June 21st 1998 


Hi all,

Many new things to tell you this month. But first, I would like to thanks specially Foe for all his work in Interzone through his multimedia site and other initiatives, and Gary for his great help in the computer problems I got 2 weeks ago :

1. This month occured the biggest problem since the beginning of Interzone : the technician who was supposed to partition one of my hard drives formated both of them, and deleted the whole content MN !!!

Fortunately, our common writings were on disks, so they are saved, but the most of the mail is lost L .

I could get your addresses back with the disk I gave to Gary in March on a floppy disk, so he could gave them back and help to enter them again into the Internet mail address book. Though I lost some of you who changed their E-mail addresses since. If you know where I can join : Yana Ya Ya, GeeOrBee, Paul Miller, Ramuntcho Matta, Allen Large, Jonathan Gabriel Ziegler and Phranco Fenderson , please let me know.

If you could send me back some of the common mails I sent to you with addresses on them, this would be useful.

I wanted to include some mail exchanges in the book too, had not had time to class this part, so if you got them and want to include them, then you can send them back.

Nevertheless, this accident, which I first saw as a desaster, does not seem to have big consequences, thanks to your help to bring back the infos, and does not prevent us to function again as before. J But this time, I record the mail on disks as well.

2) The chat-rooms :

For the monthly meetings on the 23rd we use different systems at the same time: It's a bit messy sometimes, but it works.

  1. #Interzone in mIRC, Random US DALnet server
  2. ICQ : my # is : 3146693
  3. And Gay.com. For the meeting of may 23 rd, this is the place where most of the people gathered . For all infos on the chat appointment, see the chat page : http://www.interpc.fr/mapage/westernlands/Chat.html

We used Music Art and Books in the third floor during the previous months, but as most of you who frequent it are on the second floor, we move to Music Art and Books floor 2 for practical reasons.

The time is supposed to be 11 pm here (5 pm in New York), but we generally begin to meet before, and it ends about 1.30 am here.

Yesterday, I got the following mail from gay.com :

Hello from gay.com!

As a way of showing appreciation to our Affiliate Network, gay.com has created the Affiliate Spotlight. The Affiliate Spotlight features gay.com affiliate sites we considerconsistent with our principles of community and involvement. Each featured site is highlighted on gay.com's welcome page for approximately two weeks. About 600,000 visitors view our welcome page each month, so the Affiliate site's traffic increases when it is featured in the Spotlight. Of course we will remove the link if your traffic increases too much. You will be notified via email a week prior to being in the Spotlight. Previous and current web sites in the Affiliate Spotlight include:

Boston Pride at http://gis.net/~docker/ Chicago Pride '98 at http://www.equitrends.net/pride98 Gay Lebanon at http://web.singnet.com.sg/~parkerl Gay & Lesbian Southwest Florida at http://www.gayswf.simplenet.com Gay Richmond http://www.gayrichmond.com Integrity (G&L Episcopalians) at http://members.aol.com/natlinteg Monterey Bay http://www.mbay.net/~wes/monterey Province Town http://www.province-town.com Student Christian Movement of Canada at http://www.web.net/~scmcan/ Womens Resource Center http://www.womensresourcecntr.org/

Please let us know if you would like to be featured in the Affiliate Spotlight and thanks for being a member of gay.com - the largest gay and lesbian online community! Sincerely,

Jeff Bennett Director of Community Relations

d) Foe proposes to set up a chat-room directly in the site. I'm okay with it. Lets try and see.

 3) The common writings of "The Time of Naguals" :

First since this morning, we got a corrector for our writings, Ernest, who is a Canadian translater and writer, as I am not competent to do it for writings in English.

As far as the French is concerned, Ernest is also more competent than me as he is a professional, and I am a free-lance.

Concerning the French writings, my experience here and previously through the magazine "Objectifs" by the group B 23 led me to take distance towards literary criteria definited by Richelieu some centuries ago, and on which rest the most of our grammar and orthograph : some of the French writings I get do not fit to those criteria, though they express what the writer tries to express more accurately than if they were in so called "good French". As a result,as those styles seem to me richer than formal language, I personaly would agree to respect them. You tell me your point of view.

I do not write a very good english myself, which has not been a barrier since now in Interzone, and which you do not seem to mind. So I do not see any reason to apply to other people criteria I do not fit into J .

