Interzone report of June 27st 2002

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Hi all,

Just coming back from a week in France, so you get this report with a delay. I am going to have to move in the next months, and foresee to go back to France. I am going to rent a house there for one year, with a room for the Zone's products (dreamachine and Zone productions) accessible to the public, while looking for a place to buy next year, which would fit our aims. For the money, I have different possibilities which I am considering at the moment, and may keep one foot in Belgium anyway.

At the moment, here is the summing up of the activities of the month and the new directions foreseen:

 Interzone Editions: books on CD:

Concerning the French CD "Le Temps des Naguals", the word files it contains are accessible for users of PC. I am going to convert the files in a format accessible to Mac users as well.

The English CD " The Time of the Naguals " remains to be completed as, though it already is huge, it only contents the texts before 2000. This requires more time than I have presently got really.

CD Music for Dreamachine:

There are few CD left of the compilation Music for Dreamachine published by Pierre Belouin through his label Optical Sound. If you want to get one, you can ask Pierre at : Optical Sound & Aspic Records <> c/o Pierre Belouin

Real estate:

Some opportunities appear in the domain of a place for the Zone : so I am making a page to gather them. See at:

Meetings in Ruigoord and Amsterdam:

I am still in touch with Ruigoord community, and am going to meet Hans lomp and Grazyna for an interview in jully. I shall give the community a dreamachine as well, at least one can be used there, and Ruigoord is a perfect place for it.

They make a festival in August : see at : . Rasta Robert will be there, as well as Patrice and me. You are welcome to join.

At the same time, Brian Kern, who works with Rod Pitman, is coming in Amsterdam :

Dear Isabelle,

I have been working with Rod Pitman on the development Telepresence Network/William in the Western Lands project and will be landing in Amsterdam next week. I'll be working with a Jim Morrison peice Rod and I wrote together. Rod mentioned that you may know of some resources that would help me immeasureably. A Beat Hotel scenario is what I am looking for. Would love to talk to you whenever you have time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 We are going to meet soon. If any of you wants to propose anything to Brian, he is welcome to join him at : <>

Making a magazine ?

I am in touch with some free-lance journalists who want to make a magazine, and may be involved in the project if it comes out to be serious. In this frame the Zone would be a great group of correspondents, in case you want to be part of it. At the same time , it would be a perfect support as a media for the Zone. If anybody is interested by this, as a journalist, photographer, etc., illustrator, etc., thanks for letting me know, you are welcome. Actually, this might be a common enterprise to live on as a group. See what you think.

Teaching on line:

I am preparing a site on general semantics teaching on line, with video and chat allowing exchanges in direct time.

Zone's sites :

 In the other Zoners' sites :

Yahoo clubs :

Zoners' yahoo clubs are accessible in the page Information on Interzone, Zone's rubrics, reports, news and clubs The Interzone Coffee House now is at

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The news since the report of may are on line at :  News of May and June: &

All the best to you. Have great holidays.


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