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After Pierre Belouin created a new E-mail for Interzone, I shall not send common messages anymore in lists, but shall send messages of informations there which you can check from time to time (check the content of the inbox : it says there are 0 messages in it, but there are in fact : you have to wait for a minute, it can take some times to open).

If you have lost the infos to access to it : ask me

You have to go and check it yourself, so do not expect more message from me through a group list.

Some of the info will be put in this page, not all, because of the lack of room.

The great side of this common E-mail is that now we all can write to each other through it, so I am not the centre of Interzone anymore nor necessary to the exchanges in the group.

Here are messages I already sent :


The zone protects its own : December 14 1997

Hi all,

A doc who is part of Interzone and whom I am in touch with since the beginning proposes we set up a free counsuling service for the people of Interzone who would need it. He will be networking with one other mental health professional whom he has become recently associated with. She is widely recognized as a pioneer in the area of conflict resolution in U.S. and has agreed to participate as needed. They have established an anonymous e-mail account to this address :

So in case you need any info on the medical level or need an advice in case of problem, whatever it may be, you can send an E-mail, and they will then echo correspondance back to me, so we shall gather our respective points of view and provide a quick answer.

I am gonna add this info on the coordination page, with some more news.

Have a nice week.

Best wishes



The zone takes care of its own : December 14 1997

Hi again, :-))

Steve, who is musician and web developper, is taking in charge the organisation around music, for getting organised about CD, recordings and video making and distributing.

If you are musician and want to use the opportunities of the group, you can join him at :


Over and out.

Agent Iz


Apomorphine :

Hi all,

Pierre is putting the protocole of apomorphine cure on his site in French; here is the English text written by Ian Sommerville Burroughs sent to me in 1981.




Apomorphine cure

Apomorphine is so called by the chemists in order to indicate that it is synthetised in some way from morphine as base. It has, however, very different properties to morphine; it does not give sensations of pleasure, nor has any case of addiction to its use ever recorded. It has been known for some time as a reliable emetic, being easily dissolved in water and administrated by hypodermic injection.

It was for this property as an emetic that apomorphine was kept on hand on the clinic begun, several decades ago, by Dr. John Yerbury Dent of London; a clinic devoted to the treatment of alcoholics and addicts to other drugs. Dr. Dent also experimented with apomorphine as part of an aversion treatment for addiction. However (and this point is crucial) he found that many of the distressing symptoms attendant upon cure were alleviated by apomorphine even when no vomiting was induced.

In our waking state the body builds up stresses an metabolic disturbances which are regularised while we sleep. There is, in fact, a part of the brain which works harder during sleep than during wide awake life. This regularitory centre Dent termed "the sleep center", and it was his conclusion that the action of apomorphine is to stimulate this centre and give it greater powers.

The abrupt witholding of a drug from someone who is addicted to its use gives rise to the severe stresses and metabolic disturbances known as "withdrawal symptoms", and the natural regulatory functions of the body are inadequate to deal with them. However, potentiated with apomorphine, a much wider compass of disturbance can be dealt with, to such an extent that cure loses much of its nightmare aspect.

Dr Dent further elaborated the use of apomorphine and made it the basis of a long and successful practice devoted to the study and cure of addiction. During his method of cure vomiting is only essentially induced twice in the patient : these occasions being necessary to obtain a measure of the patients level of tolerance to the drug. It cannot be overemphasised that the apomorphine treatment is not an aversion treatment, but is method of stimulating the body's natural resources in their capacity to normalise stresses and metabolic disturbances, in this case the withdrawal symptoms.

The smallest dosage of apomorphine which will induce vomiting varies considerably with the individual, from as little as one fortieth of a grain up to twenty times as much, though this latter is unuasal.

In this first steps this apomorphine cure parallels other known methods of treatment. Firstly, the addict must want to cured and should say so, patients brought to a clinic against their will, by relatives, etc., do not make good subjects unless they can first convince themselves and the doctor that they wish to be free of their drug. Secondly, the patient is hospitalised in a cheerful nursing home atmosphere, day and night nursing together with frequent visits by the doctor are necessary.

The usual medical tests are presumed; addicts are often weak on arrival so the use of vitamins and a proper diet to rebuild bodily condition are assumed throughout the cure.

 Notes (A) The use of apomorphine.

1. Finding the threshold dose :

Throughout the cure apomorphine is injected every two hours. One twentieth grain is the standatd initial dose. This is progressively arithmetically increased by one fortieth grain per injection untill a dosage is found which induces vomiting (the threshold dose).

2. Maintaining concentration :

Suppose that the threshold dose is found to be x grains, then the subsequent doses for the next four days (approx) are each of 1/2x grains.

3.The new threshold dose :

The first two stages above often cause a change in the patients tolerance for apomorphine. After stage 2. each injection is progressively increased or decreased by one fortieth grain at a time untill the new threshold dose, y grains, is found. The treatment continues with two hourly injections each 1/2 y grains, the frequency of injection tapering off toward the end of the cure, usually ten days or so.

4. Post-cure use :

A patient cannot be considered completely cured until roughly one month after beguinning treatment. After the initial ten days described above he should always have to hand sublingual tablets of apomortphine in the event of distressing symptoms arising.

5. General :

After an injection of apomorphine vomiting will occur within ten minutes or not at all. The above schema is not of course completely rigorous; it is for the doctor to decide whelther vomiting is occuring because of the apomorphine or is a withdrawal symptom. Basically the idea is to maistain as high a concentration as possible of morphine in the patient for an extended period.

 Notes (b) The use of apomorphine (or the drug addiction in question)

In its capacity as a matabolic regulator apomorphine considerably reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms. However, and specially in the first few days of cure, morphine must be allowed to the patient in the event of severe symptoms breaking through. As a general guide it will be found that quite minute doses of morphine will be adequate, totally over the entire period to much less than the habitual prebvious daily dose.

Apomorphine is usually available in one twentieth and one tenth grain water soluble hypodermic tablets. It is also available in France (made by Chabre) as sublingual tablets. Whereas these latter can be used to effect a cure they are not so rapid or precise in action as the hypodermic tablets, they are, however, very useful to the patient after leaving the clinic as a standby which can be self administrated.

In the case of say, addiction to morphine, the only drugs given during the treatment are apomorphine, minute doses of morphine and possibly vitamins and the like. It is to emphasised that sleeping pills, barbiturates, tranquillisers, etc. are contraindicated. They have no part in the cure and only serve cloud knowledge of the patients progress. (Dent found that addiction to barbiturates was the most difficult to break as well as giving the most unpleaseant symptoms, before and during the cure.)

The above notes are based upon talks with Dr Dent himself during the autumn of 1961, some months before he died. He was much distressed that, apart that in those clinics where it was used, doctors stubbornly maintained that it was an aversion treatment, thus only serving to block its real progress.

 Ian Sommerville,

London, September 1967.


Kathy Acker : December 17 1997

Hi all, :-)

Here are several informations some

of you have been sending about Kathy

Acker :


I see that Kathy Acker has just died in Tijuana. The obit in the NY Times quotes her on her major inspiration, WB: "For me, he was the first writer, the only one who was working politically in the field of language as power. He was questioning language [Word as Virus!].

Everyone else was just thinking about it."

Chris J. Hill


You may not know this, but American author Kathy Acker died of liver cancer last November 30th. She was a definite offspring of Burroughsian literature; in fact I saw them share a stage reading from their works in Toronto 1989. Pass on the message.


