Report from 21st March 1998



Hi all,


Following the mail "East-West collaboration" sent to some of you on March the 7 th and then to several of us are getting organised in several directions :

- Pierre who is a multimedia "artist" (photographic, web and video) printed tee-shirts with a Burroughs' collage and Foe, I and him are gonna sell them, to invest the money in othe common projects.

- Foe is starting some web making with Japan. He is also musician; see

- Chadi and I are recording in Arabic & French the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah by William Burroughs, to make a CD which Pierre is gonna press,

- Bhagi is working as a musician and writer and propose we make CD and stuff to export to India,

- Steve, who can distribute CD and recordings in U.S., created a common mail for exchanges on music : , lodging name : interzone_music, password : musicZone

- Andrew is making his review "Rub Out", and the second issue has just come out. If you want to buy it : you can write to me as he will send me some issues, or to him directly if you are in US : Agent Zero : . He has other projects in writing, art and video making, See his paintings and art work at :

- Iggy is gonna make some businness with Indonesia: jewelry, silk , etc. and propose we work with him.

- Steve, who can distribute CD and recordings in U.S., created a common mail for exchanges on music : - lodging name : interzone_music - password : musicZone

- We still have the common book "The Time of Naguals" wich is still thickening, and several other books, personal works, ready to be published. I'm translating the article "The Time of Naguals" on the meetings with Burroughs and Gysin, and it will be printed and given for free in addition to the tee-shirts.

At the moment, we got nothing fixed about money or anything, being just an international group of chums; I thought about making an association here in France, but it requires lots of papers and time, and is not worth it, so I gave up.

For the money, one practical solution would be to have a count in Lebanon, so we would not have any hastle with checking, papers, etc., and would just deal with the bank. So the money could be sent there, eventually from bank to bank, and I would publish the extacts of count every month on the web.

For the commune, some are thinking about making one in Indonesia, which would be cheap for everybody, and easier than making it in US or Europe for the visas.

As a result, we might settle 2 places : one in the East and one in the West, twinned together, and having different functions according to the respective opportunities.

So we would have physical places to meet, spend holidays or free time, rest, studdy, etc..., on the same grounds we would definite together and agree on, sell our productions and earn money with artistic activities.

Thanks to our connections here and there, it is possible to find places which would fit our needs and would not require much money, for renting at beguin, and then buying if the first step has been successful and if we want to go on.

Presently, a first Interzone meeting is becoming actual as Gary and Tanya are coming this week-end from UK. This is real fun !!! We shall take pics and give you an account then.

Next cyber meeting on the chat : next monday March 23rd, 11 pm in Paris, 5 pm in Toronto, in Music, Art and Books : you access to it directly through the site Western Lands at :

Thanks for you involvement, cheerings, mails and sendings.

All the best to all of you.



March 24th 1998 :

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