Interzone report of December 21st 2001

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Hi all,

This has been a hectic month, mainly due to problems of parasites on the net. As a result, I have lost a lot of time, and could not answer all your mails, nor could end this report. As the group has been quite active as usual and as we are taking some important directions, I want to give you an accurate account. So rather than sending a quick report, I send you the first part today, and the rest when finished.

1. Internet parasites:

 I received on November the 1st an advert for a porn site sent from my French email , which I have not sent and does not come from me; from the source code it appears it comes from, sent by; I asked my French server interpc who replied they cannot do anything. Vincent in Poitiers also received an mail from someone using his own email. After talking about it, we decided it might be a bad joke, but in case this would be used to send in our names offensive mails, virus, or other disagreeable things which would then be a pretext to bother us, we want to make clear from the start we would consider it as an usurpation of identity and will to harm, and would complain to the internet police. Anyway, if you get a mail from advertising for a porn site, it is a fake and does not come from me.

 On November 28th I received at my email, from a friend who had received it before, the virus W32 badtrans , which was sent to a number of people whose mails were in my reception box, including myself, immediately after receiving it. Not knowing exactly who had got it, I forwarded on the next day a mail of excuses to the people in my address book, with some info about the virus and URL to get rid of it. The strange thing was that some people first received the info, and then the mail with the virus, which had been sent one day before and thanked me for letting them know it was going to come. So I do not know what has happened here.

It took sometimes to eradicate it, but it's now done. As a result I have put a strategy against virus to prevent them to harm. Here are some tips which I now use :

- before receiving the mail , update the anti-virus and reboot the computer (which I had not done when the virus arrived, so Norton detected the virus only after rebooting).

You can get free anti-virus on line at &
- in Outlook Express : suppress the visuallization panel of the mails (View/Disposition/visualization panel) : the virus badtrans jumps in your computer as soon as the contents of the mail appears in the panel; you do not have to open the attachment for the virus to come in, so it cannot be deleted first. If the panel is closed, it cannot be downloaded and remains in the mail. So you can suppress the mail and completely delete it.

- empty the reception box : the virus is sent in a reply mail to all the unanswered mails of the reception box : if the box is empty, it cannot be sent.

- to prevent a virus to be sent to the people of your address book, Bernard Decarroux from my French sever Interpc advises to introduce at the top and bottom of the list of people two contacts with blank email addresses : the first with name starting by 0, and the last one starting by Z. When the virus gets to such contacts, it cannot be sent and remains blocked at the top of the list. So where ever it comes to the address book, top or bottom, it will remain stuck there and won't invade the rest. :))))

- When getting a mail with attachment, if you want to see the contents without opening it, click on Files/ Properties/Detail/ Source code : the contents of the mail and the whole info on it appear in a window. Then you can decide to delete it or not.

- One good care in prevention of a virus attack is to have a printed version of your address book. In case the hard drive is destroyed, then you still have your addresses and can join people through another computer.

The top would be to have 2 computers : a new one on which you have all the stuff except the mail, and a second cheap hand one to get the mail. So in case of destruction of the hard drive as it happens sometimes, you do not loose much.

 Consulting the chat page of interzone : , I tried the applet of the interzone chat in, not used since some times, to see if it was still working. I arrived to a window saying that my server did not allow links on this site. So I moved it to from where the chat was immediately accessible. I wrote about it to the people of my server who were not aware of it.

  During some days, I have been unable to load or delete pages in the Western Lands , as the access was denied in interpc. My server tried to do it and could not either, while not understanding what was going on. It turned out it was a Access Control List problem , and the problems disappeared when the people of interpc stopped the server and started it again.

 Bernard Decarroux sent some news about FBI and US custom arresting people in several countries in the world for using Warez sites, and advises not to go there, otherwise one may have the cops at home one day. See at


Place for the Zone : An association ? 

Some Zoners keep on asking about the physical place. Vasha in Lithuania wants to come and live in Europe, he is a musician, has been translating the Lithuanian version of the Last Words of Hasan Sabbah and he and his group have been making a performance with it and made a CD. He wants to be part of the academy and physical place and thinks one has to start it. So he proposes to come to Belgium in January and see with me how we can start it.

Ramuntcho Matta : also is interested. Ramuntcho is the son of the surrealist painter Matta; he is a musician, worked with Brion Gysin. Brion gave him his musical archives (see in the CD "Music for Dreamachine"). Ramuntcho also worked at the clinic of La Borde with the philosopher Félix Guattari .

Koulin Mah wants to come since a long time, Chaya plans to come to settle next year; Patrice Dantard also wants to get involved in the experiment, as well as a number of others. Some want to have a place to meet Zoners when they travel to Europe .

We have been considering the question since a long time now, and have been sharing about it.

