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Hi all,

Here are the new developments of this month :

The program Chiki and Foe made for subscription request in the menus of interzone Productions : works well : in 2 months, 14 people asked for joining. We now are 574, spread all over the world. Gasp !!!! This program has been added to the index pages of the Western Lands and Interzone Academy

Literature on line :

- The comix " Le Taxidermiste" has been printed in 20 copies, which Jose and François are gonna dedicate at a festival of black novel in Frontignan la Peyrade from the 21st to 25th June.

The distribution is made easier thanks to Claude Eloy who sells collection comix in his bookshop "Dans la Gueule du Loup", 5, rue de la Folie-Regnault, 75011 - Paris ( ) , and who is contacting comix professionals about it : as a result, the Taxidermist should appear in the BDM (dictionnary of all the printed French comix) which comes out this year. :))))))

- "Sud Express" by François Darnaudet: is also available. See in the catalogue for the other publications :

The expo at the house of culture "Le Local" in Poitiers :

I met Christine and Marika on the 9th and here is the result :

It should happen during the first 3months of 2001 and the program should be ready at the beguinning of January. They would like the expo to happen in different places in Poitiers : house of culture Le Local, mediatheque Francois Mitterrand for multimedia exhibitions, espace Mendes-France for conferences, one museum for the paintings and one cinema. They still have to meet the people who work in those places for the money required, their time-table, etc. They ask for a serie of lectures and exhibitions on Burroughs' main themes and Interzone, for them to be understandable to the people.

They are also try to get money from the municipality, general council, etc. , and try to organize an "exportable expo", in other French cities or abroad.

I gave them the e-mails of the participants, so they are going to join them, see about the contents of exhibitions, dates, money., etc. to have the program organized.

List of the participants: Vincent Pourrageau ( , Foe : , chiki  ( ; Ramuntcho Matta  ( , Bugs Milo's ; Miguel Alonso  ( , Kitamura Masashi  (, Allan  Cronin  ( , BINDA23  ( Anthony Rousseau  (, and the team from the Fine Art school : * Noëlle Pujol   ( * Ludovic Burel> <> * Olive Martin  ( * Bernier Patrick  ( , as well as Patrick Treguer : and your reporter : .

Academy :

In Poitiers, my server interpc chose Interzone Productions as the best site of the week :) and spread the URL to all the clients. As a result, I got in touch with Bernard Villemin who has put up a formations center, (ADEQUATION HOMME-ENTREPRISE-SOCIETES) . He followed courses on alpha waves at the end of the seventies and is interested in organizing courses on the dreamachine in the frame of his center.

In Interzone we have gathered a huge quantity of data on such subjects in 3 years, so we should use the opportunity of the expo in Poitiers to organize a teaching on burroughsian concepts ans start a physical academy. If any of you are interested in being part of it, let me know.

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Le Taxidermiste :

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