 You can also find a photo of Kathy Acker in Pierre Belouin's site :




Elegy :

To all of you who are interested I had composed an elegy upon hearing of the death of William S. Burroughs and attempted to send it via e-mail. But I have since found that my MSN mail system will not support the transmission of objects like midi files. However thanks to a contact in the U.K. I have discovered that I can post midi files to a news group. Since there are no Burroughs news groups I have posted the Elegy for William S. Burroughs to alt.test and to alt.books.beatgeneration news groups. It is copyright 1997 Allan J. Cronin but is released for private listening and distribution and can be posted (hopefully) to a web page. Good listening and happy holidays.

Allan J. Cronin


 December 23 1997 : Pierre belouin invites us to meet tonight at 11 pm here (23 heures in France, 5 pm in Toronto in Dan's chatroom) : . I'll be there. Iz


December 24 1997 : Account of yesterday night meeting : Quite a lot of mouvement : first the server did not want to get connected at 10.30 pm, tried many times, untill I gave a call to the people of the server, and then it worked.

Then impossible to come into Dan's site : kept going on and on : nothing. So I thought about going to the chat-room through gayplace site, which has the same, but quicker to download, and from which I can jump to Dan's one. I did it and it worked, but nobody was in Dan's one, and it did not appear in the channels list. Jake got connected and I joined him on ICQ, he tried to join me in gayplace but could not get the chat-room downloaded. I sent a message to interzone23 saying what was going on and asking the people to join me in gayplace.

Then I found myself alone with another guy I asked to in private if he knew about Burroughs. He said he did not, and then came a guy called William. I thought he was from Interzone and asked him, but he was not and did not get the question. So I asked him if he knew about Burroughs, and he said yes, he was a fan lived in the Bowery when was a kid and Burroughs used to chat in the wtreet with him and his chums quite often, sit down with them in the pavement and talk. And he loved him. Was dreaming to go and see him in Lawrencebut could not make it and was sorry about it. I gave him the address of westernlands. Then the chat was invaded by nazis again, sending huge messages of insults at the same time very quickly, and taking all the room. I looked at the channels, saw that Dan's one was working, and jumped there.

Found Dan, and we began chatting, then Josh, Jake and Iggy got connected. Iggy was taking a plane this morning and wanted to keep awake, so we all had a long conversation altogether, after some technical problems for having a common window for all of us.

This was the first time 5 of us were talking together.

Though those different systems have their own limits, using them together allows to jump from one to another and to solve the problems when they appear.

Dan is looking for another system, easier to use. In case you have suggestions, they will be welcome.

Also interzone23 allows to send infos which can be consulted by everybody in Interzone, so you can follow the events "in direct" and know about what happens.

Here is the new URL address of Dan's chat :

Thanks to him for giving us the ways to make it, to Pierre for creating the opportunity, and to Iggy, Jake and Josh for joining. This will remain a memorable evening.

For the people of Interzone, members of the Johnson Family, merry Christmas, happy new year, and all the best for now and always.



 Tuesday January 13th 1998 : Next appointment to Dan's chatroom : Friday January 23rd 1998 at 11pm French time, 5 pm at Toronto time.

Check it before if you want to join; if your computer cannot download it, you may need some extra software.

Sometimes you cannot access to it because the server is too busy.

To solve both problems, you can get a Microsoft V-Chat 1.1. Once you have downloaded it, the program is in your computer, and you just have to click on it to open it and get into it.

I have been trying it, as well as a number of other ones, and this one was the most practicle to talk for a group. If people are in it and we do not want to hear about them, we just click on their names and on "ignore", and they do not appear anymore, so cannot be disturbing.

Having different systems is great to jump from one to another in case of problem with one.

You can also access to Dan's chat through the one of gayplace :

then jump into Dan's one in the list of the channels. It works sometimes.

One tip to avoid the problem of the busy server : if you can generally access to Dan's chat, go there before the time of the appointment at a moment it's not busy download it, get into it, and then close it temporarity in putting it at the bottom of the screen. Then disconnect and keep the computer on. When you get connected again at the appointment time, then you just have to click on the web page window to open it, and you are directly into the chatroom without having to download it.

To recognize each other in the chat-room, we can put the number 23 at the end of our nickname. 10 of us are on ICQ : practicle to get in touch, but not for more than 4 people together.

Before joining the chat, you can think of subjects you want to discuss about, or which require the others'point of view. Group chats are great for exchanging ideas on the same subject, but can become hard to follow if everybody goes to his own direction.




January 17th 1998 : Infos from Ramuntcho :

 Hi all,

here are some infos Ramuntcho sends and asks for passing on.

Have a nice Sunday.


Mail 1 :

Ira Cohen vieux complice de brion

présentera son dernier livre au centre wallonie bruxelle

46 rue quincampoix a Paris

just pour info


Ira Cohen old pal of Brion

will present his lattest book at the centre wallonie bruxelle

46 rue Quincampoix in paris


Mail 2 :

une nouvelle revue est née

elle se dénomme CRASH

elle offre a ses nouveau abonné un CD WSB

la revolution electronique

ça viens de moi

spread the word

a bientot


à new review has born

it is called CRASH

it offers its new subscribers a CD WSB

Electronic revolution

It comes from me.

Spread the word.


 Interzone 23 :

The mails sent to interzone23 since one month have been delete, so they are not anymore in the inbox there. If you want to get them, you can ask Pierre who recorded them all.

More have been sent since. You can check them from time to time.

Cheers .




I found a website that offers free downloads of basic English to French, English to German, etc. translation programs. They are small in size and might help the English speaking members of the group communicate more fluently with others. check it out:

Best wishes,



 Friday January 23rd :

More mail in Interzone 23 if you check.  

Appointment tonight in Dan's chat (see upper).


Account of Friday 23rd chat :

I came in Dan's chat at 11 and met him. He was at work and could not joined but just wanted to say hi and he would join then if he had the possibility. Then I disconnected and had to download the system again.

Entering the chat again Chaya and Nick were here . Apo 33 arrived shortly afterwards, But Chaya had computer problems and had to quit. Apo 33 could remain untill the end, but also disconnected several times. Nick and I did not have problems untill the end. Chronic joined us for a quick chat and had to leave, and we kept on talking untill half past one.

See the chat dialogs in Interzone 23.

Following this second meeting we are gonna look for another chatroom system which does not require download.


More mail in Interzone 23 : see the recording of the chat of Jan 23rd.


 January 28 th 98 :

We now got our own chat : Interzone chat . I hope the previous problems will be solved now. So for the future chats, you just have to click on it and get to it from here without downloading anything.


February 2nd 1998 :

Some of you have been answering where to purchase Burroughs' and Gysin's books. Here are some web addresses where you can do it :

-"Here to Go - Planet R 101" : Brion Gysin, Terry Wilson : 0940642034/1440-9825540-282843

- Burroughs' bibliography :


You can also purchase them, as well as the authors of the Beat Generation at :

Compendium bookshop :

Order :

If you are visiting London, do come and see us in person, we are just by Camden Lock which is an exciting place to visit on the weekends. The nearest underground station is Camden Town on the Northern Line, and the 24 and 168 bus go right past our door.


234, Camden High Street,

London, NW1 8QS


Phone: 0171 267 1525, 0171 485 8944

Fax: 0171 267 0193



February 8th 1998 :


Following the common mail "Summing up of the situation sent on Feb. 5th, I'm prepairing a "Work" page,and gathering a list of the books we have writen and which are ready to be published. I propose to link each title with a page contaning an extract of the book chosen by the author, and the name of each author with his E-mail or html address.

