Jully 12th 98

Hi all,

I had more computer problems recently and had to have it repaired again. So I lost the mail of 2 days : Ramuntcho, if you get this, I lost the E-mail and URL you had sent some hours before it collapsed.

Following the changes in the following sites :

Foe's site : multimedia : with a chat room included :

a bulletin board , recordings, videos, and more to come soon.

Gary's site mainly on writings : ("The Report" - "Le Carrefour des Impasses", etc…)

Gary is also prepairing a site on buddhism.

New Rick's bookstore: and

Pierre : new recodings and links on the Last Words 1999 project: and

Pierre has been gathering musics and recordings of the translation.

I send him the audio tapes some of you sent me, as well as to Foe.

Agent Zero's new illustration site :

we can now make an academy on the web gathering data in different domains . Foe proposes to make a bulletin board where we could exchange :

Here are the main subjects presently :

Help presently needed, Economical organization, Medical infos, Communes, General semantics, Quantic vision of man and of the world, Non-aristotelian functions and use of writing, Structure of Interzone.


Help presently needed :

è At the moment, two guys in the group are asking for solutions : Chaya in Lebanon, who is having a really hard time with his surroundings and needs to find a safe place because he is in physical danger there. He is a 20 yo studdent in gestion. See his writings at :


the story Feminine happened to one of his friends. You can write to him at :

And Koulin in Africa, (Cote d’Ivoire), who just lost his job and has big money problems. He looks for continuing his studdies of ingeneer in France, has a girl friend and daughter.

Also two people have problems with kicking habbits. One is looking for a doc in US, and Jim, the Interzone doc, is in holidays at the moment.

Here we are confronted to facts and to real situations we deal with in our everyday life. How can Interzone become the refuge we intended to build at the beguinning ? ("The Zone protects its own") The psychic refuge works great, but sometimes a more substantial help than cheerings is needed, even if those remain very important.

Until now, Jim, the doc, has been really helpful and could handle all the requests sent to him (he even cured my bronchitis). But when he is not here, and in front of problems out of the medical area, we lack quick and effective solutions. How can we get organized to give it ?

Pierre thinks we should put up a place able to welcome Interzone members permanently and proposes we buy the Beat Hotel in Paris, where Burroughs and Gysin made the first experiments of the dreamachine with Ian Sommerville’s plans. Through his job he is introduced into the artistic scene here and thinks that Burroughs’ fans in the scene might support it. Hey ! the idea looks great to me. What do you think ? No risk to sp^read the idea. I postulate as a cook (no kidding), if you take me as such. J

Other opportunity, complementary with the Beat Hotel : put up something in the country side here (near Poitiers, 1.30 hour far from to Paris by train), where the land is the cheapest of France, and the region very nice So we would have two places allowing to answer our different needs (see below : in Communes).

If any of you is interested in this, let me know.


Economical organization :

For the moment we have not dealt with money as a group, except for testing if we could get organized together to create something, and sell it : Pierre made it with the tee-shirts, and demonstrated we could (by the way, I still got 3 left). It was not a financial operation, but this was not the aim : the important point is that we can make it. Testing different experiments involving very smalls sums of money allow more freedom without taking risks.

Untill now, money has not interfered in our common work. But if we make the CD and sell it, or publish our writings, we shall have to take it in account. And if we do not fix before a common base of agreement for its use, distribution, etc…, it may lead to conflicts, which I want to avoid, because we never had any involving money untill now.

Also being from different countries from the East and the West, we need to consider the present economical context and see if we can find ways at our scale to avoid its repercussions in the frame of our East-West collaboration :

As far as I am concerned, in case my writings would be published, I'd like a part of the benefit got to a common fund of the Zone, which we could use then to make other things which require money, and which we would determine altogether, in function of our priorities.

The directions I have worked on about the economical organization and which I can propose are the following points :

to fulfill our needs, which is not possible for isolated individuals, but becomes possible at the scale of a group of 350 people, thanks to the diversity of the capacities.


