East-West collaboration

March 7th 98

Illustration : Kitamura Masashi

Hi all,

At the moment, we are for the great majority confronted to economical problems, related to the financial crisis in the East and in the West, and this leads to an unexpected direction of our activities. I have been gathering those of us who are from Asia, and those who live in the West and are familiar with Eastern culture.

Having travelled to Asia myself from France to India by road when it was still possible, and must say the East has been making again my whole education, and I am eminently grateful to it for the result.

Foe H. Tamajiro : http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/foe4foe/foeindex.htm - foe4foe@sprynet.com who is one of my Interzone friends and co-worker since the beginning of the group (see Western Lands http://www.interpc.fr/mapage/westernlands for Interzone), proposes we connect for working together : he works in US with Japan and looks for people who like to bring in Japanese markets, as he has no problem localizing their sites (translating, and registering their site in Japanese search engines) : թ!o,~n"a_(o٬kfI___RAVEnՋkD]W"gJ~Y _nnȂWOo foe4foe@sprynet.com ~gT#aD_`Qp_SaKnhxFKL[fD_`M~Y

There now is a Work page in the site Western Lands, gathering our respective specialities, adverts, writtings ready to be published, etc. We already have a CD project started with translations of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah, which can be spread then in the East and the West.

At the moment, Pierre has been printing tee-shirts with a collage of Burroughs, and we are gonna sell them to have some money to start something. He is also into CD and video, and is a painter and tailor as well.

Andrew is printing a review, Rub Out, we are also gonna sell. Bhagi is also musician and can also press CD and make import-export with India.

Thanks to our different orgines, we can get organized in function of the laws of the different countries, and choose the easiest ones according to our respective projects.

For those of you who are not used to Interzone yet, we have been making a pact of mutual assistance and help each-other when needed.

Andrew introduced the concept of the zone as a psychic refuge, on the principle of the city of Refuge in Hawaii, and we visualize it and use it as such.

So we can have knowledges, data and parameters from our respective cultures, as well as scientific domains of knowledge of the West.

The idea of making this group comes from the past : in the middle age, during the crusades, some religious French order, the Templars, met in Iran another group of mystic warriors, the Ismaelians of the commune of Hassan Sabbah in Alamut. See : http://www.interpc.fr/mapage/westernlands/Derniersmots.html

They both had problems with the Turks from Mongolia, who had invaded Jerusalems and were threatenning both of them. So they decided they had no reason to fight each other and better become allies. So they did, and decided to mix their respective knowledges at all levels, to gather the data from the East and the West.

The Ismaelian tought the Templars the use of Arabic numbers, which they ignored, using the Roman numbers, as well mathematics and astrology, which the Roman numbers did not allow to access to.

They also had Arabic translations of Greek authors from antiquity which were not translated in Latin and Europe did not know then.

They extended their collaboration at the spiritual level as well, and studdied each other's religions and holy texts considering them as complementary elements of a same set.

As a result, they both got to a state of evolution which their own respective civilisations had not reached yet, invented a bank system, and became very prosperous, strong and respected.

Stating the similarities of our respective situations and the efficiency of the method, I thought it might be a good thing to do and propose we do the same.

In our case, we would mix several culture, which would allow an exponential "Third Mind" out of it (in human communication, 1 + 1 = 3 refering to the law of non-addititvity in mathematics).

Foe, Gary, Rick, Andrew and I have been practicing such exchanges since the beginning of Interzone in August, and we often are dumbfounded with the results, as everybody can bring a new light which would never have appeared to the others.

Another important domain we can work on is medical research and gather traditional, alternative and modern medicines. Here also the first steps are valuable, as new therapeutic directions in different domains which come out of it do not need money nor credits, can be applied easily by anybody, and are not harmful nor weakenning for the organism.

I'm gathering them at the moment and shall communicate them to you then.

Now, in the direction of the communes project, for those of you who want to realize it, one easy thing to do could be to rent a place here in function of the number of persons.

For instance, renting a big farm for ten people would not be much for each, much more cheaper than renting an individual flat. Here, we can produce our own food, buy it from the farmers very cheap and better quality than in the chops (I have experimented both, it works great and is easy); then we can earn money in function of our needs through artistical activities, a cheap restaurant with Asian food (I'm a good cook, can make very cheap and good food and love it) and make our researches and own stuff.

This would also be a place for people of the group who need cares : in this domain, we can get registered as a "thereapeutic lieu de vie" and get also money for this and share it. I got some infos about it and it's easy now. This would be also the perfect solution for taking Louis, the guy who made me discover Burroughs, out of the hospital where he is since 20 years, and where he has nothing to do.

So this is a summing up of the main directions. Let me know what you think and if you are interested in some of them.


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