If not enough room in this site, we got more on Pierre and other's.

So if you want to appear in this page, you can send the titles of the writings, plus an axtract for each book (about one page), and I'll add you in it.


 February 5th 98 : Summing up of the situation :

 Have a look at the mail sent to Interzone23.


February 13th 98 :



February 16th 98 :

Next appointment on Feb. 23rd at 11 pm French time, 5 pm Toronto time : in, floor 3, room "Music, Art and Books" : go to Interzone chat and click on the name of the room : you do not need to download any software nor program to access to it.


February 17th 98 :

De : belouin[]

Date d'envoi : mardi 17 février 1998 15:03

Je collectionne toujours les photos d'écrans d'ordinateurs pour mon projet("Desktop"), en vue d'une expo collective pour les net days le 20 et 21 mars prochains au Web Bar à Paris, Simon Tric qui sera aussi présent, travaille sur un projet ("Autour de l'écran") ayant quelques similitudes : il demande à diverses personnes de décrire l'environnement autour de leur ordinateur, envoyez vos textes à Le descriptif complet du projet est disponible à cette adresse

cliquer sur SIMON TRIC

Pour une meilleure compréhension psycho-sociologique du desktop D'avance merci pour cette collaboration.

Pierre Belouin.


p.s : vos nouvelles photos d'écrans sont les bienvenues!

(sur mac appuyer simultanément touches pomme/shift/3; sur PC touche impre/syst/écran) (de préferences en 640x480 format gif ou jpg)



I still collect the picture of computor screens for my project "Desktop") for a collecive expo for the net days of next March 20th and 21st at the Web Bar in Paris. simon Tric, who will also be

here, works on a project ("Around the screen" which is a bit similar to this :

he requires from some people to describe their surrounding around the computor. Send your texts to

The complete description of the project is available at this address :

Click on SIMON TRIC For a better psycho-sociological understanding of the desktop, thnks oin advance for your collaboration Pierre Belouin p.s. :your new pics of screens will be welcome !

(on mac, : apple/shift/3; on PC : impre/syst/ecran). Better in640/480 in gif or jpg.


February 19th 98 :

We are beginning a mail exchange on how to manage for the money, organisation, etc., in Interzone 23. Have a look. Your points of view will be welcome.


 February 23th 98 :

Hi all,

The meeting worked in the chat Music Art and Books we were trying for the first time, and is easier than chat planet system. The room can contain up to 25 people.

Chadi was here at eleven and we began to talk, but he had problems with his computor and a bad flue. Just when Jose arrived, he diconnected and then went to bed as it was quite late in his place. Pierre came too, and the three of us could talk untill about 1 am; but Pierre and Jose also disconnected, which interrupts the conversation.

We could exchange about the tee-shirt thing Jose was not aware of, and he ordered one.

I won't put here the content of the exchange as it does not contain new infos. It was this time a quiet and friendly conversation.

Over and out.




March 2nd 1998

Hi all,

In the domain of medical area, I'm gonna recapitulate the infos at different levels. Let me know if you want to be kept updated.

Any infos welcome about eventual treatments for multiple sclerosis, progressive form. Send to who will transmit.




March 4rth 1998

Some infos Jim, our doc, sends about apomorphine :

Apomorphine has appeared, yet again, but its new stage might be surprising; the treatment of male impotence. Now, before you rush out to the chemist (only to find yourself vomiting on your lover shortly after), it should be stressed that we aren't talking about large doses nor is it suggested that this is a 'miracle' cure. You'll want to consult a good urologist in order to determine just what the problem might be and to explore all treatment options.

Still, titrated oral doses of apomorphine have been shown to initiate, if not sustain, erections. Another substance referred to in Burrough's work, Yohimbine, is also gaining acceptance as a treatment for impotence. Yohimbine should be used with caution as well, particularly if you suffer from elevated blood pressure, and you are again urged to consult a urologist before experimenting with this drug.

Given some of the invasive treatment alternatives (injections to the penis, urethral suppositories, penile implants and 'pump' devices) a drug delivered orally could be a far less frightening course.

For further info go:


 March 24 th 1998 :

Hi all,

 Following the answers from some of you to the report of March 98, I send some clarifications about the circumstances which gave birth to this idea of East-West collaboration. As it seems it's been appreciated, I send it to . You can all go and read it there .

Gary and Tanya came here for the week-end. We spent 2 quiet days, too short though, but long enough to get acquainted with each other. Sunday was really sunny, a spring day (birds, flowers, etc...) , and we had a walk around.

Yesterday night on the chat I met Chaya, who could not stay long because he had exams to pass today, and some new comers from the Memorial : (it's's still going on, have a look from time to time). Then a Burroughs' fan, who did not know about Interzone, came "at random" (LOL) to the room and I introduced us to him. We had an interesting chat which ended to a theological exchange and was interrupted by a disconnection. :(



Pierre Belouin : Desktop project :

Exposition organisée par Frédéric Beaumes pour Glassbox, avec : Renaud Auguste Dormeuil, Jonathan Blud, Adam Dant, Alain Declercq, Simon English, Yannick Le Gouar, Kristan Horton, Lisa Steele, Gianni Motti, Kim Tomczak. Glassbox, 113 Bis rue Oberkampf, 75 011 Paris. Tél / Fax : 01 43 38 02 82 vernissage le samedi 28 mars 1998 de 18H30 à 22H00 exposition du 29 Mars au 03 Mai 1998 jeudi et vendredi de 14h à 22h, samedi et dimanche de 14h à 20h e-mail :

Avec le soutien de : The British Council, Centre Culturel Canadien,Espace Paul Ricard, ICONO&CIE et Totem


 Allen Ginsberg Tribute 5/14/98 :

Planet News: A Tribute to ALLEN GINSBERG will be held at St. John the Divine Cathedral, NYC on Thursday evening, May 14, 1998 at 7pm - Free

For more information, contact: Bob Rosenthal, Trustee Allen Ginsberg Trust 212-358-9534

On Thursday evening, May 14th, 1998, 7pm, at St. John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan, the Committee on Poetry and the Allen Ginsberg Trust will present "Planet News: A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg." The event will be free and open to the public.

Allen Ginsberg's groundbreaking and visionary work provided inspiration to poets and political activists throughout the world for five decades.

To honor Allen's spirit and to celebrate his life, his poetry, and his social commitment, the tribute will feature a 3-hour program of poets, musicians and activist speakers who either worked closely with Allen or were influenced by him. Thus far, confirmed performers and participants include: Amiri Baraka, Patti Smith, The Fugs, Philip Glass, Natalie Merchant, Anne Waldman, Sonia Sanchez, Dave Dellinger, Jayne Cortez, Danny Schechter, Stephan Smith, Pedro Pietri, Andy Clausen, Steven Taylor, David Greenberg and special guests.

Allen Ginsberg was renowned for his ability to inspire people to work for a better world; tribute organizers hope that this event will advance Allen's progressive ideals as we enter a new millenium. Besides performing their own original materials, some of the participants will be performing Allen Ginsberg's poems and songs, including a few previously unpublished pieces. The event will also include informational tabling by groups promoting humanitarian causes which Allen endorsed.

