Interzone report of November 18 th 2000

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Hi all,

This mail is coming to you in advance as I am going to France for some days . I shall not get the emails during this time, and shall be back and freer next week.

After a 3 month try of work in Belgium, I am going to stay there at the moment, as it's very easy and quick for me to find a job, and it offers a variety of choices and possibilities my country does not allow. Also all the papers have been quickly fixed since I came in June, and everything is in order here, while in Poitiers I would find myself in the same situation as before, plus all the administrative formalities to do again with social security, etc.. So going back to live there would represent a lot of hassle frankly.

Here are the news of the month :

1. Interzone CD compilation :

Paul Sinclair has pressed the CD a whole group of musicians of the Zone have been working at since 2 years. It was first organized by Steve Ray <sray@EAST.ISI.EDU> who created a site for it : Interzone CD Project : E-mail :

Each song has got a pic joined, for a booklet. It has not been printed yet, so all the pics and contents are on a floppy disk joined. You can download it for free at : Interzone CD1

This CD has been realized with no money : the musicians recorded the music on MP3, sent them to Steve who collected them on his site, and Paul arranged the whole , gathered the illustrations, and pressed the CD. Alchemickal and Binda 23 have also worked at the illustrations.

So this Cd is completely an Interzone product, from the creation to the conception and distribution.

As far as the content is concerned, I loved it immediately and was gladly surprised. All the songs fit well together, there is an harmony in it. It's really a great work, which deserves to be heard. Much thanks to all the participants, and congratulations for the impeccable organization and assiduity.

If you want a copy, let us know at . Paul is going to travel during some times, so he won't be able to press a lot. But Binda 23 offers to make it. :))))))

The CD contains the following songs :

01 binda23 & datawhore - surrender to my function - 2:06 -

02 apo33 - anomoly - 3:07 -

03 knots - panurge - 4:46 -

04 johnny d - lich - 3:06 -

05 rent - hiding through - 3:07 - unknown

06 headmonkey media - lichen boogie - 4:11 -

07 focustest - for heelstone - 8:33 -

08 dub rosa - man moony - 6:20 -

09 codes for source collapse - animage - 4:47 -

10 apo33 - serum - 7:52 -

11 mglon - palmˇpeda - 6:08 -

12 lovewood black - experiment - 1:53 -

13 binda23 - burning water - 2:25 -

14 johnny d - skiamchy - 4:09 -

15 athena - the reflectiv - 3:12 -

16 knots - zimbus - 3:20 -

17 rasta robert - laatste woorden hassan sabbah - 4:07 -

See as well the recent other compilation gathered by Pierre Belouin, "Music for Dreamachine" at : Music for Dreamachine The new URL of Pierre is :

Beside the compilations, other Zoners make CD :

- Ramuntcho Matta : <>

- Binda 23 <> ,

- Foe,

- Kitamura Masashi<>,

- William Schafer,

- Dead Joe ,

- Miguel Alonso .

You can get them from them. More on the music at

 2. Zone book-shop :

You can buy your books from Rick at : Bohemian Books
1030 G Street
Arcata, Ca. 95521


3 Physical place project :

This month I have been to Holland for the first time in my life, and must say the freedom here reminded me the one I found in the past in Goa (India). :)))

In the latest report I told you about Brussels and Miguel's idea to put up something there, but he is going to stay here for this university year, and will go back to Barcelona then. I have no other Zone contact there. So we cannot seriously plan anything there.

Actually, Holland would be closer than the Zone's mind as it's the freest country of Europe, and the most opened to our ideas and projects. It also seems the most popular among the Zone, so I have started to gather practical info on the place. Any tip welcome . :)))))))

4. Interzone meetings : erratum :

Last month I told you about the meeting Dr Dolophine proposed in Tasmania. I misunderstood here: he was talking about a cyber meeting in Interzone Coffee House, not a physical one. Sorry for the mistake : the fact is that he was physicly meeting Jill in Australia, and I spontaneously infered the meeting he was talking about for next year would be a similar one. :)

