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Hi all,

A lot of new things again this month :


- Binda 23 <> in Great Britain has made a film "William Burroughs", with interviews of many people. Extremely interesting. It can be viewed with Windows Media Player.

- Rod Pitman sent a rectification on his site "Don't Freak" : Rod Pitman produced a 16mm film called THE MORTIFIED man that was adapted from a story by William S. Burroughs friend David Ohle. THE MORTIFIED man was an official invitation of The British Film Institutes 40th London Film Festival in 1996. The film has currently has not been commercially released, but there has been an ongoing work in progress of short compilations called DON'T FREAK 'TIL IT HAPPENS that has been looking for a distributor. THE MORTIFIED MAN was screened and reviewed by both WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS as well as HUNTER S. THOMPSON. Their comments can be found at

- In France Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin have closed the "Atelier en réseau" after two years of weekly meetings by a chat evening on Mach 31st : see in the News pages for the accounts and previous. The contents of each chat was played by actors and transmitted in direct on the site.

Patrick Treger has sent a video he made on the history of a place in Poitiers where they have been building a new complex recently, the Ilot des Cordeliers, which is an archeological site as well.

- Anthony Rousseau <> makes video: see at : Video gallery : , . He has been making several propositions :

"I have some texts which I use fo my off voices; would be anybody interested at the level of electonic experimental music ? These are texts inspired by Burroughs which do not belong to me anymore if they are canalized by me. I also have some sounds .

I suggest an openned data bank: texts, sounds, mp3, gifs or quicktime, which the zoners could take to create web pages with sounds or animations, CD audio and video, Cdrom with images, etc... "

See his new page Installation "Le Guetteur" . (2001) at :, which contains sounds.

teleferique: has made a 45 mn. movie on CD-Rom** P L A Y P E N at : See the details in the news page :


a) The CD : "The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah" :

- Vaidas Sadeika <> who made the Lithuanian version of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah has sent the music as well in a CD, Salah, with other pieces of music.

- Christine Hénin and José Altimiras have been making the Catalan translation

- Binda23 has received the German and Danish versions, and sent his CD "Surrender to my Function".

You can get the two previous CD

- Music for Dreamachine produced by Optical Sound at rubrique OS.002. Price : 120 FF.

- The Interzone compilation can be downloaded for free on the net in MP3 at : with the illustrations of each song. If you want a physical CD, you can ask Binda 23 <>

b) Advert for the Zone music and requests for a meeting :

Morgan Landuré <> proposes: "I work in an associative radio, "Ferrarock" in Brest, and as in the programs there is an "industrial" one and another one, more general, about "underground" music, we can include musics of Zoners, advertize for it , well, talk about you, about everybody's work. I still keep the idea of a festival with the musicians of the Zone. This works in Rennes with "Le chantier des Lices"- accousmatique, concrete, improvised music and live video perfomances, danse, etc. Or in Brest with "La douche électrique"- same style but the room is smaller. Can you talk about it in the next Interzone report ? And give my email for those who are interested to contact me ? Merci d'avance. Morgan
This idea of a meeting with the musicians is also suggested by Patrick Treger and Foe.

Books and publications :

- Sune Nielsen <> has made cut-ups from the texts in the Dreams page:

- Marisa Giorgi from Xochi Publications, Brisbane, Australia, has several publications just at the presses including the revised edition of Gysin's 'Who Runs May Read'. This second edition is revised and expanded to include: Moroccan Mishaps with the Strolling Ruins and the hash fudge recipe that Gysin wrote for the Alice B. Toklas cookbook (1954).

- Kenji Siratori <> published eBook 'Aidos' from Praimal Publishing.

- Joe Ambrose <> has sent a novel, ‘Making Biscuits Soft And Brown’, on line at : . It is going to be included in the English Time of the Naguals. Joe produced in the eighties "Here to Go - Planet R 101", a book of interviews of Brion Gysin by Terry Wilson. Some extracts on the web at : A very important document on Brion, with a lot of pics, illustrations, and original presentation. It is out of print, and a new publication is going to be made by Creations.

- Adam Possamay has sent the presentation of his book : "Douze perles Noires" .The text will be on line in some times.

- See the seventh chapter of "Sud Express" at

The 8 following pages of the comix "Le Taxidermiste" from to

Morgan Landuré has sent the second chapter of Tabula Rasa :

Sune Nielsen <> has made cut-ups from the texts in the Dreams page:


I have made a second issue of a printed catalogue of the Zone's creations in French, so it's easier to present them and have an idea.

Physical place :

I am going to rent a small house where to make a dreamachine room and another room for the Zone's productions. So I can handle it financially by myself, it won't be a commercial place, just part of my own place and we shall see the result then., it will be a test for the start : if it works, then we can foresee something at a larger scale.

Controling time experience ?

Here is a mail from Sune Nielsen for the whole group : " Hi all, I once heard of some experiments where the goal was to control the perception of time. I am not sure, but i THINK it was a danish guy named Piet Hein, who invented the principle of this "time machine". And i THINK it was some american reserchers who did the experiments. Their argument was to try to find a non-chemical way of helping out sleeplessness. This COULD be interesting, i think. I have searched on the net, but didnt find anything. Does anyone here know about this og have any ideas on how to find out something about controlling time-experience, please contact me at: Have a nice time Sune Nielsen

Strategy :

See "New strategy": ; in French at

New pages in the sites :


- Sune Nielsen < > :

- Adam Possamay : "Douze perles Noires"

- "Le Taxidermiste" on line : , ,,, , ,,

- Sud Express : Chapter 7 :

- Morgan Landuré : second chapter of Tabula Rasa :

- Anthony Rousseau: Installation "Le Guetteur" . (2001) :

- "New strategy": ; in French at

The page on our partners has been remade : you can see a pic of Claude Eloy in "La Gueule du Loup" : Thanks to him, "Le Taxidermiste" has appeared in the BDM, yearly catalogue of French comix.

The pages of Illel Kieser's texts have moved La psychanalyse en faillite is at : and L'érection de la conscience His bio in English is at : and in French at

In the other Zoner's sites :

* Gary and Tanya have been spending some times in Cuba and now are in Mexico again. You can check where they are at

* teleferique : P L A Y P E N:

* Joe Ambrose <> 'Making Biscuits Soft And Brown':

Kenji Siratori <> 'Aidos'

Yahoo clubs :


EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : William S. Burroughs Research Club

"BINDA 23" < , dedicated to the music project.


Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


"Chapel Perilous".

The news since the rreport of March are at : &

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