As for me, here is the present situation : the work contract I had is ending on December 31st, and I am not renewing it. I have found another job in better conditions, but have not signed any contract yet, and have some times to do it. Let's say the end of December. As I am free from official obligation, so if you guys want to start something now, then we go.

 About the question of the status, whatever we shall decide about renting or buying something, we are acting as a group, so we must have a group status out of the association of fact that we presently are (without any registration). Otherwise the rent or whatever will be made by individuals, who will be the only entities involved at the financial level.

The easiest status and the one which fits the most to our activities and spirit would be an association. It's quick and cheap to make, and is lighter than a commercial status, while allowing to sell our creations.

Now the association would not involve the whole Zone, only the members involved in the physical place, and the other ones who would want to become members. The Zone by itself would remain free and the informal association of fact it already is.

It also allows to emphasize our aims and mind through the status, which we have to write down.

My worry about an association was that it's structure does not fit the structure of the Zone : for an association to be legally registered, one must have a president, a treasurer, and a secretary minimum, and maximum one assistant for each of them, which leads to 6 people.

Now the trouble with this, in a number of associations, is that the people at the top get disconnected from the bottom, get the monopoly of decisions without referring to the members. So the association looses its reason to be and acts as a parasite of the original group. It may as well lead to problems with the money : the treasurer invests the money of the association in a bank or whatever, and then it is not used for the aims of the group; the committee at the top decides of the use of the money without taking in consideration the real expectations and needs of the members, whom they are here for. So it comes to a parasitic hierarchic structure, closed at the informational level, leading to relations of dominance. This is bullshit and I do not want it.

As a result, to avoid this, we might write down status which allow us to go on with the same structure that we have had since the start

(- "A structure is the set of relations between the different elements of the set.

- "The structure of living organisms confers to them two basic characteristics which strictly depend the one on the other:

* they are opened systems, at thermodynamic and informational levels,

* they gather by levels of complexity" Henri Laborit).

I mean that I am just the coordinator and do not take decisions out of the group. The structure is opened, and we can get in touch the ones with the others through the clubs, or mail lists, etc... So it must remain as such.

 About the money for a place :

- we may ask some money for the membership, a small sum that everybody can pay (1 or 2 $ a year because people are broke; this allows as well richer people to give money as well). Now the membership won't be for the whole Zone, only for the members of the association who will choose to become members.

- the money earned by the activities of the association will pay the rent or buy or whatever.

For the money, we might have an accountant out of the group who would be the treasurer as well (so he gets involved in case of trouble and cannot rip us off), and would give clear and opened accounts to the whole group.

As a president, we might choose someone out of the group which would represent us symbolically, and whom we would agree about.

I might be the secretary and keep on doing the coordination work, as well as working in the association as well .

 For the sectors of activity, we have already defined them in the past (see the previous reports at and the catalogue in the menu in the same page), so I shall just name them here :

- selling the Zone creations: books, CD, video, paintings and illustrations, dreamachines, etc. : see the catalogue at in a cyber cafe with free ADSL internet connection and video : selling our own productions will allow not to pay copyrights.

- selling tea, chocolate and coffee,

- performances, concerts, expos of the Zoners: (when we had made a prevision of festival last year in Poitiers , it had come out from the program we had made that we were able to fulfil 10 days of performances of different styles animations).

- Academy (unit of teaching and research) : putting at peoples' disposal domains of knowledge generally spread by centers of personal development, for a reasonable price :for instance I give a course of general semantics to a group of ten people : everybody gives 10 $ for 3 hours; which allows to ean 50 $ for 3 hours work. We can also make direct courses on the net with web cam and record them on CD we can sell then.

About the creations, we now have enough products to start selling, it is all ours so we do not have to pay copyright to anybody to sell them, nor for the performances . Selling non alcoholic beverages would not require a special licence, and as for the equipment, it's possible to start with mine, which works and already is bought.

So not much means required.

 Now about the country to make it :

Due to the present international context , France does not seem to be the best place to make it. Belgium is better for the protection of private life, rights of the citizens and social protection (one does not see homeless people here when there are plenty in France), and the events from the outside have less consequences on people's life than in France it seems (less inquisitive measures).

France is more beautiful and sunny; but according to Mioclonic who lived here last year, and Vasha, weather is not a problem.

Jill is asking about the projects about something in the French countryside, and would rather buy something than renting, which is lost money, she says.

About buying, next year I shall have facilities from my bank to buy a place with low rate of interest, so we might start something in renting to see if our results fit to our expectations, and then if it works, buy a place.

The ideal would be a castle in the style of La Borde (see the photo gallery), or an abbey with some land around.

Feedbacks welcome.

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All the best for 2002, whishing us a happy year.


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