Interzone report of May 21st 2001

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This report will be in French in some days at


Kenji Siratori Gallery at



Vasha Dadaja : - "Psychic viewscapes" at 

All the illustrations in the galleries are available in post cards : you can order them to

Hi all,

A lot of new things again this month :

Zone meetings and projects :

The French Zone has been particularly active : following Morgan Landuré's proposition in the report of april : , Anthony Rousseau, Patrick Treger, Binda 23 got in touch with him to organize a festival of the musicians of the Zone in Brittany. Patrick is getting a good quality equipment to work in music and video in Poitiers, and intends to use it in the frame of the Zone. He is interested to get in touch with other Zoners who are into video.

We all are interested in physical meetings, so it comes out that several people are getting organized to make them possible in his own area, so we are going to have a number of places through Europe to meet : Poitiers, Brittany, Belgium, etc... Foe is going to come to Europe and make a video on the Zone, and Binda in Geat Britain and Vasha in Lithuania also plan to come and meet.

From my side, I am now renting a place in Belgium where things can be put up : I have an ADSL quick connection and new email ( and still are valid) , and one dreamachine. I am going to remake the site The Western Lands

I can make physical books, illustrations, post cards, dreamachines, and plan to get a video player to view the videos, and a CD presser, to produce the CD : at the moment, I already have a number of CD of the Zone :

-The compilations Music for Dreamachine produced by Optical Sound at rubrique OS.002. Price : 120 FF.and Interzone Compilation , which can be downloaded for free on the net in MP3 at : with the illustrations of each song. If you want a physical CD, you can ask Binda 23 <>

- Miguel Alonso : "Hesidoyo" and "Algo de Mglon"

- Binda 23 : "Surrender to my Function", and the film "William Burroughs",

- Patrick Treger : Extacts from "Les Derniers Mots de Hassan Sabbah"

Pics Galleries:

- Kenji Siratori's gallery at :

- Vasha Dadaja : - "Psychic viewscapes" at (the first page is on line, more in some days)

plus some more CD in Poitiers by Foe and Ramuntcho Matta, tapes by Dead Joe, which I am going to bring back soon, and several Burroughs' video.

So I intend to use the place for a number of experiments in several directions, make a sort of underground private Burroughsian cyber cafe, he he he


 CD : The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah:

Patrick Treger has sent 4 pieces made from the French version. I am going to prepair a lecture on the historical story.

Foe is making the Japanese version.

Binda collects the MP3 files, you can send him to

Forked Yew :

Dead Joe sent info on Forked Yew you can get at the following pages : , , ,

Foe :

- check out: debut: MC foe4foe tamajiro:

- Tokyo Tunnel Racers (presented by Hard Drive Productions - (QuickTime Streaming for Higher Bandwidth)

- response dub:


Foe sends the following info : Technical details on the easiest MP3 download under lower connection.

"1. In Windows explorer (or My Computer) on the top menu bar, go to Tools --> Folder Options then click the tab named File Type. Find MP3 then Delete it. Next time you click the link that contains MP3 file, pop up window will appear prompting you to either "Open this file from its current location" or "Save this file to disk", choose "Save" option, define the location to save, then Voila, it downloads. The buffer problem only occurs when you try to stream MP3 in slower connection. I suggest you download the files then open as opposed to open it over the web. Enjoy.

A link to download some more MP3 staff (mine and the mixes I have been listening to) " "

Books and publications :

- Morgan Landuré: Third chapter of Tabula Rasa :

- Adam Possamai : "Douze Perles Noires" : see the presentation.

- See the eighth chapter of "Sud Express" by François Darnaudet <> at The 8 following pages of the comix "Le Taxidermiste" from to

- Catalogue: I am updating the second issue in French.

Galleries :

Kenji Siratori and Vaidas have sent a CD with their illustrations. Kenji's one is on the net at : and Vaidas' at :

Cut-up machines :

 One Zoner in the Interzone Coffee House is looking for cut-up machines on the web could not find any. One can be found in Gary Leeming's site at

Psychology and psychiatry:

If you can read French, have a look at Roger Gentis' chapters of his book "N'Etre" : "La Tangente" and "L'orgasme, Dieu et le fric" Due to the quality of the edition and the illustrations included, I have scanned the pages of the book. I highly recommend the contents, which blows up some ready made ideas on madness, Reich, Freud and sex. :)


- Rod Pitman's new email:

- François Darnaudet's new email:

- Ricardo Mbarak <> put online a short movie he did in Pittsburgh PA, USA (1999) Title: M like Megan URL:
Section: Other Works Link: "M like Megan - Short movie, 1999" For the record:
Shot with DV Cam at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh)

New pages in the sites :


- Adam Possamai : "Douze Perles Noires"

- "Le Taxidermiste" on line : , ,,, , ,,

- Sud Express : Chapter 8 :

- Kenji Siratori's gallery at :

- Vasha Dadaja : - "Psychic viewscapes"

- Dead Joe and Forked Yew : , , ,

In the other Zoner's sites :

- andrewoctopus :

- Gary and Tanya now are visiting Guatemala. You can follow their trip in Central America at at , and visit many places there through their site.

- Foe: MC foe4foe tamajiro: , - Tokyo Tunnel Racers (presented by Hard Drive Productions - ; - response dub:

- Ricardo Mbarak M like Megan URL:

 Yahoo clubs :


EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : William S. Burroughs Research Club

"BINDA 23" < , dedicated to the music project.


Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


"Chapel Perilous".

The news since the report of April are going to be on line at : &

This report will be on the web at and in French at



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