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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 400 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developed here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone



 Paul O'Donovan's gallery at Webshots : "Beauty Door"

Hi all,

Interzone : ten years after:

On August 2nd 2007 Interzone will be ten years old ! For people who joined later on, here are how things went on :

I heard about Burroughs' death on August 2nd 1997 on TV in the evening news, at the end of the program. I had met him in the Bunker, in New York, in March 1981, and had kept in touch with him then, and with Victor Bockris, through the translation of his book "With William Burroughs - A Report on the Bunker" " (Avec William Burroughs - Notre Agent au Bunker", Collection l'Infini, Editions Denoël, 1985) (see the article "The Time of the Naguals" about the different meetings and associate events). I had a correspondance with Burroughs writing my book "Des systèmes de Contrôle", as I was studying their structure in vivo and analyzing it through the lightning of general semantics. Burroughs was at the origin of the concept of control systems, on which Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze wrote about then. He had also written quite a lot about death, had studied the different maps of it through different cultures ("The Job", "Ah Pook is Here", "The Western Lands", ' My Education", etc.), and had drawn in his book a map of the territories.

When I heard about Burroughs death, I had the feeling that he was not dead at all, still alive, very alive, but free from the limitations of his physical body, and satisfied with his new conditions of life.

I sent a letter to Liberation to propose them some original articles and interviews, but they answered they already had their 3 pages ready and were not interested.

I had got connected to the net two months before and was a newbie . I looked for web pages on Burroughs in search engines, and found a memorial, "the William Burroughs' files " in which readers were reacting to Burroughs' disappearance. The following night, I had a dream about me sending many mails, in company of a friendly adviser, and first did not see to which event this dream might refer to.

I wanted to get in touch with other Burroughs' readers who had experimented some of his inventions, as I had done from my side. I was making research since some years and was interested in confronting my results with the ones of other people. One evening, reading the comments of the day which had arrived in the Memorial, the idea came to me to get in touch with their authors.

I consulted I Ching about this idea, and the answer I got was that this could lead to a valuable human adventure, which would not happen if I did not do it. So on August 10th, I proposed them to send them for free plans of a dreamachine I had drawn in 1981. This dreamachine was working with 5 different rythhms inside the alpha band, which allowed to get different effects and results. I had shown those plans to Brion Gysin who had encouraged me to spread them.

So I was expecting to find about 10 people in the whole who might have been interested. I received more than 300 answers in a week, most of them quite enthousiastic. I sent the plans in mails in return, and people sent me back what they were doing from their side around Burroughs and Gysin.

Suddenly, I received writings, musics, paintings, etc. , coming from people from all over the world, who were doing their own experiments alone, thinking they were the only ones in the world to make it. As a result I spread the info and with the help of Foe who tought me step by step to make a site, I made one and put on line what I was receiving.

People were struck to see the common result, which was unexpected, and unforeseen, as all this was consecutive to Burroughs' death and our respective reactions to it. So we decided to get organized in a Burroughsian group, voted for a name, which ended to be "Interzone", and the adventure has been going on since. If most of the members are from US, some people come from many parts of the world. So this allowed us to share our points of view through the lightening of different cultures, and see them as complementary.

The fact is that a gathering of Burroughs' readers implied people who had common references and concepts, a common frame, which was a base of common agreement. The results of this mixed creativity at different levels happening spontaneously, without any imposed frame, are much beyond the expectations we might have had when we decided to create a group. It can be seen as a laboratory of experiment of Burroughs' and Gysin's domains of research in the physical world.

A part of it is on line in the catalogue of Interzone Creations, which I have updated at I am printing a paper versions as well. There is one in pdf, but it's too big to upload in a site (2,52 Mo).

You can read the accounts of activities which went on in Interzone during those 10 years in the monthly previous reports since September 97 in Information on Interzone

I invite all Interzone members who have been part of the adventure to a virtual meeting from August 2nd to 10th. There is a chat room at the bottom of the front page of the Western Lands . You can also join me on Skipe at and on Yahoo Messenger as baudron_isabelle .

For list exchanges, we can go to the Interzone Coffee House at .

Boa vista Atlantique Odyssée: La Rochelle

The Boa Vista arrived in La Rochelle on July 5th, sooner than foreseen due to the strong winds: see the photos by your reporter at The team was pleased to come back home, after 3 months on the sea through the Atlantique Ocean, and is presently resting.

I have put some pictures in a gallery at , and You can get to the whole gallery in their site at . Wonderful photos !

Vasha: on the way back :

Vasha Dadaja 's trip is ending: he left Morocco one week ago and went to Portugal and through Spain. See in his blog "my magickal trip " at . He is here at the moment on his way back to Lituania.

So Interzone events are not only happening in the virtual world of the net, they also happen in the physical world.


Shocker TV: itune noisecore madness :

finally, serial folk collection is available through itune stores...
click here if you already have itune :

download itune :

this is an international distribution so if you live outside of the united states, go to itune store of your country and search for shocker_tv

Master Musicians of Joujouka: Guest House, festival, video on youtube, Mohammed Hamri paintings and new song:

* Master Musicians of Joujouka Guest House Now Open For Bookings

The new guest house is now finished and open for bookings. The musicians can house individuals and groups. For further info and rates email .

Other news last weekends performences in Chefchaouen and Ksar El Kebir were "amazing" according to locals. Some clips on youtube this coming week.