The tribute Organizing Committee is being chaired by the poet Ed Sanders, and being coordinated by Bob Rosenthal, Ginsberg's longtime assistant and current Trustee. New York's Cathedral of St. John the Divine is located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street.


April 15th 1998 : APO-33 PRESENT "1999" By FOE 4 FOE

Last Words 1999 : Interzone project of CD : multilingual translation of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah, with different musical adaptations for each version : translations, recordings, music, CD pressing and distribution : Interzone : if you want to be part of it, contact :,,


April 23th 1998 : Chat #Interzone :

Hi ,

We have used for the first time the chat-room Chaya has created in mIRC : it was on untill just some days, and you did not have the IRC server (see all the info on it in the Interzone chat page) , so just Chaya and Rasta could make it, while some could join on ICQ. Rasta is gonna make the Dutch version of the Last Words, and the music as well.

See in the common mail Interzone 23 some more messages.


 May 2nd 1998 : The ABC of friendship :


,.-'^H E ,-^ ^-,\

,.-'^ R S ,.-^ \|

\ H E ,.-^ k

\,.-^ i
















Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

A friend of yours

Is thinking of you.





This is the start of a cyber kissathon


pass it along and kiss as many people as you can { =0)~

( It's even ok to send it back to the person who sent it to you ).




A lways be honest, would you want THEM to lie to you?

B e there when they need you, or you may wind up alone.

C heer them on, we all need encouragement now and then.

D on't look for their faults, even if you have none.

E ncourage their dreams, what would we be without them?

F orgive them, you just MAY do something wrong sometime

G et together often, misery loves company, so does glee.

H ave faith in them, the human animal is remarkable.

I nclude them, you may need to be included sometime.

J ust be there when they need you.

K now when they need a hug, and couldn't you use one?

L ove them unconditionally, that is the ONLY condition.

M ake them feel special, because aren't we ALL special?

N ever forget them, who wants to feel forgotten?

O ffer to help, and know when "No thanks" is just politeness

P raise them honestly and openly.

Q uietly disagree, noisy NO's make enemies.

R eally listen, a friendly ear is a soothing balm.

S ay you're sorry, don't let them assume it.

T alk frequently, communication is important.

U se good judgment.

V erbalize your feelings!

W ish them luck, hopefully good!

X amine your motives before you "help" out.

Y our words count, use them wisely.

Z ip your lips when told a secret.


By following these ABC's as often as you are able, you SHOULD live a LONG and

friend-filled life.


P.S. Remember...the person who sent it to YOU is also a friend...they

cared enough to forward you love.


Live Life, Feel Love, Give Hugs, and Laff Lots


May 24 th 1998 : Chat appoinment of the 23rd :

The appoinment yesterday was rather busy, due to the number of chat-rooms were people were : chaya and Rasta joined #Interzone, while Jean-Pierre and chaya could join on ICQ. Music Art and books in gay com 3rd floor remained definitely empty, while some guys were in the Asian room.

We ended there, and it was real fun. I quit at 1.45 am.

Seems several of us want to realize this commune project, but at the moment we are blocked at the economical level. I guess that some solution which cannot be foreseen at the individual level can be solved if we mix out data, consider the possibilities and opportunities we got, (there are more than we can apply practicly), and then choose between them.

Considering the economical opportunities without foreseing what we are gonna do does not seem relevant to me :

we cannot take a ready made and abstract economical model and apply it, because it would not answer our needs. But if we first consider our needs and capacities, then we can adapt a fittable economical organisation.

The new thing in Interzone is the international exchanges, so we are not limited by laws of one country, but can choose where we want to do different things in function of the possibilities and facilities.

I'm gonna join the group interested by the subject and keep you update on the result.

I won't join any chat recording as it was too scattered, due to the different chats.




May 24 th 1998

 De : Jonathan Ferrara[]

Date d'envoi : dimanche 24 mai 1998 00:07

A : BAUDRON Isabelle

Objet : Re: Report of May 1998



we emailed each other in january about wsb tribute at my gallery here in new orleans and you can read about it in the latest issue of VERY, an international fashion and arts magazine out of NY with wroldwide distribution thru TOWER records and Barnes and Noble bookstores. bye


June 6 th 98 :

My hard drive has been formated by error by a technician and I lost the mail. I coud get back your addresses which were on disk, but some are missing. If you know where I can join : GeeOrBee, Paul Miller, Ramuntcho Matta, Allen Large, Yana Ya Ya, Phranco Fenderson, Patricia Eliott, James Grauerholz, Jonathan Gabriel Ziegler and John Collins, please let me know.


June 22nd 98 :

Received this mail today J

Hello from!

As a way of showing appreciation to our Affiliate Network, has created the Affiliate Spotlight. The Affiliate Spotlight features affiliate sites we considerconsistent with our principles of community and involvement. Each featured site is highlighted on's welcome page for approximately two weeks. About 600,000 visitors view our welcome page each month, so the Affiliate site's traffic increases when it is featured in the Spotlight. Of course we will remove the link if your traffic increases too much. You will be notified via email a week prior to being in the Spotlight. Previous and current web sites in the Affiliate Spotlight include:

Boston Pride at Chicago Pride '98 at Gay Lebanon at Gay & Lesbian Southwest Florida at Gay Richmond Integrity (G&L Episcopalians) at Monterey Bay Province Town Student Christian Movement of Canada at Womens Resource Center

Please let us know if you would like to be featured in the Affiliate Spotlight and thanks for being a member of - the largest gay and lesbian online community! Sincerely,

Jeff Bennett Director of Community Relations

June 23 rd 98 :

Forwarded by Josh :


Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 11:00:12 -0400

From: Edward Plotkin <>

To: Edward Plotkin <>

Subject: Carlos Castaneda, Dead at 72

Dear Nagual Ring member,

Sadly, CNN, the NY and LA Times, ABC News, and other Internet press releases

yesterday reported the death of Carlos Castaneda on April 17, in Los


We are indebted to the Nagual Carlos Castaneda for stopping the world, the

way of the warrior, and the mastery of awareness.

These are some URL's for the press releases:

Carlos Castaneda died April 27, 1998. ABC News report.

Author Carlos Castaneda, guru of New Age movement dies. CNN report

Your Nagual Ring webmaster,

Ed Plotkin


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June 24th 98 :

Account of the chat of yesterday night : 

I got connected about half past nine pm here and joined #Interzone in mIRC and Music Art and Books in A short time later, Chaya got connected. We began to chat on ICQ, and he joined #Interzone. Dr Rat joined then . I asked him about the infos he had sent on pgp and which I lost ( and which he sent back today : see below).

I asked him a question about the confidentiality of ICQ, and then got kicked by a robot in the chat, which took this for an ad. I tried to join the chat again and could not. Disconnected and after several successless attempts, gave up with mIRC.

Kept in contact with Chaya through ICQ, but could not join Dr Rat.

In first Music Art and Books remained empty and I jumped to Asian, where ernest was. A guy pvt me who was not from Interzone, but who revealed himself to be a Burroughs' fan, so I introduced the group to him. Then Alan joined on ICQ, while Clam Chowder came in MAB. Then it was not easy to follow the several conversations altogether, but we could make it. We ended at 1.30 am.

It seems you have been many to appreciate the report of June and the common work done. Thanks for your support. Parallelly, 4 people asked to be deleted from the list without precising the reason (support from ?)

For the chat, the idea of this monthly appointment is good because we make it every month. The only inconvenient is having to be in different places at the same time, due to the different systems used, which slowers the exchanges. The ideal would be to be in the same place. Hope we can make it with Foe's proposition to set up a chat room in the site.




