Interzone report of February 21st 2002

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Hi all,

Here is the account of the activity of this month which has been busy here.

 The Baraka Festival of Jajouka:

Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka invite you to be a guest at the beginning of a new Jajoukan tradition - The Baraka Festival of Jajouka. The festival will take place in Jajouka Friday April 26th & Saturday the 27th. For more informations about the festival, see in the News page of this month at

 Burroughs' video on line :

Richard Sales is hosting Rod Pitman's and Wayne Propst videos of Bill Burroughs at . See also at : . This is footage from william burroughs last year of his life - shot in his home on a sort of 'web cam'. You can view them with Windows media player . See Rod's text about it at :

 Place for the Zone :

 Vasha from Lithuania has arrived to Belgium . His musician friend whom he makes the group Sala with is going to come on saturday. We are seeing what we can do together for the Zone's projects. Vasha and I have been meeting on a rainy day last week in Gent and we could chat several hours in a bar. :)

 Patrice Riemens is coming back from India , Goa, and say that the place has become much more livable than some years ago and is nice actually. A number of you had mentionned it as a possible country. Not having exact news about the present situation there, I was uncertain about it. But Patrice's info is encouraging, and we are probably going to meet to talk about it.

 Actually the idea of making an association has not had much success. It comes out that it does not fit the Zone's spirit , so we forget about it.

 From my side I am probably going to France for some days soon, and see what is possible there.

 Music :

 J & A 's muzik is online at: we hope interzoners can enjoy our sounds...

 binda23 new kitchen poets songs online

 Literature :

 Littlemute's daily chronic: and writings.

Littlemute is writing a daily chronic in : Have a look at it, . He also put some writings on line at :

  Philip Beitchman has sent his book : "The View from Nowhere", essays in literature, mysticism and philosophy, published by University Press of America. Actually Philip is a published writer, and the list of his books is impressive. He is presently checking the English translation of the Taxidermiste.

 I am printing 20 new issues of Le Taxidermiste for a festival in April. Some modifications have been made to the cover, front and back. See at : and One the translation is ready, José will change the text on the comix and we can have it put on CD and published in US.

  Intezone Editions :

Following Jose Atimiras' suggestion, the books are going to be printed under the label Interzonee Editions, rather than Interzone Creations, which is more global .

 "Douze Perles Noires" : more short stories:

Adam Possamai has been sending more new short stories from "Douze Perles Noires" : see in Interzone Library : Alice au Pays des Sèches , Antarctique , Lilith ,and the first publishing of the short stories in this book at : Première parution des nouvelles rassemblées dans le présent recueil

 Argentina's zine:

Martin Sin Illusiones from Argentina is one of the editors of a small fanzine HUECOCIELO he is making with Cosmodelia, a Spanish Zoner. The zine contains information on rock, stoner and domm, local bands and of other countries, articles on sacred plants and some personalities . They are interested as well to publish texts on economy. If you want to collaborate , write to: Martin Sin ilusiones If you can't send some stuff in spanish do it in your own language, Martin will be able to translate, no problem with images or collages ;-)

 Zone's sites :

   New pages :

Le Taxidermiste: and

Rod Pitman: Wayne Propst in association with Rod Pitman Presents William S. Burroughs in WILD BILL'S CAT CAM LIVE FROM THE WESTERNLANDS via

 Adam Possamai Alice au Pays des Sèches :, Antarctique , Lilith ,and the first publishing of the short stories in this book at : Première parution des nouvelles rassemblées dans le présent recueil

News of February :

  In the other Zoners' sites :

 littlemute < : Daily chronic at : A couple of writings at :

 Richard Sales <> footage from william burroughs last year of his life - shot in his home on a sort of 'web cam'. &

 Pierre Belouin's site Apo 33 has moved to and His other site, Optical Sound has a number of new pages and rubrics : see at :

 michel : New e-books at the éditions de l'Eclat :

 noëlle pujol <> Under deconstruction / En déconstruction. Ludovic Burel & Noëlle Pujol
Exposition du 14 janvier au 8 février 2002- Un programme du Collège invisible -

 J & A muzik now our muzik is online at:

 binda23 new kitchen poets songs online

 Teleferique <> presents "Gammes 2002" produced for within the framework of Grégoire Maisonneuve's command.

 Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka The Baraka Festival of

 Bernard BACOS <> Mylène ou la beauté du noir :

More details on those URL in the pages &

 Yahoo clubs :

Zoners' yahoo clubs are beeing changed by Yahoo in groups : see at Information on Interzone, Zone's rubrics, reports, news and clubs: the clubs Burroughs Naked Lunch now is at and amb avant23garde ink at It seems that sometimes photos which were in the clubs are missing in the group, so if your club has not been changed yet, better save the photos before.

This report now is on line at; the French version will be on line in some days at

The news since the report of December are on line at : &

All the best to you.


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