About the publishing I have sent about a month ago to the publisher of Dagorno editions the 2 first tomes"Informations on Interzone" and the French part of "Le Temps des Naguals", (about 150 pages the whole) , as he said he is interested in writings on Burroughs. I have not got any reply since. I thought I would send him quickly the rest of the writings, but did not realize there was so many, and with the computer problems, had to leave them aside for a week.

Here is the content I got at the moment, which is not complete, as some of you still have writings to send, and E-mail exchanges will be included in it too.

In case you would have sent me writings which would not be included here, please let me know and send them back

Tome 3 : 62 pages :

Thse are the writings you can see in this site in the second menu of the front page : "Le Temps des Naguals" :

Tome 4 : 51 pages :

 Tome 5 : Short stories : 70 pages

Tome 6 : Poems

Tome 7 : Cut-ups

Tome 8 : Exchanges

Other books you have writen and which are ready to publish : Sean D. Young : "Three Graces", Future49: "Insanity Factory", Alex Booth : "The Monument", Andrew Shachat : "Rub Out", and "Le Carrefour des Impasses". So as you can see, this is a lot, and not finished, as some of you keep on sending writings.

 4) The CD Last Words 1999 : translation of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah and Foe's multimedia's site :

The different versions of the CD which are being prepaired are : Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Urdu, Bulgarian, Spanish, Bambara, Wobe, Hindi, Bengali and Norvegian. One of the Chinese translator has just quit, so if some of you want to make it, please ask J . If some of you want to make it in German, Italian, or other languages, let us know, to me and Foe : foe4foe@sprynet.com .

There are several versions of this text; the ones we use are the one in this site :

James Grauerholz said to send him the exact texts we want to use, so he will transmit them to Burroughs' agents who will allow us to use them. (James, if you read this, I lost your E-mail in the computer disaster, can you send it back please ? Thanks a lotJ )

Foe has been making a multimedia site : see : http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/foe4foe/, http://members.xoom.com/foe4foe/bio.htm and http://members.xoom.com/foe4foe/songlist.htm

He has been putting a lot of musics and videos, by him and other people, and is gonna gather the recordings of the Last Words. He is applying for a business license for this multi-media company too. Once he gets qualified, he will be able to legally operate the web business.

"I have recently launched a multi-media site (http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/foe4foe) This is dedicated to every members to exhibit their audio visual works. It may not be too much of economical organization, and the web space is limited but we can at least link it together with other sites that are similar to make it a bigger archive. I will be willing to do indexing the works of the artists. (Let's exchange some links and banners. Contact: foe4foe@sprynet.com) "

Some of you have sent me tapes with music : I'm gonna record them and send them to Foe, so he can put them in the multi-media site.

4. Communes, East-West collaboration, economical organization and web academy :

a) We are looking for an economical organization which fits our needs in Interzone and allows us to earn our life with our creations in any domains. This requires to determine a system or model based on a common agreement.

As the question is vast and complicated, and none of us has a ready made answer, the best seems to gather our different point of view, data, experiences on the question. Then we shall have more elements of knowledge and understanding, and different angles on the question, and can see further then.

In this area, Foe proposes :

b) Referent services :

Foe : "We can make this organization into a reference service. Each of us become a referral agent, and when you know there is a certain need that you are not capable of fulfilling but somebody else from Interzone can, you refer through mails

I agree with the principal as far as I am concerned : for a common organization to work, the best is that everybody makes what he is the best at, what he is the only one to know really, and that he can do it freely, spontaneously, and when he gets time and feeling to make it, (otherwise it sucks). So we can become a performant group.

c) Bulletin Board site :

or--wouldn't that be nice to have a bulletin board site where we can exchange the info (we can even make it password protected) we can work collectively as Masons, Shaolin Temple or for that matter the Ismaelians and the Templars... "

The bulletin board site seems very necessary at the moment, because many of you want to exchange on different subjects, and we should get organized seriously to make it.

The subjects of interest are :

When you write to me you can also forward a mail to the common E-mail interzone23@hotmail.com . Interzone members can ask for lodging name and password at baudron@interpc.fr

In case of health problem, need of infos, etc., ou can also get free councelling in writing to Jim, the Interzone doc : the_doc27@hotmail.com. During his holidays, you can write to me and I 'll transmit to other docs in the group who will accept to do it and will answer you.

I hope I did not forget anything. If yes, I'll add it on the web in the page News.

Have great holidays if you take them in Jully (I'll , but will be here most of the time, so you can keep on writing J )

Talk to you in the chat in 2 days if you can make it.




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