Interzone report of February 21st 2001

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Hi all,

Things have been going fast this month.

Zone CD :

The next compilation "The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah" is progressing. The Spanish version Las últimas palabras de Hassan Sabbah has been recently written by by Mioclonic , who is making the music as well. Patrick Treger from the group "Geriatrix Brothers" has finished to record the French one, the Lithuanian version PASKUTINIAI HASANO SABAHO ÞODÞIAI by Vasha Dadaja who also makes the music, has just been put on line and the Gaelic and Japanese ones are being made. Binda23 is going to gather the files in MP3 and press them, as well as adapting the Arabic one. The number of the versions is not limited : it will include all the languages you propose.

As a result you can send your MP3 files to Binda23 : <>

Books and publications :

I am collaborating with the publisher Illel Kieser, "Hommes et Faits" , who publishes some articles of mine : Aristote, Descartes, Korzybski: trois visions de l'homme et du monde
and CQFD* or William Burroughs + semantic general = new map of human organism - William Burroughs + sémantique générale = nouvelle carte de l'organisme humain.

In exchange, the rubric of general semantics and philosophy is hosting some articles of him which have been previously censured : La psychanalyse en faillite and L'érection de la conscience which are included in the second French tome of "The Time of the Naguals" : "Département de Sémantique Générale et de Philosophie"

In English:

"Silence" by William Brandon (see the begining at ) has been published by Transplant Press and can be bought there.

In French :

- The comix Le Taxidermiste has now 16 pages on line : see at : I am going to print more copies. If you want one, let me know . Also Binda 23 is ok for pressing it on a CD, which now can be done as it is all scanned.

- The 5th chapter of "Sud Express" by François Darnaudet is also on line this month.

- To come soon : "Douze Perles Noires" by Adam Possamai.

- The two first tomes in French of the anthology "Le Temps des Naguals" are available too in

Distribution of the Zone creation:

During the latest months, I have been looking for cafes here, seeing different places and possibilities, but none fits. Either the places were not adapted, or the rent conditions either. I looked at other places as well, but here again it could not fit : 9 years rent minimum, buying the whole furniture. Also I was not well aware of the status of independent.

With my new nurse job, I have this status already, so it does not change much to use it for the zone products as well, just requires to get a number of TVA (tax for the state) and be registered as a business. This will allow us to take a commercial site. This present nurse job is fine to me, it is half time and leaves a lot of free time, as well as bringing a source of income.

I have found a shop to rent, but it's not available yet. As I must put money aside before starting anything physical , I suggest to start to sell with the commercial site, and then see for the shop.

The aims :

The main aim of selling our productions through the net or a physical place, is not only business, it has to see with the place and role of artists in society : it is to handle ourselves the distribution of our productions, and give ourselves the mean to propose it directly to the public, without intermediaries who will considerate it in function of the fame or the money they get from our work. People involved in art creation are not special humans needing to be fed with public money. They are normal people who need to earn their life with their work, which seems the most legitimate right anybody can require.

Another aim is to leave the public as a judge : if they like it, they buy it, if not, they don't. I mean people do not need specialists to tell them what is or is not art , nor to explain them what it means, as if art or culture were something reserved to a small elite only able to access to it and understand it.

Also it's an attempt to see if we can really distribute ourselves what we have been producing, in applying a symbolic conception of money (see the files on economy at

As a result, thanks for letting me know what you want to sell there (books , CD, video, tapes, etc.. ), and at which price.We can start by a small amount and see what comes out of it.

From my side I am also going to make dreamachines, print a number of issues of the books, the illustrations, frame some of them, etc. So in case you want to give a hand, you are welcome.

I have started to make a catalog of the creations. In case anybody wants to work at it too, he will be welcome.

I suggest we make a mail list with all the people involved here. So eveybody can exchange about it with the others and know all the points of view. We can take a Yahoo club as well (Binda 23 for instance at "BINDA 23" , dedicated to the music project.).

Detox group :

Some Zoners are sending info on detoxification. See the new pages at :

By Dr Dolophine see Report From Tasmania August 1998 and a reaction to the article

And by 0110 : Methadone in question

A team for strategic questions ?

One Zoner is having problems with a conservative politician whom he called "racist" and "homophobic", and who threatens to sue him. He asks for advises.

I suggest that for such questions related to strength intelligence, we gather our respective info, tips and devices and put them at the Zoners' disposal. At the moment there are 2 different cases of "strength relations". Anybody interested ? We might use them to test some Burroughs' and Gysin devices, in the frame of non control strategies. :)

See on this subject the files recently put on line :

Des systèmes de contrôle : Différentes sortes de pouvoir

Différences entre pouvoir et domination : Funkhouser

Les systèmes de contrôle and Stratégies de non-contrôle

New pages in the sites :

In the Zone's sites :

* "Le Taxidermiste" on line : , ,,, , ,,

* Sud Express : Chapter 5 :

* William Brandon III Silence

* Illel Kieser : See his bio at , in English at

* Ceri Hughes : My decent into Interzone:

* Mungo 23's experiments around buiding and using dreamachine: see the update at


* Nin and Kenji Siratori : : Disclosure [disclose-disclose edition] with illustrations by Alex Barbier.

In medical research domain, see :

* By Roger Holden Alternative, Affordable Treatment for Feline Leukemia The "Burroughs' White Cat" Challenges the Board

In the detox group in medical research, see the following pages on Methadone Maintenance Treatment:

* By Dr Dolophine see Report From Tasmania August 1998 and a reaction to the article

By 0110 : Methadone in question

In the other Zoner's sites :

* Gary and Tanya are travelling in Mexico and Central America for some months. You can check where we are at

* Dean Kasabow <> home page:

- teleferique : New works to doanload at :

* #atelierenreseau Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin : "Résumés des épisodes précédents"

* Etienne Cliquet : "Silex"

* Olivier Huz : "System_playback" Applescript (mac)
* Sonia Marques Cable-car" Animation visuelle et sonore (pc)

* Antoine Schmitt : "The Free Instruments"Programmes (mac-pc)

* Makoto Yoshihara : "bOOm"Application sonore (mac)

* Michel Valensi, French publisher of Korzybski and Hakim Bey : Site des éditions de l'éclat See the restructuration and new pages :
1) index des auteurs (
2) index des titres (
3) moteur de recherche (d'ici quelques jours ...)
4) d'une rubrique " nouveautés".
New books at the catalogue. For the details, see :

* Messager du Réseau Beaucéant <> Latest updates : Subject: Plates-formes : Saint Blaise, les Écrits de la Mer Morte, l'Ordre "couverture" pour malfaisants, les Templiers et le Druidisme, les anciennes écuries du Roi Salomon, Jean de Terric - Maître de l'Ordre ?? , ... See the details at :


The latest news from February are at :

If you have an opportunity to listen to the radio of Brussels uni, I am invited to a philosophic program on Friday March 2 nd 2001, at 4 pm.

This report will be on the web at and in French at

Thanks for your great work !!!!!!



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