Medical infos :

* people of Interzone presently treated or taking care of people themselves which kind of place would they like to be taken care of compaired to what they have experimented until now, which type of therapy would they like to follow, etc

* doctors, nurses, therapists, healers, etc.

* anybody in the group interested in bringing elements


Communes :

Which types of commune do we intend to settle and where ?

According to which needs and means ? some needs a shelter, some need a way of life independant of the economical present context, some want a gay commune, some need a place to be taken care of, some want a peaceful place to come from time to time, rest , create altogether, some want to put up a physical academy, etc.

So the communes can have different shapes : a common big place or a common organization between people living in different places.

è For people who need a shelter, we can settle an autonomous place for the food, where people would earn money in proportion of needed, through a bar, a hotel, artistical activities, performances, selling of creations of Interzone (recordings, videos, writings, etc…) This might be possible in many countries , first in renting a place altogether, and then see on the base of this experiment if we want to go on.


General semantics :

I got a personal documentation on it which I want to put at Interzone's disposal as it is more accessible than most of the doc on the net. This is the method I've been using untill now (see Ministry of Persons :

and the trap doors in it which lead to the following pages :

Introduction to general semantics : summing up of the principles of GS:

& "Les trois étapes de l'évolution de l'Occident : Aristote, Descartes, Korzybski : trois visions de l'homme et du monde."


Quantic vision of man and of the world :

Putting up a new quantic vision of man and the world allowing to take in account levels of reality the map of Newton did not.

è restructurate human domains we deal with according to this new map.

The present human sciences, based upon rationalist paradigm, do not allow to explain some domains we may experiment which are bound to expansion of conscience ( synchronicities, non ordinary reality, dreams, dreamachine, etc.)

We can organize exchanges relating these experiments, and try to understand what's going on the base of our respective elements.

Talking about it allows to understand we are not alone to live this, and to get to a result superior to the sum of us (third mind : law of non-additivity)


Non-aristotelian functions and use of writing :

Starting from Korzybski's, Burroughs’ and Gysin’s data, we can use writing not only in a literary aim, but also according to its non-aristotelian function of time-binding (writing binds the writer and the readers through space-time) and its magic function (writing used to make things happen (Brion Gysin : "Magic is about making it happen") : the writer writes a scenario which becomes possible for the readers to apply it if they decide it; this also fits to the traditional function of art).

It comes out from this first year experiment that we are aware of Burroughsian concepts and immediately understand each other when we talk about them and use them. So this source of knowledge is immediately accessible to us, and allows us to make common experiments since the beginning of the group (dreamachine, dreams, Third Mind, etc…). But the domains in question here are not understandable on the base of the Euclidian nor Newtonian paradigms : they required quantic physics for Burroughs could experiment them, get an idea of what‘s going on, and then give of his experiments an understandable map, allowing to see the facts under another angle.

As a result, we got de facto a kind of monopoly of knowledge in those domains, as handling them requires to get the data and experiment them by oneself, which takes some years if we want to test the most of Burroughs’ assertions. Hence, we have to find a way to function which allows us to use those specificities of our group.


Structure of Interzone :

Structure of human organism (cft. the French biologist Henri Laborit's discoveries) and consequences on the structure of human organization and societies : how to put up a group structure (Interzone) similar to the structure of human organismè respect of oneself and the others, complementarity, inter-disciplinarity, informational openness. The similarity of structure allows to put up harmonious group relationships , answering the needs of our organism, and to avoid the ones due to power relationships (hierarchic structures). It seems we have spontaneously adopted it without necessarily being aware of it, and the results we got allow to evaluate its efficiency.

Here are the main points at the moment. Any other info, direction, angle, etc…, welcome (


As a holiday home-work (he he he) you can see what you think and want do in all this.

You can keep on sending E-mails , I don't move at the moment and will tell you if I do. I will send the next report on the 21th as usual.

Thanks for your work, participation, mails, cheerings, etc

Have great fun and take care.



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