New strategy

1. Definitions:

2. Aims:

3. Tactic :

4. New concepts:

a) Introduction of the Nagual in the Tonal :

Introduction of unforeseen and therefore unforeseeable factors for the aggressor:

Burrroughs : The Place of Dead Roads " Yes we can lose any number of times. They can only loose once. They say a silver bullet can kill a ghost. Garlic could kill a vampire if it was strong enough and he couldn't escape, trapped for example in an Italian social club. So what bullet, what smell can rupture or damage or immobilize or totally destroy the film ? Quite simply, any action or smell not prerecorded by the prerecorder, who stands outside the film and does not include himself as data.

Castaneda would describe it as a sudden eruption of the Nagual, the unknown and unpredictable, into the Tonal, which is the totality of prerecorded film. This violates the most basic laws of a predictable control-oriented universe. Introduce one unforeseen and therefore unforeseeable factor and the whole structure collapses like a house of cards.

=> to act at non-prerecorded levels of action, levels which are not included as data in the aggressor's scenario, which they cannot foresee. We play our own game, with our own rules, we act when and how we want.

b) To provoke confrontation:

Generally the aggressor wants to avoid direct confrontation, he acts in the shade => once one has made his back safe, provoke the confrontation at the moment we choose => effect of surprise.

d) Leave the aggressor a honorable way out :

Put the aggressor in front of a choice :

- he stops harming, repairs the prejudices he has caused => the affair is stopped.

- he refuses to change => he finds himself confronted ineluctably and immediately to a set of problems at different levels :

* the info is spread to official instances => start of journalistic and judicial investigations.

* start of the foreseen plan of actions he does not know anything about, at levels of reality he is not aware of and which are for him at the level of unknown and incomprehensible. (introduction of the Nagual in the Tonal) : synchronized actions.

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