June 24 th 98 : PGP :

What I use is PGP, Pretty Good Privacy, can be downloaded from

PGP has been available in source code form ever since the first version was released. The code has been analyzed over and over again, and no "backdoors" have been found. PGP uses strong encryption algorithms that have were developed and studied by reputable cryptographers. PGP is reliable, tested, peer reviewed, and free. It may be that strong encryption is illegal to use in some countries like France. But using less than strong encryption serves little more purpose than to make things unnescesary complicated.

Do read the snake oil FAQ:

My advice is to get PGP, preferrably an2.6.2 or 2.6.3 international version or a 5.+ version that can generate and handle RSA keys (for backward compatibility).




and ICQ : (forwarded from Rasta)

Users of the ICQ program (see should be aware of the following: it appears that the program's password security is nowhere near perfect. There is a possibility for outsiders to obtain the ICQ password when the program is 'on line' during an Internet connection. Please change the password on a regular basis (ICQ-button -Security&Privacy - Change Password) and ALWAYS use an ICQ password different from the passwords for any other program, in order to prevent someone who actually succeeds in obtaining your ICQ password from reading your e-mail or abusing your Internet account in any way.

The writers of ICQ have promised to improve on password security, but this promise has not been kept in the latest release. For an explanation of the crack:

Please note that this message is meant as a service to our subscribers. Cistron is not responsible for the ICQ program, nor can it answer any question about it.

Cistron Internet


June 29th 1998 :

Hi all,

Gary just put "The Crossroads of Dead Ends" on the web.

Have a look !



June 30th 1998 :

  Hey all,

Some new things :
Rasta's recording of the Last Words can now be listenned to in Real Player and MP3 on his site. Wow !

Scott has made an animation of his dreamachine
which is on the front page of the westernlands :
and Foe has put up a chat-room in his site : see : Interzone Conference :

I link it to the chat page as well :
so you can get to it from our both sites.


Jully 21st 1997 :

For the next news, refer to


Jully 24th 1998 : Account of the chat of the 23rd :

Hi all,

Here is the account of the chat yesterday :

First chaya joined on ICQ. Snappy was connected to, but at work, so she just could say hi.

I went to Foe's chat and could not come in as he was answering me a password. then Pierre joined and could go to Foe's chat without problem while I was trying to come in. I joined #Interzone on mIRC where Dr Rat was here. Dean joined then , but I kept disconnecting from mIRC. Chaya disconnected too and we could not join then.

Mute sent some mails on ICQ : he was at work and had a terrible headache.

I tried to come to Music Art and Books in floor 2 : they were changing some chats and Music Art and books had temporarily disapeared. In mIRC I kept coming and disconnecting, while Vincent was trying to get in. I could at last come in Foe 's chat, but Pierre and I just exchanged 2 words and he disconnected at his turn.

Fady joined mIRC, but the rest was as frustrating as the beginning because of the disconnections. Also fady's nickname and mine were suddently changed without us interfering, and we did not understand what was going on. Pierre got connected again on ICQ and we could talk a bit then untill he disconnected.

So this evening was a hide and sick game, very frustrating, as we were all close to the others without succeeding to have a followed conversation. Though we were several in the group.

Next time, if we could all get to Foe's chat room, this would be much more practicle. Even if we disconnect, at least we shall be all in the same place and can exchange with the ones who remain.

Anyway, much thanks for coming. It's great to meet, even if we could not talk much, and to see more people who join.

Hope the next time we get less technical problems.




July 28th 98 : New Alternative Medicines :

A New Holistic Medicine for the 21st Century
Toward an Integrative, Cross Disciplinary Healthcare Ecosystem

This unique conference brings together a broad array of leading figures in alternative healing to explore the exciting cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary initiatives paving the way for a revolutionary new medicine that will combine the profound wisdom of ancient traditions with the cutting edges of current research. The presenters include some of the
nation's most influential holistic MD's, nurses, homeopaths, naturopaths,herbalists, scholars, researchers and educators as well as renowned Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Native American and Taoist medical practitioners. There will be a special panel on Tibetan medicine with several Tibetan doctors, two of whom have never been in the US before.

These are extraordinary times for the holistic health movement. After decades of marginalization and struggle, so many millions of Americans have voted for "alternative" therapies with their feet and wallets that mainstream medicine has finally been forced to accept that holistic healthcare is here to stay. Patients are demanding more sensitive practitioners, more preventive care and less emphasis on invasive approaches and toxic drugs. They want a medicine that acknowledges the
mind/body/spirit continuum and that understands the relationship between human health and the larger social and ecological matrix. Of course, success brings its own set of problems and issues. Will reductionist medicine merely seek to co-opt a few tricks from the "alternative" field without altering any of its core assumptions? Will turf wars poison the
atmosphere? Will only the affluent benefit? Do ancient traditions risk having their essence compromised when practiced outside their cultural contexts? There are no facile answers to these and other questions, but there is nonetheless reason to be optimistic: the holistic health movement has been an enormously successful, vital force and it has now reached
critical mass. The field is exploding with promising, creative ferment.

Come join this extraordinary group of healthcare luminaries in what could turn out to be a landmark event, as we stand poised on the edge of the millennium, participants in the birth of a new medicine for the 21st century.

Date: November 20th, 21st & 22nd, 1998
Location: The Bar Association, 42 West 44th Street
(between 5th & 6th Ave)

Friday, November 20th, 7:30pm
Keynote Address by RUDOLPH BALLENTINE, MD on "Radical Healing: Integrating
The World's Great Therapy Traditions to Create a New Transformative Medicine."

Panel on "Lessons from the Great Ancestral Medical Traditions" discussing Taoist, Native American, homeopathic, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicines with JEFFREY YUEN; KATSI COOK; MIRANDA CASTRO; ROBERT THURMAN & BRI MAYA TIWARI

Saturday November 21st

Morning Yoga 8-9am with ROBYN ROSS

Plenary Talks: 9:30am-12:30pm
JIM GORDON, MD: A Manifesto for a New World Medicine. The Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, one of the most influential figures in holistic health, describes a new medicine that combines the precision of science with the wisdom of ancient healing, that considers emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors integral to health, and that seeks to enhance each person's capacity for self-knowledge and self-care.

LEO GALLAND, MD: The Holistic Imperative in Healthcare. One of the nation's leading holistic MD's discusses how the "Theory of Diseases" displaced traditional views of illness as a manifestation of imbalance or disharmony,
and how the continued evolution of science and Western culture is re-invigorating the holistic perspective.

KATSI COOK: Native American Medicine. A traditional Mohawk midwife & environmental health researcher discusses the profoundly sophisticated medical worldview and practices of the first people of this land and the current state of Native American traditional medicine.

YESHI DHONDEN & ROBERT THURMAN, PhD.: Tibetan Medicine The most famous living Tibetan doctor and the great Tibetan Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman discuss this extraordinary tradition that has combined, over its long history, its own indigenous shamanistic roots with elements of Ayurvedic, Chinese and ancient Greek/Persian ("Unani") theories and practices into a unique form of Buddhist medicine.