5. Mungo23 's dreamachine :

Mungo 23 from the Interzone Coffee House has been building a dreamachine and sent his explanations and tips. They are gathered at :

6. "" and "Interzone Creations":

The site "Interzone Productions" has mutated into "Interzone Creations" at the address . The front page "" at is a door of entry to the 3 sites :

The Western Lands
Interzone Academy
Interzone Creations

7. Post cards :

I have received a mail from a guy who created a perpetual calendar and joined post-cards distributors in France. They are interested and asked him to get graphists to illustrate the calendar. So he asked if I'd be interested in working with him. I have sent him some essays, which he likes, and thought some of you might be interested. The illustrations will be signed by the author, who will get 30 French cents on each post card sold in case Hachette and the others buy them. So if you are interested as well and want to send anything, you can do it through email at M. THIMONIER <>

I have also written to Hachette to get in touch with the post-cards distribution, to propose illustrations and graphisms independently on the calendar, so we would deal with them directly, which would be more interesting for us in case they decide to buy our stuff. They are looking for new themes and styles at the moment in all kind of domains and subjects, and the post-cards business is important.

8. Artistical projects in Poitiers :

I have been joined by Patrick Treger in Poitiers, who is a musician in the group "Geriatrix Brothers", and has adapted the French translation I made of "The Last Words of Hassan Sabah". So we are going to meet about it, and I shall let you know about the result.

As for the expo, I have no info about eventual credits for it, and nothing new since last month. See at : . The thing is that before I have been working at it for free, which I cannot afford to do anymore, as I do not have anymore the RMI (minimum rate) nor want to ask for it either, being fed up with the $ 350 a month.

9. New pages in the sites :

Mungo 23's dreamachine :

The following pages which had disapeared in Jully in the hard drive crashes are on line again : Hassan I Sabbâh et la légende des Assassins: Christian Jambet: "la Convocation d'Alamut": introduction:

Laurent Anselme <> Les Mayas & Réflexion sur la structuration du temps :

The menu pages of Interzone Creations have been completed and updated :

Welcome - Bienvenue

A new economy - Une nouvelle économie

Dreamachine- Machine à rêver

Literature - Littérature

Music- CD - Musique CD See this one : a lot of new URL !!!!!

Galleries - Galeries


Interzone logos - Logos d'Interzone

Our partners - Nos partenaires

Commercial sites - Sites commerciaux

In the other Zoners' sites :

Pierre Belouin : APO 33 : new URL :


Gesualdo Carlo < >

Joshua Berlow <> : Insanity Factory now can be purchased in hardcover. details of this are on the site at:

fred hodshon :William Burroughs-Litho Folio-Propagation Haz :

teleferique < >Teleferique inform that a new game is playable on this site : Dotcomedy from Etienne Cliquet
A new program to download : Volpurna from Robin Fercoq

William Berg <> Comments In memory of William Burroughs:

Kitamura Masashi <> YBO2 FROM FAR EASTERN EUR-ASIA$B!!_(B

dentonwelch < > If you are interested in Denton Welch, who Burroughs considered his greatest literary influence check out http://maxpages/dentonwelch .

Dr Ernest Unity: <> Site based on the Interzone theme. I'd like to get some people to visit the sit to make suggestions and make submissions. This site isn't specifically intended to be a fan site for Burroughs, but rather an exploration of the "everything is permitted but nothing is true" idea. Check it out at

J'lahn "the 111 experience" journey has finally come to an end. The "write-up" has been updated for the very last time. The 11-1-2000 edition serves as the final update. I hope you enjoy it. As always, feel free to write to me with your questions, concerns, and general feedback. ("the 111 experience")

mioclonic ah si, con que esas tenemos, no?
pues toma:

Noëlle Pujol <> Noëlle Pujol présente "Motion Capture" chez I player du 4 au 23 novembre 2000."Essaye encore" une exposition de La Maco :

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10. Yahoo clubs :

See the photo galleries, they are worth it !


EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : : William S. Burroughs Research Club

"BINDA 23" , dedicated to the music project.


Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


"Chapel Perilous".

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Much thanks for the great work done, and all the fun. :)))))))



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