de la scène électronique ou artistique, et chacun a créé un titre original pour ce projet.
Chaque titre a été conçu pour être écouté en regardant la dreamachine.
La version CD contient un bonus CD-Rom, développé par Servo (LTNO, The Atlas Project), qui reconstituera les effets de la dreamachine en mêlant de nombreuses images et boucles sonores extraites des deux CD audio.

Une version vinyl sera réalisée dans un deuxième temps. Une édition limitée de 23 copies de Music For Dreamachine sortira en même temps que la version normale ; cette édition inclut un tirage photographique original format 20 x 30.

Music For Dreamachine people are :

DISC 1 :
*GITANJALI / "An African Spaceway" /
*BLUE BABOON / "Lightspeedream" /
*VINCENT EPPLAY / "Land horizontal" /
*ASPIC / "Missing P s.I.z" /
*DARKY / "Corseinon" /
*SERVOVALVE / "Hyphen" /

DISC 2 :
*RAINIER LERICOLAIS / "Sans titre" /
*CHRISTEL BRUNET / "Cochon d' I" /
*GEROME NOX / "Fuk u" /
*PIERRE-FABIEN BRUNET / "Bugsongdoctor" /
*Gudrún Rósa Skúladóttir + Serge comte / "amfetamin og e-Töflur " /
*GITANJALI / "Soleymani Dub" /
*F4F / "Yume To Kikai" /
/ "Engrenage" /
*ONUKEIO / "Sans-titre " /
*VANCE ORCHESTRA / "A100.78RPM (A dream on green base)
*EHB43 / Times Square 01.01.00 /
*Bonus CD rom Servo
*Package Design
*Mastering FRZ at Aspic Lab

b) Therapeutic use of the dreamachine :

You can send an account of your Dreamachine experiments to for the rubric of medical research on the dreamachine at : . See the report of Jully at .

Physical Place and Academy :

A number of Zoners are into the idea since some times. We might make an experiment in renting a place here, big enough to live and open an associative bar with licence 2 (free, allowing to sell bear and wine) and place for expo and academy. Thanks for letting me know if you are interested ( .

New pages in the sites :

- In Interzone Academy:

News page of August:

- In the other Zoners' sites :

* Chiki <> New web site :
* bugs milo <> :
* Kitamura Masashi: sseinfo

* Kenji Siratori <> artist page.
* acces local

* amythecoolcat < > : burroughs skins, online dreamachine, korzybski tape and regular decoding device added to the irrelevent response machine. also added a bunch of links to the homepage, and a wsb pic gallery [galleries of wsb's and gysin's art are already there]. burroughs' tape recorder: ; a page about joan vollmer burroughs, with some pics and quotes about her. it is at: ; a downloadable dreamachine program, 3k, it is at:
* patrick bernier <
> #atelierenreseau
* cordwainer < > Book reviews wanted of the Beat and Burroughs influenced novella entitled "Insanity Factory", by Joshua Berlow. It's now up on the web (free):

* mioclonic some songs at:

* xochi pilli <> : new brion gysin book : Xochi Publications of Australia in collaboration with Inkblot Publications of the USA have recently released 'Who Runs May Read', a limited edition collection of previously unpublished pieces by Brion Gysin. The first edition is limited to 100 copies and is illustrated with Gysin's calligraphy. If you are interested e-mail me back at this address.

MP3 :

FoeHARDDRIVE PRODUCTIONS ;  KDUB; Radio Free Interzone-  foe4foe central - foe4foe presents dub subroza = man_moony (Live) ; Pierre Belouin: Optical Sound ; Ramuntcho Matta ; Kitamura Masashi ; William Schafer Apo33 mp3 ; Binda 23 ; Dead Joe : Forked Yew ; Michael Stutz ; Jeremy Gluck; Mioclonic ; Kenji Siratori

Chats :

Since I got a new hard drive, I cannot access to the Yahoo chat system in the Yahoo clubs. Waiting for it to be fixed, for chats, I can use the other systems listed in the page, as well as ICQ : my new # is 81327322.

The Yahoo clubs :

You can check the mail exchanges and see the photo galeries in the Yahoo clubs :
William S. Burroughs Research Club
* "BINDA 23" , dedicated to the music project.
* Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :
* Jazzresin < > : please participate w/ the yahoo club at: Apo33 mp3 :
* leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".
* "Chapel Perilous"

This report will be on the web at in French at

The news are updated, at :

Thanks for your participation.



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