Lunch 12:30-1:30pm

Afternoon Events
... Special Panel on Tibetan Medicine and its historical links to Ayurveda and other traditions) co-sponsored by TIBET HOUSE & the DHARAM Hinduja Indic Research Center with hosts ROBERT THURMAN & JOSEPH LOIZZO, MD; with SCOTT GERSON, MD; YESHI DHONDEN, AMCHI TSEWANG SMANLA & TASHI RAPTEN. A
stellar lineup of scholars Thurman and Loizzo, leading Tibetan doctors (including Amchi Tsewang Smanla from Ladakh and Thubten Phuntsog from Eastern Tibet making their first US visits), and Ayurvedic practitioner,
Scott Gerson.
... Special Panel on Bringing Holistic Medicine to The Present co-sponsored by the new Beth-Israel academic and clinical Center For Integrative Medicine with center directors WOODSON MERRELL, MD; BARBARA GLICKSTEIN, RN; BEN KLIGLER, MD; & with RED SCHILLER, MD. This panel will serve to premiere
New York's newest state of the art holistic medical facility, Beth-Israel's Center For Integrative Medicine.

... LETHA HADADY: Drawing from Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines to Address Modern Women's Needs. The author of "Asian Health Secrets" and "Personal Renewal" covers topics that include vitality tonics for people on the run;
pleasure and sexuality and strategies for prevention of cancer, arthritis, heart trouble and depression.
... LEO GALLAND, MD: Holistic Healthcare for Children. Most chil dhood illnesses and death result from poor nutrition and unsafe environments. This workshop will focus on practical steps that parents can take to quell
the rising tide of chronic disease among US children, including asthma, allergies, chronic ear infections, attention deficit/hyperactivity and developmental disorders, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, leukemia
and brain cancer. ... Holistic Approaches to Cancer with JIM GORDON, MD; RALPH MOSS, PhD &
RAYMOND CHANG, MD. After nearly a century of suppression and intolerance some alternative approaches to cancer are finally starting to be examined by the medical mainstream. Three leading figures in this field discuss
where we stand and where we are headed.

... Food as Medicine with ANNEMARIE COLBIN, CHES. One of the most beloved natural chefs and writers on food & nutrition discusses food, the most fundamental cornerstone of holistic health. ... Holistic versus Reductionist Diagnosis with RUDOLPH BALLENTINE, MD. One of the most experienced pioneers in holistic medicine explores the
fundamental conceptual differences that separate genuine holistic practice from the standard allopathic approach to diagnosis.
... The Future of Homeopathy with MIRANDA CASTRO & RED SCHILLER, MD. Can homeopathy and other modalities be combined productively? What role will homeopathy play in the medicine of the next century? Join the prominent homeopath Miranda Castro and pioneer holistic doctor Red Schiller as the explore these and other topics.
... Holistic Midwifery with KATSI COOK; MARY BOVE, ND, LM; PEEKA TRENKLE;
RACHEL KOENIG, L.Ac, CH. A stunning line-up: Katsi Cook who has worked tirelessly to preserve and strengthen traditional Native American midwifery and herbalism, renowned midwife/naturopath Mary Bove, childbirth educator
and herbalist Peeka Trenkle and acupuncturist/herbalist/natural fertility specialist, Rachel Koenig, who is frequently called upon to do labor support.

Sunday, November 22nd
Morning Qigong 8-9am with.J P. HARPIGNIES

Plenary Talks 9:30 am-12:30pm
RALPH MOSS, PhD: The Movement Towards Integrative Oncology. The pioneer holistic cancer educator addresses shifting paradigms in medicine as we approach the new millennium, focusing especially on the struggles and changes within the field of oncology, leaving us with an exciting vision of a more successful and compassionate approach to cancer treatment beyond the year 2000.

MARY BOVE, ND, LM: Naturopathy

MIRANDA CASTRO, FS HOM, RS HOM, CCH: Healing Relationships. One of the most famous homeopaths on our shores examines how we can work together in a way that is healthy and holistic, a way that reflects a spirit of collaboration while at the same time honoring the shadows we all bring to this healing process...whether it is with ourselves, with our patients or with our colleagues.

BRI MAYA TIWARI: Ayurveda: The Path of Practice. Bri Maya Tiwari, who cured herself of ovarian cancer with Ayurveda and has devoted her life to this ancient tradition, has become one of the most celebrated Ayurvedic health
educators in the US. This morning she explains how Ayurveda describes far more than medical modalities; it is a committed mind/body/spirit lifetime path of self-cultivation.
Lunch 12:30-1:30pm

Afternoon Events 1:45-3:30pm
... Integrating Alternative Modalities into Medical Institutions co-sponsored by the Department of Complementary Medicine Services at the New York and Presbyterian Hospital: host MICHAEL MANNION; with JERY WHITWORTH, RN; SERAFINA CORSELLO, MD; KAREN KOFFLER, MD and ROBYN ROSS. This panel
features two of the most significant pioneers of alternative care in the New York area: Jery Whitworth who along with Dr. Mehmet Oz led the groundbreaking introduction of complementary approaches at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and long time holistic MD, Serafina Corsello, a founder and charter member of FAIM (Foundation for the Advancement of
Innovative Medicine.) They are joined by medical journalist Michael Mannion, Dr. Karen Koffler who works with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona and master Yoga teacher Robyn Ross who has taught Yoga to
cardiac patients at Columbia Presbyterian.

... Nutrition & Cancer with DONALD YANCE M.H AHG, C.N. One of the nation's most important herbalists and nutritional researchers shares his unparalleled expertise in this area. ... Integrating Asian Medical Traditions With Each Other and Into the Mainstream co-sponsored by the Meridian Medical Group with RAY CHANG, MD,
FACP, Morita practitioner JEAN LIEBENBERG, CSW and Tibetan Doctor CHOYING PHUNTSOK. Dr. Raymond Chang, a leading international expert in integrated East-West approaches to cancer and in herbs and nutrition, has created a unique center where various Asian medical traditions: Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese Morita therapy, as well as conventional medicine, can be offered under the same roof and cross disciplinary research explored: precisely the
kind of creative initiative this conference is celebrating. ... Alternatives to Antibiotics & an Introduction to Pleomorphism with DAN KENNER, L.AC, OMD. One of the only Westerners licensed to practice Oriental Medicine in Japan and the US, an expert in European phytotherapy and essential oils and a leading exponent of whole systems thinking in
medicine, shares his deep knowledge about natural alternatives to antibiotics.
... Meditation & Healing with JOSEPH LOIZZO, MD. The Director of the Columbia Presbyterian Center for Meditation and Healing will explain the latest research on the health benefits of centering the mind and will then lead us
in meditation.

