"Petit cut-up illustré" collage : Izzy

a bullet goes through the liquid crystal of screen and glass showers...in death city of vanity, the pain of LUCIFER shakes cracked chain, cries in pain and hatred of TV the hallucination of X crunched keeps calling me to escape...junkie dog with broken exoskelton slavers dirty waters from slack mouth and throws a pale light of atrocity in the depth of black eyes...i shout in phantom 70's liquid crystal drifts...neon of death swastika...shines on the street of homosexuals, sticking on skin...i have nothing but hatred...
rubber skined holo-telex boy...liquefied bones emitting cold light of clone...photo of Christ thrusted in a fork from plastic surgeried dark skin of 70's...rubbing his cock in pale hotel...interface shouts...bastard destroys all the shop the sound of wet flesh with hatred moans...LED violated white-heated 900 men by the mind gas in the hallucination of X of liquid crystal...muscle of punks who made eyes at blue rubber shutter is burning with gas burner...a phantom ejaculates in rectum which clings...
hysterical roars destroying all the club...the hallucination of SM rang out phantom of boy, cut it out...junkie's hatred burning like pale hetero death... wounded punks is muddling with ice-blue...crunch E a phantom is drifting mix with X angel like explosion...blue blood and B class violence carve phantom hakenkreuz another man smiles at skelton tonight i sell photos of the dead good bye holo film...





NIN remix:
Kenji Siratori

###bullet thrusts through the liquid crystal of the screen and the shower of glass falls.... pain of LUCIFER swings cheyne that cracked in the town of the death of ostentation and the hallucination of X that raise and the puncture and hatred crushed the voice of the pain of TV that mixed continues to call that escape to me....drug dog of the outside framework which closed ecstasy obtains dirty from the mouth of start and finish untidy plain and drip slaver endlessly and begin to illuminate the light of a cold atrocity pale
blue with the back of the pupil as black black....i cry out in the 70's of the ghost where liquid crystal drifts and walk....neon of the swastika cross of death....however in the street of the homosexual which attached to the skin that blinks tension....there is only hatred already in me holo-telex boy of the skin who was rubber!....bone that turned liquid is throwing the cold light of a clone....photography of jesus-christ stuck in the fork from the back of the dark restoration skin of the 70's....accompanies in a pale hotel and observe and ground it the crotch....i cry out interface....sound that the non-buddhist religions or philosophies break down the middle of the store completely and meat get wet with the groan voice of hatred....in the hallucination of X of the liquid crystal that the light emitting diode did 900 people who became white hot-zone with mental gas....muscle of punx that pours the shutter of blue rubber and did the eye is burning with the gas burner....in the rectum that inhales and attach the ghost discharges semen.... hysterical roaring sound break down the during club....fuck the hallucination of SM to the ghost of the boy that was resounding the joke in....hatred that burns of during drug like hetero-death pale blue and attach.... punx of that is a damage is blue ice and turbidity....i exchange sensational mixing with the X angel who crushes E and the ghost be drifting.... violence of blue blood and B class cut the key cross that was ghost and also turned a smile to 1 person skeleton tonight cadaver photography I part and sell and that holo-movie.... eraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraeraera.


The Time of the Naguals

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