Interzone report of March 21st 2001

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Hi all,

This has been a strange month. On March the 2nd I went to Brussels to see Marc Lhoost for the radio program on philosophy at Radio Campus Bruxelles . . We mainly talked about general semantics, psychiatry and Interzone. Though the studio was not equiped for MP3 so we could not play the Zone's CD, too bad. :(

Arriving at the station, Miguel was there. He had just finished the music of the Spanish version of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah, so we went to his flat and listened to it before the meeting with Marc.

Zone CD :

The situation of the compilation "The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah" : a lot has been done recently

Binda 23 is going to gather the files; you can send them in MP3 at . He is also going to make the music of the Arabic version, and a Gaelic translation as well. Patrick Treger has finished the music of the French one, and Miguel, the music of the Spanish one.

Foe is working at the Japanese, Vaidas is making the music of the Lithuanian one as well. I am going to prepair a text on Hassan to included in the booklet of the CD. This booklet will include the written versions as well.

Books and publications :

See the sixth chapter of "Sud Express" at and the 8 following pages of the comix "Le Taxidermiste" from to

The second French tome of "The Time of the Naguals" : "Département de Sémantique Générale et de Philosophie" has been updated and some articles have been added. This book is a compilation of texts by Illel Kieser, Isabelle Aubert-Baudron, Roger Lanteri, Vincent Pourageau :

Medical research :

Detox group :

We have been looking for info in the domain of buprenorphine, which one Zoner is taking in US and finds effective. This is widely used in France in hospitals and under medical prescriptions under the commercial names of subutex and temgesic. See at For more info, look for "buprenorphine" in the French yahoo : .

Subtil body :

Some years ago I undertook a research on the awakening of subtil organs and body, and am working again in this direction. It comes out from recent events that the effects and the steps seems similar from one person to the other.

Due to the lack of knowledge in this domain in the western world, the psychological and physical phenomenons it leads to are not comprehensible with our maps of human organism, which rest on obsolete Newtonian physics; this leads to misinterpretations in the psychological field. Though with modern physics and Eastern maps of human organism, those phenomenons become understandable and possible to handle.

I think that we should undertake a common research on this and gather our respective data, considering the awakening of subtil body and expansion of conscince as the next step of human evolution. This should be part of the future academy. Bibliography available.

Physical place:

I am presently seeing with my accountant about the details for putting it up, which part to start first, status, etc..., and am putting money aside for it.

New pages in the sites :

In the Zone's sites :

* "Le Taxidermiste" on line : , ,,, , ,,

* Sud Express : Chapter 6 :


* "The Time of the Naguals" : "Département de Sémantique Générale et de Philosophie":


Morgan Landuré : Tabula Rasa :

* Buprenorphine :


In the other Zoner's sites :

* Gary and Tanya are travelling in Mexico and Central America for some months. You can check where we are at

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Wishing you a happy spring (snowy and rainy here for the start).



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