Report of April 21 th 1998 


Hi all,

Lots of things to sum up this month.

1. First, concerning the montly meeting of the 23rd in the chat-room, some of you cannot get to So Chaya has just created a chat-room in mIRC called #Interzone. For getting it, you go to the site download the chat, and register it, and it will be in your computer then. So you do not have to go on the net to chat, just click on your mIRC icon. Then you click on "File" and "connect" to get connected to the site. You sometimes have to try several times to get connected as it can fail. Once connected, you click on "Command" , and "Join channel" , and you write #Interzone, as the channel you select.

When you are in the chat #Interzone, you can also use other chat systems at the same time, as ICQ, or ICQ is very practicle to know with the other ICQ users who are connected and to get in touch with them immediately, and it's okay for chats with two or three people, but not for bigger meetings. mIRC chat can have a huge number of people.

So if you want to join on April 23 (11 p.m. in Paris, 5 p.m. in Toronto), you can try this new chat in downloading it. I send the icon by E-mail to : it's 363 octets, and can go in a floppy disk , so you can get it from there (I hope it works, let me know if not) : If you have not got it, you can use the "Music, Art and Books" in, as this time, I'll be in both.

For all the infos concerning the chat-meeting, and the chat systems, go to Interzone chat page :

When you download the mIRC, it says you get it for free and then have to pay after sometimes. I downloaded it some months ago, never payed anything , and it still works well.

2. Our common collaboration is getting organized at several levels :

For the copyrights, we are gonna see with James Grauerholz and John Giorno.

Chaya's translation in Arabic is at :

If you want to make it in your own language, choose your favorite. Then you can record it on a tape, make several samples, listen to them several times, and then send the best one in a wav file or Real Player file to Pierre : and Foe: If you got some music, you can send them too.

APO-33 PRESENT : "1999" By FOE 4 FOE :

a) Two people working in social domains ask if Interzone can be a place for working on questions of environmental justice : which answers and actions to bring to the problems of pollution for people who got no money and no mean to prevent themselves, and how to help for the defense of the rights and better educative means.

b) Several among you complain about sexual repression in our societies and about fear and shamed related to it. How can we get free of this in Interzone? I put some hotlinks in a trapdoor you access from the link page : We might have common exchanges about it if you want.

c) Some are making research on the past of our civilisations (Eastern and Western) and are looking for people interested it and in a compared study of civilisation.

We got 13 articles, 19 cut-ups, 4 short stories, 1 literary comment, dreams (I keep on adding them from time to time) , 2 common stories with cut-ups (Homage to His, and another one started), a whole bunch of poems, and interesting common exchanges on specific subjects.

Plus the French part which was already done at the beginning, which now is accessible in English for the most, as only the dream machine plan and the article "Le temps des Naguals" were in French : you can read it in English at the time of naguals, as a draft, as it's not definitive.

This one is gonna be printed and given for free with the tee-shirts.

I am still in touch with Roger Gentis who sends his support and best wishes for Interzone, and for a book I wrote sometimes ago , "le Carrefour des Impasses" (which means : the place of dead roads) on psychiatry.

Bill Rich ( also sends his support and cheerings. 


3. Concerning the dreamachine : some of you got other technics that the 78 rpm record player : glasses, computor program, etc... You can send them to be added to the Dreamachine page.


4. Concerning the medical research : we got data on addiction (see the apomorphine cure in the News page), alternative and not commonly used treatments for cancer, new strategies towards diseases .

If some of you are interested in working on a new map of human organism, gathering the data of western technology and the ones of Eastern traditional cultures (Chinese, Tibetan, etc..), let me know.


5. The sites are getting thicker too : new pages in "Welcome to Interzone" at & : with a Burroughs' animation.

a whole bunch in Foe's :

and also in Rub Out

In Western Lands, several new pages. Here are the ones you cannot access from the front page :


See the coming infos untill the next report at the News page .

Thanks for sending your ideas, propositions, texts, creation. Thanks for your involvement and participation.

All the best.



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