Interzone report of January 21st 2002

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This report will be in French in some days at

Hi all,

No virus trouble this month, which has been much cooler and productive (in case of problems, you can get free anti-virus on line at & ).

Some general news :

On Brion Gysin :

Brion Gysin sound poetry is available at :

See the following pages dedicated to him : in Brian L. Keeley 's site and in .

 On Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg, see the site L'Interdit, which publishes quite interesting pages, among them a letter from Peter Orlowski to Ginsberg.

 Bob Dylan will be touring Europe in April and May. Confirmed tour dates are now listed at The shows in the UK go on sale tomorrow, 11 January. Links are provided for online sales through Ticketmaster.

 On Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg, see the site L'Interdit, which publishes quite interesting pages, among them a letter from Peter Orlowski to Ginsberg.

 " Le Monde diplomatique " is available in English at

 Literature :

 You can find the retranscription of a recorded interview of Ramuntcho Matta on France Culture (2000) on his work with Brion Gysin and his relations and reflexions on the Beat generation at .

 François Darnaudet has a new book bublished by the editions of the Seuil : "Boris au pays vermeil". It's a thriller taking place in the south of France, Perpignan, where he lives. See his book "Sud Express", which has been published since at the Editions de l'Agly, at

 Adam Possamai has been sending new short stories from "Douze Perles Noires" : see in Interzone Library : Echo, A boire! , Tabula Rasa and J'ai couché avec la mort.

As a result, my readings this month have been provided by the Zone, and I have had much more fun than with a "best seller" I bought previously. A big thanks to them for this. :)))

Five more issues of Le Taxidermiste have been printed, and the English translation has been sent to Philip Beitchman, who is going to correct it.

 Translater on line and books available in English version :

In Interzone Library I am adding a translater on line in the French books, so the English speaking members can understand them. At the moment I am translating the pages and gathering them in zips, so the books are going to be available in English. Though it's an automatic translation which sometime is not accurate, but after trying several, this one gave the best results I could find, some others hardly made sense. Here some sentences are really well translated, and at least, it gives an idea of the contents. As far as details and clarifications are concerned, you can ask . :)

As a result, the books "On control systems" and "Project for a New World" are available in zip, in html files. You can ask for them at and I shall send them to you through email.

 Sub Rosa :

I have been sending a number of books and CD to Guy-Marc Hinant , , who joined me last month saying he publishes Burroughs, Gysin and Beat authors and he is interested in seeing what we are doing. In case his answer would be positive, I'd send him as well the personal CD you have been sending to me, but I want to make personal copies of them before.

 Online Dreamachine in Coolcat's site Burroughs' tape recorder :

See the rubrics : Online Dreamachine , Download a Dreamachine & Dreamachine Plans made with a fan.

 Place for the Zone :

In the rubric : "New economy" I have been considering where we now are with the distance of two years since the latest articles put on line there, and writing down proposals for the project of a place, so we can see a bit clearer where we are going: have a look at IV Nouvelle économie (janvier 2002): A Bilan des deux années écoulées et B Proposition d'une structure communautaire à l'échelle d'Interzone (in English soon, but you already can use the translater in the page) . We apparently agree on the contents to give it : the place must offer space to live in, space to work, and space openned to the public. On line at

Concerning the opportunities, some English friends are selling their house in France, in a village near Poitiers; the place contains two independant houses and several barns, with an hectare of lands and woods around . The place can presently welcome 5 people, more in summer. Now after looking on the web what's available in agencies, there are a lot of houses for sale, the most of them are not in agencies. So it might be worth having a look. Now such a house is ok for a small comunity, but small for a larger group. Though some friends who live nearby can provide space for a shop and public place, in a mill which already welcomes visitors.

Christine and Jose Altimiras say that they would be ok for buying a place, making an association and doing a large subscription in the Zone : if 100 people give 700 $, we can buy a place worth 70 000 $.

The other solution is to rent : at the start we can share the rent between the people who live there and the people who get a benefit from the creation selling. Then the rent should be paid by the benefits of the place.

As far as people are involved, the place can start to function right now with a small group (4 persons). But once started, more people will probably come then.

  On line academy ?

I am thinking about making an online academy with a web cam system, so we could start to give on line courses in the frame of Interzone Academy, and record them on CD. Some French Zoners, Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin had made a monthly web cam program two years ago, with direct chat. It was real fun then. Let me know in case you want to get involved in this.

 Zone's sites :

 More pages have been remade :

The English verson of "The Time of the Naguals": is on line in Interzone Academy, and the page of the same name has been changed : see at

The index page of Interzone Academy and the page of the menu Economy

Information on Interzone, Zone rubrics, reports , news and clubs : I am including there links on the cut-up machines in other Zoners' sites : Gary Leeming , Binda 23.

 New pages :

Interview of Ramuntcho Matta .

Adam Possamai's new short stories from "Douze Perles Noires" : Echo, A boire! , Tabula Rasa and J'ai couché avec la mort.

New economy: IV Nouvelle économie (janvier 2002): A Bilan des deux années écoulées et B Proposition d'une structure communautaire à l'échelle d'Interzone

News of January :

  In the other Zoners' sites :

In Anthony Rousseau's site<> Sampling Stories: . New video, multimedia, and extracts of the cut up CD of sound and video, Sampling Stories.

Martin Sin ilusiones <> Have a look at his rock band at

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J & A textos cuánticos [2001//2002] collaborations to:

michel Vous trouverez des extraits des livres parus à l'automne à partir de la page nouveautés (


Thanksgiving Prayer .%20-%20Thanksgiving%20Prayer.mp3

WSB, Throbbing Gristle, Brion Gysin

 Yahoo clubs :

You can join the Yahoo clubs from the page Information on Interzone, Zone's rubrics, reports, news and clubs where logos and themes have been added.

This report now is on line at ; the French version will be on line in some days at

The news since the report of December are on line at : &

All the best.


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