Interzone report of Jully 21st 2001

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This report will be in French in some days at

Hi all,

This month I have been 10 days to France to fix things and take some sunny green holidays. :) Back then to work at our projects.

I have renewed the domain name for 2 years. Presently here things are getting set up : In the house I brought back some stuff from Poitiers : I now have 2 dreamachines, a whole pile of illustrations and pics , CD, tapes, the whole by the Zone. Shall have the CD burner on monday, have an ADSL connection, and can print physical books, post cards and illustrations. My place can be used as a small cyber cafe, and welcome people as well upstairs.

The catalogue remains to be ended. I do not still know what the result will be at the end, but I guess that the answers will come when needed, as usual. :)

But first here are two mails which I forward to you:

- Rod Pitman :

could you put a msg on your web site that I am looking for a web-design person and some temp free server space for a very cool Burroughs project?If someone is interested they can contact me at
Thanks. Rod"

- Binda 23 : live concert @ the rock garden club . Covent garden .london :

on sunday afternoon 29 july @ 2pm

if any zoners wanna come along that would be cool ; we also want to play in europe and will travel to any country that would give us a concert heres a link to some songs KITCHEN POETS


New issues of the Taxidermiste :

I have been printing 20 new issues of the Taxidermist which José Altimiras is going to sell at a comix festival in Fillols, South of France. Four more pages have been added to the first edition, and the result is satisfying. It's a luxury edition, on bristol, with a cream coloured cardboard cover. More can be printed.

Zone comix and illustrations on CD :

* The Taxidermist is going to be printed on a CD, with music added, by Novalemur in Kansas. It is going to be translated in English as well and we are getting organized for it.

* We are planning as well a compilation on CD with comix : see the ones of deadpoets_uk at The English version of the Taxidermist will probably be included in it.

* And a CD with the Zone's illustrations as well : Ernest Unity is going to work at it, using Shockwave. If you want your art work to be included in the CD, thanks for letting us know. I am going to email to the Zoners who have been sending illustrations since the start of the Zone in 97 to have their agreement for this project : no work will be used without the author's permission.

Music CD :

* The Japanese version of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah by Foe is at : and the musical version by Foe at

* BINDA23 ACOUSTIK SONGS can be found at

* Interzone in Quebec

Philippe Godbout in Quebec sent the music he made with his friend Guillaume : "arborisation terminale" : one tape one CD, plus 2 CD "Afterflow" by some friends of him in Quebec city. One of them, Terminus B, animates a radio program called Interzone. :)

Travel :

Gary and Tanya are ending their trip to Central and South America : After Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, they now are in Peru. See their reports at :


Antoine has started a movement called "The End of Work": : see his article Le travail sera sauvé un dimanche: Manifeste de l’Internationale Dimanchiste section française (Work will be saved on a sunday: Manifesto of the International Sundayist, French section)

New pages in the sites :


- Dalton Vrij : Seattle View From The Spoon

- François Darnaudet : Sud Express : Chapter 10 :

- Two new pages by Juanjo Patanegra , a new Zoner from Spain and Collaborations: :
Juanjo Patanegra : golden eternity>>dull present>>>golden present>>aeternal present & UNX and THE QUANTUM SHE-CAT (I)

- Le travail sera sauvé un dimanche: Manifeste de l’Internationale Dimanchiste section française (Work will be saved on a sunday: Manifesto of the International Sundayist, French section)

In the other Zoner's sites :


- Juanjo Patanegra : and Collaborations:

- See Gary's and Tanya's updates on their trip at :

- Teleferique teleferique <> inform you that a new program is downloadable on its site "THADGAVIN" Thaddaeus Frogley & Gavin Buttimore
(MacOsX/Windows/Linux) THADGAVIN is a collaborative work between Thaddaeus Frogley and Gavin Buttimore. They were one of the winners of the 2001 I.O.C.C.C (International Obfuscated C Code Contest - with "Most Portable Output". This competition rewards those that write the most obscure C program. The goal is to show the importance of programming style, in an ironic way, and to illustrate some of the subtleties of the C language. I.O.C.C.C and THADGAVIN in particular seem to us creative and interesting for another context like art.

- Bernard BACOS <> E-terview de Bernard Bacos par Frédéric Vignale : Le Paris branché des années 70 :

 Yahoo clubs :

* Grape : "Enfants Terribles ":
* For nonconformist singles :

* Lazarusdreaming : The Flowers of Evil":


* EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : William S. Burroughs Research Club

* "BINDA 23" < , dedicated to the music project.


* Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

* Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

* leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


* Chapel Perilous.


The news since the report of June are on line at : &

This report will be on the web at and in French at

Wishing you cool and memorable holidays.


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