Four day festival in Joujouka/Jajouka/Zahjouka 1-4 Aug

* 6th Festival Sidi Ahmed Schiech De Joujouka

From 1-4 Aug 2007 the 6th annual festival will take place in Joujouka. The Master Musicians of Joujouka will perform daily. Writers, artists, local officials and members of local cooperatives etc will discuss culture, writing, art and the preservation of mountain life in the unique setting of the Joujouka village. The Master Musicians of Joujouka have supported this festival since it began and perform each day.

They welcome the local initiatives which give employment to local women engaged in local crafts which the festival promotes. The festival seeks to highlight the native traditional crafts and art forms in the Ahl Srif Djebel. At the centre of each days events are the performances of The Master Musicians of Joujouka.

All Welcome. Accommodation limited in Joujouka but available in Ksar El Kebir and Larache.

The Master Musicians new guest house will be officially opened during this years festival!!!

* More Master Musicians of Joujouka home videos on youtube

there are more home videos of Master Musicians of Joujouka performing and relaxing last weekend in Ksar El Kebir at an Ahl Srif tribal members event.
copy the urls into your browers as tech difficulties are making the links impossible to insert here for now

don't forget cds and dvds available on the Master Musicians of Joujouka official site . All proceeds go directly to the individual musicians.
the musicians send their best wishes and blessings to all their myspace friends.

* Mohamed Hamri painting
Our new icon image is by Hamri the Painter of Morocco who brought Brian Jones, Brion Gysin, Willaim Burroughs, Ornettte Coleman etc to his native village to hear his family the Master Musicians of Joujouka play. It was painted in 1955 when Hamri was still running then 1001 Nights resturant in Tangier with Brion Gysin. Willaim Burroughs said of Hamri's paintings "The Djinnoun spirits of Morocco ripple and frolic throughs Hamri's paintings".



* New song on our page

New song Mali Mal Hal M'Halmz which means Everyone is together. The track is from our latest CD "Boujeloud" availabaile from

The Whirling Dervish concerts:

July 05 2007, 9 pm at the Relax Bar, 5511 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, 90027

July 11 2007, Alex's Bar *Free Show*, 7 pm, 2913 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach, 90804

July 12th, 19th and 26th 2007 at the Relax Bar, 9 pm

* Whirling Dervish: Our new E.P., Caveat Emptor, now available online

Our new E.P., CAVEAT EMPTOR, is now available online

If you don't have it yet, pick it up by clicking here:

Also, thanks to everyone who made it out last night to the Relax Bar show. Definitely my favorite show we've played there yet. July has been a very fun month for us thus far, and so much of that is because of everyone that's made it out to our shows. We thank you so much and love you to pieces. We still have two more shows for our residency (see flyer below). Hope to see you there.

-xian, justin, william

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June More Events Details in Interzone news


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Liliane is a sculpter an painter I have met in Paris. She has a site with several galleries exposing her art. See also at the gallery Graal

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Howl 50th anniversary :

Paul O'Donovan sent me an article from the Guardian about Howl 50th anniversary : you can read it in the blog of Interzone News

Sly Stone by Joe Ambrose :

This text is available in My Space in the blog of Chelsea Hotel Manhattan at :

CHELSEA HOTEL MANHATTAN Extreme living in New York’s Chelsea Hotel by Joe Ambrose

List price £10.99 | NOT YET PUBLISHED | 192pp | Pop Culture

Extreme living in New York’s Chelsea Hotel, from the Beats through Punk, and on into the present day.

Joe Ambrose stayed at the Chelsea Hotel, home to many famous authors, artists and outlaws down the years. Andy Warhol shot Chelsea Girls there and welsh poet Dylan Thomas died there, having reputedly inspired the young Zimmerman to change his name to Bob Dylan.

Chelsea Hotel Manhattan is the first factual book on the building and features conversations with William Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Gerard Malanga, Herbert Huncke, Victor Bockris and others.

 Libros Libertad publishes The Qliphoth by Paul A Green:

1 July 2007: for immediate release:
ISBN 978-0-9781865-0-0
Paperback 6 x 9 inches 321 pages

"Whether or not the Qliphothic Forces exist, the Universe behaves as if they do..."

LIBROS LIBERTAD, Canada's most independent press, presents the UK edition of Paul A. Green's cult novel THE QLIPHOTH. This startling fusion of occultural fantasy and speculative fiction evokes a subversive transmutation of daily life, in which Qabalistic magick elides with quantum physics to create a fissile reality- a voyage into dangerous zones…

The Qliphoth can be purchased on-line at: via Paypal, or ordered from most bookshops.

Trade enquiries via Gardners Books 01323 512555 Author contact:

Libros Libertad Publishing Ltd PO Box 45089, 12851 16th Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada V4A 9L1, 001-604-838-8796


Silent footage of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr In NYC 1959

Silent footage of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, and others in New York, Summer 1959. The location is in and around the Harmony Bar & Restaurant at E 9th St. and 3rd Ave. Others seen are Mary Frank (wife of film-maker Robert Frank) and children Pablo and Andrea, as well as Lucien's wife Francesca Carr and their three sons, Simon, Caleb and Ethan. Does anyone recognise any of the others?

Lucas J. Pickford


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CHELSEA HOTEL MANHATTAN Extreme living in New York’s Chelsea Hotel by Joe Ambrose  

Libros Libertad publishes The Qliphoth by Paul A Green:

Silent footage of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr In NYC 1959

Animations in video by Daniel Gualda :

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All the best for your holidays if you take some.

Let's ride on for the second decade !


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