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Illustrations :"Irradiation", "Sky Tree" & "Cosmic Woman": ANA COSMODELIA




"semen words"

truth reality freedom love

illusion!? future herenow present?

so and as the things of my mind

your mind, the one of our bodies

dancers, lovers, the one

of the milky way

a mosquito mosquiet


small the blood in your hand

like the things of the time

dharma booom





To drain. To dare to Emptiness.

Attention to Music. The New Thing.

The New Thing.

To Silence through the Sound.

Not a Search but Encounter.

Space without time. Time without Space. Totality.

Speaker Bodies drained of Speech.

Selfcreating themselves Dynamics Tao.

TodoAmor. Wholove.

Works of art that leave the time.

Total of meaning, they make the lives

of the been born ones in any year significant.

Relearned whenever they interact with readers

clair voyants listeners, equipped

with new meaning,

perhaps understood better, more

fully. Frewhlovedom.

Works that take you,

do not remove to you from you,

like fakeart,

to flee to yourself.

They find you,

within them you are you,

you of every herenow moment,

Existence without I, you, we.

Commotion of consciousness, nervous commotion:

tranquilized, countermanded nerves, balances.

Reptile, mammal, neocortex.

Neocortex fully developed.

Animals without death. Animals

that know are going to die.

Kosmos Wholemystery.

Silence Creatrix.

Force Creatrix.

Conscience Creatrix.

Light illuminated is not seen.

Thus subjective conscience presence.

Kosmos to water to a rosal with its petals and thorns.

Fear to the Poetry, the Sound, Silencio.

Free flight.

Networks of energy. Without place parachute.

Space of the Revelation.

Revealing Intensifying the Being.

Time of Solitude Vertigo of the Word.

Powerful destruction of the Language.

XX Century

Illusion of the Trap.

Plot of altered relations. Anesthetized

neuronal networks.

Variant bodies occupying a space.

Fighting unharmonicly lynching.

XXI Century?

Experience of the emptiness growing.

Animals selfcrating themselves without Karma,

Religion before the silence of God.

Stones without Statues.

Majority of Age.

Conscience interacts with brains in formation


bodies wise cells.

Strategic acceptance limitations of the body.

To breathe speaking

words seedsemen of quiet clarity.

To undress. To please I

ncomplete inadmissible Suffering.

Compassion with passion.

Still not-total acceptance of the life.

Permanent revolution. Reevolution.

To New Thing: To New Politics.

Hunger. Attention.

Died God to or has hidden is born the OmbreMan.


Sound Transforming Energy.

Words seedsemen of quiet clarity.

Seedbeds of Freedom.

Transforming animals. Wholove.

Only in emptiness it can penetrate NewLife.

To drain.

To dare to the Emptiness.



ANA COSMODELIA : "Cosmic Woman"

To THE QUANTUM SHE-CAT (I) by Juanjo Patanegra

Or to the Time of the Naguals