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 Hi everybody,

After a quiet summer, this has been a productive month for the Zone's work in several domains. I am still in Belgium with the nurse job, and can gladly handle both activities. Presently foreseeing other directions .

Interzone meetings :

a) Zone meeting in Tasmania for March - April ?

Dr Dolophine from Tasmania (see Report From Tasmania August 1998 ) and Jill from Australia are going to meet soon. Both have been in the Zone since a long time. Dr Dolophine is inviting Zoners to come for a meeting in next March - April. He is going to send an invitation to post in the Zone's sites.

b) Physical place in Brussels ?

Miguel Alsonso (Mioclonic) and I met last week-end in Brussels. This was a great day for both of us. Miguel is coming to study there, and we visited the center of the city, which I found really beautiful. The city is smaller than Paris and seemed to me less stressing. Belgium is central in Europe, easy of access from all the surrounding countries, and the administration seems less heavy and complicated than in France, as far as I have stated.

Miguel is a musician , has made 2 CD already ("Hesidoyo", which contains animations and music, and "Algo de Mglon" ). He is into the project of physical place and Academy as well, and the exchange was really productive and nice, as we got the same vision of it. Though he has first to concentrate on his studies at the moment. From my side, I am free, can easily go to Brussels .

We might share the rent a big house, with rooms for living at the floors, and a cafe, place for expo, Zone's products selling and exhibitions at the first floor : we already have a number of original works we can use right now, which are available nowhere else, and which we do not have to pay for.

This is possible in making an association, which is easy and cheap. So we do not take any financial risk nor be dependant on a heavy structure : easy to put on, and easy to end in case the result does not answer our expectations. In case you like the idea and are interested in being part of it , thanks for letting me know. As far as I am concerned, I can keep on with nurse work at the beginning, so to have a minimum of sure income.

If you guys think Belgium would be a good place and are ok to be part of it, then, let's make it there. If not, Poitiers can be another place. Whatever, I now want to work at this as the next goal: we have been exchanging enough on this project and I can and want to make it.

Group of mail exchanges on detoxification :

After receiving some mails requiring info on Dr Dent's apomorphine cure, I thought that it would be useful to create a mail list with people wanting to exchange on detoxification. It seems that it's not possible Dr Dent's cure can be made anywhere, as apomorphine use has nearly disappeared, being available only in Canada and France, but even in those countries, the prescriptions are limited to hospitals. Anyway Dr Dent's cure is not applied anymore, as the countries where doctors practiced it (Denmark, Sweden : see the documents in the department of medical research : ) do not use it anymore.

But there are other methods which we can gather or exchange info on. Five people are willing to be part of it. Let me know if you want to be part of it.

Expo in Poitiers ?

I have been in contact through e-mails with the animators of the house of culture in Poitiers who proposed in June to get something organized for the beginning of 2001. But some of the places they wanted to make exhibitions are not available at the moment (no director) and there is nothing sure it seems from their side, as they could not give a possible date for it, nor say where it would take place. And they still have to find the credits to make it.

It seems there has been a misunderstanding there : I proposed something simple to organize in their own place, which would not cost anything (exposing paintings in Le Local), and they wanted to make something much bigger around Burroughs, with exhibitions in several places during one week.

After asking the Zone, due to the diversity of the group, it came out that we were able to make animations during 10 days every night. So we put up a precise list with the details of the performances, emails of performers, and time it would take, and in June, the animators were supposed to join every participant by email. Since nothing has been done, so I do not know what to say here.

Now I think that even if the Local does not make it, we are able to do it somewhere else, and very frankly, I think that it could be much more practical to manage by ourselves than depending on an administration for the organization and on politicians to provide the money .

We might make it in our own place if we have one then. This would be a good opportunity to start it, what do you think ?

Another name for Interzone Productions : ?

About the title of the site, Foe thinks that we should get rid of "productions", as it looks more like a commercial site, which is not its aim; if we end to sell our respective arts through it, it might be incompatible with the .org and bring problems. So we are going to change it : have not determined one name yet : we can just call it "" or any other name we would agree on, which would more fit our goals and spirit, as we did when we decided to call ourselves "Interzone" (see the reports of 1997 at )

"Sud Express" on the net :

François Darnaudet's book "Sud Express" is going to be published in the site at the rythm of one new chapter every month. See the first and second chapters at : and . This is the second tome of Julien Gras' adventures.

Dreamachine :

Vincent in Poitiers saw in a cinema an exhibition of a guy who presented a dreamachine of his own, and made a speech on Gysin : Eric Hurtado from Grenoble. Apparently without relation with us. I have not seen any pic from his dreamachine, and do not know which mechanism he uses to make it.

Vincent also met another guy whose neighbour has been making his own dreamachine, so it seems that its use is starting to become more known and popular. :)


Following new legislations about the internet mail, some Zoners now use PGP. In case you already use it, we can exchange our public keys.

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