Interzone report of June 21st 2001

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Hi there !

This report will be a bit shorter than the previous ones as I am about to go to France and shall have more time when going back. Here are the main news of the month :

New issues of the Taxidermiste :

I am printing some new issues of the Taxidermist by José Altimiras and François Darnaudet. In case you want one, let me know. More can be printed.

José Altimiras and François Darnaudet want to have it pressed on a CD, and José would like some techno music included in it. Novalemur in US is proposing to make it.

deadpoets_uk also makes comix

Our productions on CD ?

The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah : Foe has made the Japanese version.

I have the opportunity to buy a CD pressor, and this would make us able to put our productions on CD: books, illustrations, video, etc. We can make compilations of illustrations or writings as we do with music, and for a cheap price.

Ernest Unity is proposing to work at it for the illustrations.

Also, I am now renting a place in Belgium where I can make the prints, and a catalogue of our productions.
Actually we could have a shop with our different stuff in different domains : we can make different collections of post cards according to themes, authors, etc. The post cards are easy and quick to make, and rather cheap.

Now just time is missing : I have a part time nurse job which leaves time for the Zone work, but if we start producing and selling, it will require more time. Actually, this is what I want to do at the end, but at the moment, I need a job to get a minimum of money and rent the house.

One idea to spread our creations :

Once we can produce our creations easily and for a cheap price, then we can propose them for sale. So here comes again the question of the status aswe have no legal one (association, society, etc.) and the only official label we have is the domain name

Officially, we are a "society of fact" (in French : société de fait), which means that we can do what we want in the frame of the group, sell what we want to any member, but not to the public.
Now, this is an idea, let me know if this seems accurate to you : if we can do what we want between the members, then if anybody wants to buy anything, then we can give him a free member card where he writes his name, and then this is it. :)
I can make a web page in with a member card which one can record and print, if anybody here wants to make one member card , why not ?
Then, though my place is private, I can welcome the members there

I am going to go to France for about 10 days to fix things there, meet the Zoners in Poitiers, and then come back at the begining of jully.

Then, if the Zone is ok with it and if we can make it technicly, then I start the Zone shop.
If this one works, then we can make more in other places in the world, and then this could be a way for the Zone to feed itself.

Foe's trip:

Foe is planning a trip to Europe to make a video on the Zone (he has credits for this). So we are seeing presently whom he can meet here, to which places he can go, etc. In case you want to meet him then, or host him, you can let him know at

No more news of the festival in Brittany at the moment as the Zoners who are planing it are presently busy. More when they have more time. Anthony Rousseau is planing to come in Jully.

Koulin looking for a job of engineer :

Koulin in Ivory Coast is looking for a job in Europe as an engineer. See his CV at :

Medical research: GHB:

One Zoner got busted in US for buying GHB on the net : he said that after taking it during six months, he got addicted to it, so it comes out that GHB is addictive.

New pages in the sites :


- Dead Joe and Forked Yew : illustrations have been added at , , ,

Dalton Vrij : Seattle View From The Spoon

- François Darnaudet and José Altimiras : "Le Taxidermiste" on line : end of the comix , ,,,

- François Darnaudet : Sud Express : Chapter 9 :

In the other Zoner's sites :

- Miguel Alonso is making a review for a friend's fanzine (check

- See Gary's and Tanya's updates on their trip in Central America at :

- An ebook by Kenji Siratori <> Spam, is available at : See the contents of the book in the News page of June at

- deadpoets_uk

- demorolll 's site at :

 Yahoo clubs :

- Grape has founded a new Yahoo Club for nonconformist singles :

- and lazarusdreaming founded "The Flowers of Evil":


EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : William S. Burroughs Research Club

"BINDA 23" < , dedicated to the music project.


Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


Chapel Perilous.

The news since the report of May are going to be on line at : &

This report will be on the web at and in French at

While I am in France, I can get my mail if you write to and can get in touch through the Interzone Coffee House. Though I am still here untill June 23 and back about the 1st or 2nd.



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