Report of May 21 st 1998


Hi all,

I hope you are well. :-)

Here are the latest news since the last month.


1. Chat appointment :

About the next appointment in the chat, on saturday May 23th, you can use the mIRC #Interzone chat Chaya has created. You download it at .

You can use it for you personal appointments, as it's for the whole group.

The IRC server is Random US DALnet server

If you have not got it, you can use the "Music, Art and Books" in, Floor 3 : , I'll be in both.

For all the infos concerning the chat-meeting, and the chat systems, go to Interzone chat page :

Concerning the time, we have been doing it at 11 pm here untill now, (5 pm in New York , 2 pm in California) but this time is not practical for people in US, and most of you are there. Tell me if you want another time. Anyway, knowing that the 23rd of every month is the day of the meeting, you can go to those chat-rooms when you are on line and can meet some other people from the group.

 Some themes of exchange for next saturday :

- Your requests (see at the bottom of the page)

- The projects of CD, book, commune, etc.

- Any subject you want to talk about. J


2. The book :

I had contacted Hakim Bey's French publisher recently about "Le Temps des Naguals", (editions l'"Eclat") . He replied he is not personaly interested, but asked a friend of him, also publisher, who said he was. I phoned to him at the end of last week, and he asked me to send it. As a result, I printed "Le Temps des Naguals" (the first French part I already wrote : 67 pages ), and "Interzone" (64 pages), the second tome, which is the history of the group, and sent them to him.

I am now gonna print the rest of the common book : "The Time of Naguals", it is already bigger than the two first tomes altogether. I gave this title to the book to name it, but we can find another one if you got better to propose : this one is not "my" book, but yours.

You can already see some of the texts in the site, but most of them are not on the net.

Gathering all this is a huge work, and I'm not a professional. I have recorded your texts when you sent them, but to be sure not to forget any if you can send me a list of the ones you sent, this would be helpful for the organization.

As the most of it is in English, I proposed the publisher we translate it (in French) which would bring some money to the people who would do it. If he is okay for it, we can work in translating groups, which I was used to at the European Association for General Semantics; this gives good and very quick results. I let you know what comes next.

Those books are elements of the same set, so I do not think they could be published separetely ; so as far as I am concerned, I propose we do not share them and if we find a publisher interested, then we sell him the whole lot or none, what do you think ?

Now if we have an offer for the whole lot, then we shall have to deal with the questions of money. In France, we have no literary agent yet (some writers have, but most of them don't), so we have to deal with publishers directly. As you already know, I am definitely hopeless on those questions, and shall not take any decision alone.

So I suggest that if you know about this publishing area, contracts, etc., you tell me, and we can make a group which the publishers would deal with.

I am translating another book in English, "The Crossroads of Dead Ends"; some of the chapters are ready (see "Mr B". I'll send them to Interzone 23 . I also forward there infos people send for the whole group, so you can check it from time to time.


3. The CD project :

It was called Last Words 1999, but someone proposed another name. Tell me what you think.

At the moment : the following versions are being prepaired : Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Urdu, Bulgarian, Spanish, Bambara, Wobe, Hindi, Bengali and Norvegian. More to come.

You can make the translation, record it in a wave , and send the recordings to Pierre Belouin : or Foe in Real Player or Cool Edit file, the program we use. If you want it, I can send it to you through E-mail, so the files are much smaller than waves for sending and receiving.

Concerning the copyrights, I asked James Grauerholz, Burroughs' secretary, who answered a very kind and cheering mail, sending his support . J

If you want to get the CD of Burroughs reading Electronic Revolution, you can get it in the site of Crash :


4. New web sites and pages :

In the Western Lands, you can find some new pages just added :

- Feminine : by Chayline :

- Paul Sinclair : A Code for Source Collapse :

- Kat : Sapphire Days :

- Mr B : a chapter from "The Crossroads of Dead Ends", recorded and written for Bill Burroughs in the eighties. It does not appear in the menue of the front page, you get to it from here or from " "A Code for Source Collapse", in a trap-door you access to in clicking on madmen, at the bottom of the page.


5. About the medical research :

Some work on psychological training to increase the defenses of the organism, complementary to the medical treatments, is ready. It is valuable for AIDS, cancer, and also other diseases. I foward it to Interzone23, as well as other infos you send.

In case some of you are involved in psychological help, we can make a group and exchange our respective knowledges and experiences.

In case you need to consult a doctor to get a free advice , you can use the mail which Jim , Interzone doc, has created : It is still on and you will get an answer if you write. 

6. The commune :

Some who are into the project are still working at it, but we have not put up anything yet. Several possibilities can be foreseen :

- one place in the country side,

- one in town with a bar, or hotel, kind of Interzone YMCA,

- one more as a care center and medical research,

- etc.

We might have some in the East, in a cheap country (most of us are broke) and in the West as well, and work altogether for artistic creation : sell our books, CD, tee-shirts, handicrafts, dreamachines, paintings, tapes, etc.


7. Your requests :

- Koulin in Africa is looking for a grant or work to go on his studdies in France, US, or any other country to get a diploma in ingeneering. He has a BTS in informatic , specialised in gestion and development.

- Several guys interested in the Men's Movement. Josh proposes an exchange, through the book "Iron John" by Robert Bly.

- Liberale is involved in exchanges with guys locked in Huntsville, Tx., and looking for other people to do it.

- I am looking for people involved in psychological help for exchanges with ill people .

Some guys of the group are in Jakarta at the moment. If any of you wants to send support, mails, etc., you can write to and I'll forward.

Hope you have a wonderful spring.




P.S. : Erratum : In the common mail I sent this report in on May 21, I introduced the site : "Archivo Segreto" as Paul Sinclair's one. Just after sending it, I got a mail from Paul saying :

"The site you added to yours (pug Archive) is NOT my site. I wouldnt like to take credit for something i have not created!. I just found it while "surfing" & thought it would appeal to you.

I have a website but ive only just started it . Its here if you want a look:"

So this is Paul's one.


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