... The Future of Western Herbalism with host PEEKA TRENKLE; with DAN KENNER; MARY BOVE, DONALD YANCE & DAVID WINSTON. Peeka Trenkle, the organizer of and principal teacher in the Open Center's long-term Herbal Training Program joins naturopath/herbalist Mary Bove and renowned herbalists Donald Yance, David Winston and Dan Keener in this truly all-star line-up. ... Meditation & Medicine Panel co-sponsored by TIBET HOUSE & the Columbia Presbyterian Center for Meditation & Healing with JOSEPH LOIZZO, MD; BILL BUSHELL, PhD & JAMES HALPER, MD. Three of the planet's most deeply informed experts on the psychophysiological and neurobiological aspects of meditation in a fascinating exploration of this new field of inquiry.
William Bushell is a medical anthropologist and Co-Director of the Columbia-Cornell Meditation Research Project; James Halper is a psychoneuroimmunologist, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Cornell University Medical Center and a long-time Tibetan Buddhist; Joseph Loizzo, the Medical Director of Psychiatry at Columbia-Presbyterian Eastside has
done groundbreaking research on Indo-Tibetan meditation with Dr. Herbert Benson and Robert Thurman.
... Holistic Nursing: A Model of Integrative and Collaborative Care with JEANNE ANSELMO, BSN, RN; ANNA ACEE, EdD, RN; & MARTHA FORTUNE, MS, RN.
These holistic nursing pioneers will explore their models of integrating holistic collaborative care into hospitals, hospices, homecare, community health, and education as well as discuss the latest energy healing research.
... Bringing Holistic Health to Drug Users and Ex-Offenders; co-sponsored by the ARRIVE program of Exponents, Inc. with Maria "Sam" Josepher, Jorge Rivero, Ada Rodriguez and Lurenda Cray. ARRIVE is a highly successful
program that offers various alternative therapies (including addiction-breaking auricular acupuncture pioneered by Dr. Michael Smith) and teaches holistic self-help, ranging from meditation to nutrition to Qigong, to ex and current drug users. It offers a shining positive model for bringing holistic therapies to those who need them most desperately.

... Women's Health: Combining Western & Eastern Approaches with VIRGINIA
REATH, RPA, MPH & RACHEL KOENIG, L.Ac, CH. Irrepressible pioneering feminist nurse-practitioner (& radio personality!) Virginia Reath and Oriental medicine practitioner Rachel Koenig share many patients. They will
discuss how to build models of collaboration that can provide the best of East and West to their patients.

There will be Shiatsu, Swedish, Polarity, Reflexology & other Bodywork modalities available in short sessions from Open Center Wellness service practitioners throughout the Weekend.

This unique conference should prove highly stimulating to healthcare professionals of all stripes, to students and prospective students of healing disciplines and to members of the public interested in holistic health and medicine.

Special Thanks to GreenAudit, Inc. & The Center for What Works for their extraordinary generosity and to Dr. Woodson Merrell.
(Publishers of Nutrition Science News, Health & Nutrition Breakthrough, Natural Food Merchandiser & Delicious!), two exemplary value driven companies for their corporate sponsorship of this event.

Co-sponsoring non-profit organizations and medical centers : TIBET HOUSE, Beth Israel Center for Integrative Medicine, The Moss Reports, Columbia Presbyterian Center for Meditation and Healing, Dharam Hinduja Indic
Research Center, Department of Complementary Medicine Services at the New York and Presbyterian Hospital, Meridian Medical Group, Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM), ARRIVE program of Exponents, Inc., & Special Thanks to Anna Souza and Pro-Cultura and to Anne Hemenway.

Registration Prices: by Oct 1 by Nov 1 after Nov 1
Open Center Members: $ 210. $ 235. $ 260.
Non-members $ 225. $ 250. $ 275.

* * * * * * * *

Anna Acee, Ed.D., RN, Co-creator and Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Holistic Nursing Program, Division of Nursing at NYU, former Co-chair of the Art of Caring Committee and Coordinator for the Bodymindspirit series
at Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC.

Jeanne Anselmo, BSN, RN, is a holistic nurse consultant in practice since 1976 and former president of the Biofeedback Society of NY, who has developed innovative educational and healthcare projects in a wide variety of settings.
Rudoph Ballentine, MD, was trained in psychiatry in the US and later in Ayurveda and homeopathy in India. He worked for 20 years at the Himalayan Institute developing a model of holistic medicine and has been Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in NYC since 1978. He is the author of "Diet and Nutrition," "Transition to Vegetarianism," and "Radical Healing: A Guide to the Power of Holistic Medicine."

Mary Bove, ND, LM, is a naturopath, midwife and medical herbalist with a private practice in general family medicine, pediatrics, and natural childbirth at the Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic in Vermont. She is a former Chair of the Botanical Medicine Department and Co-chair of the Midwifery Department at renowned Bastyr College in Seattle, WA. She is a
well known international educator and lecturer on natural health.

William Bushell, MD, Visiting Researcher at MIT and developer and Co-Director of the Columbia-Cornell Meditation Research Project, has done field research on meditation in India, Ethiopia and North America as a medical/biological anthropologist and as a Fulbright Scholar. His original analysis of the psychophysiology and neurobiology of meditative, yogic and ascetic practices has recently been published in a reference volume by Oxford University Press.

Miranda Castro, FSHom, RSHom (NA), CCH, is a fellow of The Society of Homeopaths (UK), the author of the best selling "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook," "Homeopathy for Pregnancy," "Birth and Your Baby's First Year "
and "A Homeopathic Guide to Stress." She has a background in acupuncture and humanistic psychotherapy and a special interest in ethical and interpersonal issues. She lives and practices in Seattle, WA.

Raymond Chang, MD, FACP, is internationally known for his expertise in tonic herbs and regulatory/standardization issues related to herbs and supplements. Dr. Chang is a pioneer in rational and evidence-based integrated East-West approaches to cancer and fertility management. Former attending physician at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, he founded the Institute of East-West Medicine in 1997 and is the Medical Director of the Meridian Medical Group.
Annemarie Colbin, CHES, is a certified health education specialist, consultant and lecturer, the author of "Food and Healing," "Food and Our Bones," and other books. She founded The Natural Gourmet Cookery School/Institute for Food and Health in New York City in 1977 which trains natural foods chefs and lay people in healthy cooking. She is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of natural foods cuisine and its uses in healing.

Katsi Cook is a traditional Mohawk midwife from the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne who has been involved in community based environmental health research and communications since 1983, when she founded the Akwesasne
Mother's Milk Project. Currently, Katsi has a four year appointment as a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Health and Toxicology at the University at Albany School of Public Health and is a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University, focusing on environmental justice issues within the Haudenosaunee communities of the Six Nations Iroquois.

Serafina Corsello, MD, has been an innovator in complementary medicine for 25 years, specializing in women's health and longevity medicine. She is Vice-President of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM), of which she is a charter member, is Board Certified in chelation therapy, was one of the members of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) and is the Executive Director of the Corsello Centers for Nutritional-Complementary Medicine, with offices in Manhattan and Huntington, NY.

Lurenda Cray

Yeshi Dhonden, the world's most well known Tibetan Doctor, was educated under Kyenrab Norbu, who headed the Lhasa Mantsi Kang hospital and medical school in old Tibet under the thirteenth Dalai Lama. Dr. Dhonden escaped
into exile with His Holiness, the fourteenth Dalai Lama in 1959 and re-established the Mantsi Kang in Dharamsala, India.
Martha Fortune MS, RN, is a Nurse Consultant at Community Nursing Organization of Visiting Nurse Association of New York, a Nurse Healer, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, teacher, and a consultant to hospitals, universities, and healthcare organizations.

Leo Galland, MD, a renowned holistic physician and former director of Medical Research at the Gesell Institute of Human Development in New Haven, is Director of the Foundation for Integrated Medicine, maintains a private
practice in NYC, and is the author of "Superimmunity for Kids" and "The Four Pillars of Healing."

Scott Gerson, MD, the founder of the National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine, trained in Ayurvedic Medicine in India and is currently in the Ph.D. program at the prestigious Benarus Hindu University. He is the author of "Ayurveda: The Ancient Indian Healing Art" and has a private practice in Manhattan, integrating Ayurveda and conventional medical approaches.

