Interzone report of Jully 21st 2000

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Hi all,

I now am in Belgium, and got a job as a nurse. So it's a big change. Though I keep on with the Zone's work as well. I have a new e-mail, but
is still working, so you can write to both of

My main hard drive collapsed two weeks ago, and I lost all the mail in the crash, among them the ones of you who asked to subscribe and unsubscribe since June 12th. I think I have remembered the names of people wanting to unsubscribe and deleted them from the list , but in case an error would have happenned, all my apologies if they receive this report and thanks for unsubscribing again.

Though the writings of the Zone are still here, and nothing important is lost.

Expo in Poitiers:

Concerning the expo in Poitiers foreseen for next year, the animators of Le Local asked me for conferences about the main Burroughsian themes, so to make them easily accessible to people. Here are themes I propose :

- Brion Gysin
- Dreamachine
- Cut-ups and synchronicities
- Johnson Family
- Interzone
- the Academy
- Hassan Sabbah
- the inner conflict and the fight against the evil spirit
- Medicale research : apomorphine cure
- Art and economy
- a mythology for the third millenium.

Those conferences can be a collective work : If you want to write on those subjects, or make
conferences yourself, or if you got other themes to propose, thanks for letting me know. I'll gather them in the site as well. See : D. Mayers: A Mythology for the Third Millennium...:

Dreamachine :

* In the medical research page I am including a page of research on the dreamachine: . Two therapists in the Zone have used it with some patients (people suffering from Altzheimer disease and handicapped children) and stated it has a soothing effect similar to chemical treatments against anxiety. Both think that a serious researches should be undertaken , as well as mixing it with specific sounds (sounds of nature, dijeridoo) .

So if you are using the dreamachine yourself and want to send an account of your personal perceptions, and I shall include it in this page.

* Also concerning the dreamachine, I received a mail from someone who tried to buy one on the net at and did not get anything after sending money. I looked for more information on this site, and it comes out that the same thing happenned to other people and that the offers there are not serious. So I delete it from the Interzone Ring page. As a result, we are the only ones on the net to make effective dreamachines.

New pages in the sites :

- In the Western Lands :

Kenji Siratori: DustNirverna - Coda , AcidHUMAN: & Hardcore

- In Interzone Academy:

News page of Jully :

Agent 1914: "Something to take your mind off whatever it's stuck on...." :

D. Mayers: A Mythology for the Third Millennium...:

Izzy: Therapeutic use of the dreamachine :

Izzy: Proposition to experiment a zone of free exchange: (update)

In the other Zoners' sites :

* B23 <> Live web cam cut upz and experimental films from the archives of transmittizer23

*amybalot "Irrelevent Response" tape, with random quotes form anywhere/one.
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anagram genius
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quantum writing generator
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I had to redownload ICQ and took another #: 81327322. So the previous one : 3146693 is not valid anymore and you can delete it from your ICQ list.

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You can check the mail exchanges and see the photo galeries in the Yahoo clubs : great stuff there.

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Have wonderful holidays.