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Hi all,

 This month has been busy and positive : it started by a trip to Paris, where I was invited on April 30 to the theater play "Interzone ou le Monde de William Burroughs" by Laurent Frechuret performed by the company of the theatre de l'Incendie at the Théâtre de la Cité internationale. It started by an interview of Gerard Georges Lemaire, one of Burroughs' French translator working for Christian Bourgois, main publisher of Burroughs in France at the FNAC Montparnasse.

I met Laurent Frechuret, who was in the Zone list as he asked me two years ago to use my Burroughs' pics for the poster of the play. He has included a dreamachine in the show, the plans of which he found in the Western Lands. :)

Vasha had come as well , by hitch hiking and arrived just before the show. Christine Morquin, who had invited me, drove us there by tube. The part was really good actually, cut-ups of Naked Lunch and Burroughs' characters. The actors were perfect : Dr Benway performed an operation with a nurse who could not have been played by a better actress. She was THE Nurse (see "Naked Lunch" "Interzone"). Same for the man who taught his asshole to talk ("Naked Lunch", "ORDINARY MEN AND WOMEN").

Then we went to Antoine's flat who invited us for a debate on may the 1st on the end of work (see the news of April at : and had offered to host Zoners for the circumstance for a debate on the end of work: (see below at the paragraph Economy).

The next day was the big demonstration in Paris, though we stayed away from it, and Antoine took us for a walk on the banks of the Seine.

Interzone Editions: books on CD:

 Back in Belgium I have started to gather our books on CD : I started by the Taxidermiste, which was foreseen since a long time, and as there is a lot of space left, I added all the books in French, included two tomes of Le Temps des Naguals. As a result, the CD contains 10 books, a whole collection: see the contents at CD . The title is "Le Temps des Naguals" CD1 collection:"Come to Free the Words".

The CD 2 in English : The Time of the Naguals is being prepaired : it's so big that the CD is the only way to present it : printing 1 issue of the several tomes would take ages.

Interzone books on e-books :

Parallelly, some Zoners have been working at e-books for their own writings and books: Sune is proposing:

 mubodilefa81374 To: Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2002 12:13 AM Subject: [THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE] ebooks

He has been making a new group for it : .

The e-books can be added to the CD.

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All the best.


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