Barbara Glickstein, RN

James S. Gordon, MD, one of the country's most influential holistic physicians, is the Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C., a Clinical Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine and the first chair of the Program Advisory Council of the National Institutes of Health's Office of Alternative Medicine. He is the
author, most recently, of "Manifesto for a New Medicine."

Letha Hadady, DAc, is one of the country's foremost educators in Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine and is the author of "Asian Health Secrets" and "Personal Renewal." Letha also leads corporate rejuvenation workshops.

James Halper, MD is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Psychotic Disorders Program at Cornell University Medical Center. A psychoneuroimmunologist and long time student of Tibetan Buddhism, he has
been a research fellow at the Rockefeller University and National Institutes of Health and is currently Psychobiologist with the Columbia-Cornell Meditation Research Project. He is author of numerous articles in psychopharmacology and psychoneuroimmunology.
J.P. Harpignies, the producer of this conference, is a former Program Director at the New York Open Center, a contributing editor to LAPIS Magazine, an Associate Producer of the annual Bioneers environmental conference, the author of "Double Helix Hubris," a critique of genetic manipulation, and has been teaching Taijiquan and Qigong at the St. George Eastern Athletic Club in Brooklyn, NY for 14 years.

Maria "Sam" Josepher

Dan Kenner, one of the few Westerners licensed to practice Oriental Medicine in Japan and the United States, is the author of "Botanical Medicine: A European Professional Perspective" and "Treatment of Infections Without Antibiotics." He is on the board of directors of Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in San Francisco, is the founding director of the Ormed Institute and has been in clinical practice for 20 years.

Benjamin Kligler, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, teaches in the Beth Israel Residency Program in Urban Family Practice, is the author of "Curriculum in Complementary Therapies: A Guide for the Medical Educator," is certified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Shiatsu massage, incorporating these and the use of botanical medicines into his practice at the Institute for Urban Family Health. He has just been appointed Medical Director of the new Beth Israel Center for Complementary Health Care.

Rachel Koenig, L.Ac, CH, is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine with a private practice in Brooklyn, NY focusing on women's health, fertility and pediatrics.

Karen Koffler, MD, is a Fellow in Integrative Medicine at Andrew Weil's program at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. She spent several years as an emergency room physician in the Sioux, Chippewa and Colorado River Indian Reservations, and is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society.

Jean Liebenberg, CSW, is a teacher and practitioner of the unique Japanese form of psychotherapy known as Morita. She has lectured about her work in the US, Europe and Japan. She has especially focused on working with cancer
Joseph Loizzo, MD, is Director of the Columbia-Presbyterian Center for Meditation and Healing and Medical Director of Psychiatry at Columbia-Presbyterian Eastside. His research on Indo-Tibetan meditation with Dr. Thurman and Dr. Herbert Benson has won the Mosely Prize for Religion & Philosophy and the Herman Wortis Prize for Neuropsychiatry & Medicine. He is also the Director of the Columbia Hinduja Indic Research Center Healthcare Project.

Michael Mannion is a novelist and medical and health writer who is currently writing a book, "Wilhelm Reich: A Re-Evaluation for a New Generation."

Woodson C. Merrell, MD, an internist in private practice in NYC, is one of the country's leading experts in alternative/complementary medical therapies. He is Executive Director of the new Center for Integrative
Medicine (a collaboration between Beth Israel and St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospitals), an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons and on New York State's
Board of Acupuncture.

Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed expert on alternative and complementary cancer treatments. The author of such books as "Cancer Therapy," "Questioning Chemotherapy," "The Cancer Industry" and "Herbs
Against Cancer," he is a founding advisor to the US Government's Office of Alternative Medicine. He is also the Founder and Director of "The Moss Reports," his highly regarded cancer consultation service.

Choying Phuntsok, the former Deputy Director and a Senior Physician of the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute (TMAI) in Dharamsala, he is currently a Visiting Fellow at The Institute of East-West Medicine in New
York. He trained at Derge Tibetan Medical School in Tibet and under Dr. Tenzin Choedrak of the TMAI.

Thubten Phuntsog is a doctor of Tibetan medicine from Pelpung in East Tibet, a professor at the medical department of the Institute of Tibetan Studies in Sichuan province and a professor of Tibetan Studies at the Central University of Nationalities in Beijing. He has written many works in Tibetan on history, medicine, literature, grammar, astrology and other topics.

Tashi Rabten is doctor of Tibetan medicine and founder of the Tibetan Green Health Center, Ltd. in New York. A graduate of the Tibetan Medical School in Lhasa, he has practiced Tibetan medicine at QingHai Province Tibetan
Hospital in Tibet. He presently teaches a course in Tibetan Medicine at the Blue Rock School in West Nyack, NY.

Virginia Reath, RPA, MPH, a physicians associate in gynecology, has been an educator and activist for 20 years and is co-host of the women's health radio program, "Snatches," on WBAI in NYC.

Jorge Rivero

Ada Rodriguez

Robyn Ross, a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and holistic health educator and the Assistant Director for the Prana Yoga Teacher Training at the NY Open Center, has served on the Board of Directors for the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association. Founder and Director of "Living Yoga," she was on staff at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center where she pioneered a groundbreaking yoga program for cardiac patients.

Robert M. ("Red") Schiller, MD, ABFP, the Chairman of the Beth Israel Department of Family Medicine and former Director of the Sidney Hillman Health Center, has developed innovative models for enhancing cultural and
psycho-social awareness in family medicine training programs; has been practicing a variety of alternative and complementary therapies for over 15 years and has created training programs for medical students and residents
in many of these therapies. He is board certified by the American Board of Family Practice, has a New York State certification in acupuncture, and has received extensive training in homeopathy and herbs.

Amchi Tsewang Smanla

Robert A.F. Thurman, PhD, professor of Indo-Tibetan studies in the Department of Religion at Columbia University, heads the American Institute of Buddhist Studies and is a founding member and the current President of Tibet House, NY. In addition to a number of important translations, his recent published works include "Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet," "Essential Tibetan Buddhism," and "Inner Revolution: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Real Happiness."
Bri Maya Tiwari is a monk and teacher in the Vedic tradition, the author of "Ayurveda: A Life of Balance" and "Ayurveda: Secrets of Healing," and the founder of the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda in Asheville, NC. Her new book, "The Vedic Path of Practice," will be published next Spring.

Peeka Trenkle, the leader and principal teacher of the Open Center's "Green Medicine" long-term herbal training program, is an herbalist, certified childbirth educator, natural health researcher, and writer. Through her company, the Natural Way, she offers classes, consultations, and products to encourage natural healing and self-care.

Jery Whitworth, RN, a pioneer in introducing complementary modalities in hospital settings, is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Columbia-Presbyterian Complementary Care in New York. He is a registered nurse and a cardiovascular perfusionist.

David Winston, founder and president of Herbalist and Alchemist, an organic herb product manufacturing company, is a renowned clinical herbalist using Chinese, Cherokee and Western approaches.

Donald R. Yance, Jr., MH, AHG, CN, is a practicing Clinical Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionalist, who specializes in nutritional and herbal approaches to cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic health conditions. Also, his training as a secular Franciscan equips him to touch on the spiritual aspects of healing. He practices at
his Center for Natural Healing in Norwalk, CT.
Jeffrey C. Yuen is a Taoist priest of ancient lineage in the Jade Purity tradition, a teacher of classical medicine and internal martial arts, the President of the International Tai Chi Institute and Program Director of the Swedish Institute, Inc. School of Acupuncture and Oriental Studies in NYC.

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