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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 400 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developed here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone


  Paul O'Donovan: "On Shakey Ground We Stand"


Hi all,

Next month: tenth anniversary of Interzone :

On August 2nd 2007 Interzone will be ten years old ! I invite all Interzone members who have been part of the adventure to a virtual meeting: there is a chat room at the bottom of the front page of the Western Lands . You can also join me on Skipe at and on Yahoo Messenger as baudron_isabelle .

"live in London" 1982 BRION GYSIN with Ramuntcho Matta

Sub Rosa is publishing a new CDR, " live in London 1982" BRION GYSIN with Ramuntcho Matta . Here is below the article Serge Grundberg wrote about it:

"Autumn 1982, Brixton, London,

Brion Gysin, the eternal accomplice of William Burroughs, renews the methods of performance by reciting texts, hastily brought together:

Tessa, a member of Slits, Steve, of Rip, Rig and Panic, Gile, of Penguin Café Orchestra,and Ramuntcho Matta on guitar. Ramuntcho, in the style of Brion, called this session WHITE FUNK.

Most of the texts were written upon meeting Burroughs, at the time of the invention of the cut-up. The influence that Brion Gysin has had on contemporary music may never be taken fully into account, particularly when he introduced Brian Jones, of the Rolling Stones, to the shepard's music of Joujouka. Those times were still audacious: the music was created during the sound-checks ! Musically, the choice of traditional instruments expresses the desire to be free of machines (because, as Burroughs says, 'We ourselves are machines.').

This recording is evidence of the extraordinary creativity and spontaneity of the musical and artistic scene at that time. It hasn't aged a bit. Beyond the nostalgia inspired by the invocation of that bygone cultural scene, there is a call for a creativity of which it is difficult to find examples today.
" Serge Grünberg

Boa vista Atlantique Odyssée: on the way to La Rochelle

The sea adventurers have left the Azores at the beginning of the week and it will take around ten days to the Boa Vista to reach La Rochelle. You can read in their site the account of the different parts of their trip, 3 and a half month long. I shall go and welcome them and shall film the arrival

Vasha: Account of his trip:

Vasha Dadaja has written an article on his trip from Lithuania to Morocco : "my magickal trip " in his blog . You can listen to some of his music with his group SALA in their page in My Space at SALA

Joe Ambrose on the Ryan Tubridy show:

Joe was on the on the ryan tubridy show on wedesday 20th at 9am, irish time. The podcasts of the show are at

General semantics and non-Aristotelian economy:

I have been meeting Michel Icks in Paris, who is involved in research about economy on general semantics and we plan to collaborate in future on the subject.


Shocker TV update

"here is some update on shocker_tv (formaly known to some people as foe4foe presents dub subroza)

my latest hardcore acid folk album is available through several different distributors.

"serial folk collection" now available @ a couple of online stores
: rhapsody online :
eMusic :

i am also planning to give out limited copies of vinyl edition - the folks who are interested should contact me on myspace: " Foe

Video of the Master Musicians of Joujouka building their Guest House:

You can see two videos of The Master Musicians of Joujouka building a new guest house : at and

For priority on advance information email:

The Whirling Dervish on CNN: The video of The Whirling Dervish ' interview on CNN can be seen at and on the front page of Interzone News at

The dates of the concerts to come are :

July 05 2007, 9 pm at the Relax Bar, 5511 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, 90027

July 11 2007, Alex's Bar *Free Show*, 7 pm, 2913 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach, 90804

July 12th, 19th and 26th 2007 at the Relax Bar, 9 pm

Kenji Siratori "Chromosome Murder" CDR Another new CDR by Kenji Label: Scarbox Records Catalog number: SBX002
myspace price: US$7.00 (plus postage: US$3.00) UK: 5.10 pond (with postage) Euro: 7.60 euro (with postage)
We accept Paypal. Paypal id:

Optical Sound Newsletter:

June More Events Details in Interzone news


Paul O'Donovan :

New illustrations : "Jack Kerouac", "The Tonto Woman ~ further travels ", " "Chavez Shangri - La Terrace ~Not fade away " & "Ship of the Fools ~part 2" at and " On Shakey Ground We Stand" at

Liliane Caumont:

Liliane is a sculpter an painter I have met in Paris. She has a site with several galleries exposing her art.


Howl 50th anniversary :

Paul O'Donovan sent me an article from the Guardian about Howl 50th anniversary : you can read it in the blog of Interzone News


The Wmmvrrvrrmm Place!

Dominic has put on line in his site a number of poems; paintings, etc.:

"My online sketchbook and two poems "
"here's my online sketchbook, some of the work there is directly inspired by William Burroughs, you might notice pictures of mugwumps based on the descriptions from Burrough's novels popping up from time to time, although a lot of my work is brought about my pursuit of the surrealist tradition and acknowledgment of some sort of spirit world, otherdimensional phenomena and shamanistic ideas and these days my interest is going into cinematic storyboarding. I haven't updated my drawings in a few months but I'm still gathering my most recent work into something vageul coherent and here are two poems that were directly written using the cut-ups and fold-in technique
I think that the rest of the poems in my collection that I wrote did incorporate some aspects of the technique but I don't recall that much at present. But I hope that they can be appreciated anyway.
Best wishes." Dominic.

Virus and spams senders:

Since recently (May), I have received a number of fake mails, spams, etc. from senders usurpating my identity. I have consulted my server interpc about them and sent them some samples. This had already hapenned last year, and I had put on line the detail and source of the spams. I do not know if there was a relation of cause and effect, but the sending of the spams sent with my emails stopped. As a result, I am starting those pages again: ,,,

New pages on line:

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Paul O'Donovan's new illustrations : "Jack Kerouac", "The Tonto Woman ~ further travels ", " "Chavez Shangri - La Terrace ~Not fade away " & "Ship of the Fools ~part 2" at and " On Shakey Ground We Stand" at

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" live in London 1982" BRION GYSIN with Ramuntcho Matta .

Boa vista Atlantique Odyssée: on the way to La Rochelle

Vasha Dadaja "my magickal trip "

Joe Ambrose on the ryan tubridy show podcasts

Shocker TV update : rhapsody online :
eMusic :

Video of the Master Musicians of Joujouka building their Guest House: and

The Whirling Dervish on CNN:

Kenji Siratori "Chromosome Murder" CDR

Optical Sound Newsletter: Details in Interzone news

Liliane Caumont's galleries:

Howl 50th anniversary :

The Wmmvrrvrrmm Place! ,


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Wishing you a better summer than the French rainy one we are having here.


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