Interzone report of November 21st 2001

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Hi all,

This month has brought a number of new things :

 Zone's literature:

Interzone Library :

As the sites in interpc, geocities, and are packed, I have created a new one in Belgium to host the books in integral versions, Interzone Library So the books can be consulted more easily there, and it is more practical and convenient to propose them to publishers.

As a matter of facts, I intend to host there the different tomes of the Zone anthology, so you can access to the whole contents as well. But it will take time as the set is thick (9 tomes !!!!!!!!!)

If you have any book you want to host there, just let me know.

"Sud Express" :

"Sud Express" by François Darnaudet which is published in Interzone Library, has been published as well as a physical book at the Editions de l'Agly.

"Douze Perles Noires":

Adam Possamai's book , "Douze Perles Noires", a set of black short stories, is also going to be hosted in Interzone Library : see the first chapter at :

Sub Rosa :

I have received an email from a Belgian publisher, Guy-Marc Hinant , , who has been publishing recordings from Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Gérard Malanga, Paul Bowles, Ira Cohen, Antonin Artaud, etc. . So I am presenting our work to him .

Cut-ups :

 Anthony Rousseau 's Sampling stories : cut-up CD :

After some technical problems due to a full up hard drive, I could view the CD Anthony Rousseau sent, "Sampling stories". Just before he told me about it, one guy sent a mail to ask about eventual programs to make cut-ups with images, and I did not know any. Then the CD arrived, and this is just it : Anthony has made 8 series of video, each of them contains 26 different combinations, so you can make sound and films cut ups by jumping from one serie to the other, just typing numbers and letters. You can have a taste of it if you go to Anthony's site where one of the programs is on line. To get the CD, you can join Anthony at : .

A therapist, Francis C Biley, has sent files of cut-ups she made with recordings of patients' speach : see the result at : Francis C Biley : An experiment in accessing pandimensionality: The literary poetics and deconstruction techniques of William S Burroughs applied to the Science of Unitary Human Beings

You can find a cut-up machine in Gary Leeming's site, Grazulis, at :

New dreams page :

Vasha from Lithuania has been sending 2dreams, which you can read on the new dreams page at : Funnily enough, I have started again to write down mines since one month. Shall post them when I have interesting ones.

Marie R. Stutz <> dreamachine :

Marie has finished her dreamachine and sent some pics : you can have a look at them and at the info about the making at : .. Actually, it's a metalic dreamachine.

I have been contacted , through a cafe philo list I am a member of, by Theo Bondolfi, a guy whose job is to put up projects, and who proposed to become member of net he is part of, This net provides opportunities for free exchanges of knowledge, technics, etc., between young people all over the world. He provides web space , email, email list, etc., as well. The whole is sponsorized by the magazine Courrier International .Theo also is interested to work with us. So have a look at the site. You are welcome to join as well. This is new to me too and I have not explored the set of the opportunities,. More next month.

New pages in the sites :

In :

Interzone Library : which hosts the following books :

Le Carrefour des Impasses

Projet Académies

Adam Possamai: Douze Perles Noires

Le Temps des Naguals

Marie Stutz's dreamachine :

Dreams II:

Francis C Biley : An experiment in accessing pandimensionality: The literary poetics and deconstruction techniques of William S Burroughs applied to the Science of Unitary Human Beings

 The following pages have been remade :

Presentation of Interzone :

Roger Gentis:

 In the other Zoner's sites :

Edwin Johnston My new tabloid newspaper: Houston Radio Report :

Anthony Rouseau :

Agiriano's new site : .One request from him : For a work for my doctor degree I?/2?m investigating about memory in art, if anyones can sent information about artists working with memory it will be helfull.

 Teleferique <> : Netticker* by Dawn & Patit

Yahoo clubs :

* The Resistance Underground club For joining, ask

* Lazarusdreaming : The Flowers of Evil":

* "THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE" : . New photos in the galery.

* EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : William S. Burroughs Research Club

* "BINDA 23" < , dedicated to the music project.


* Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

* Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

* leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


* Chapel Perilous.

 The news since the report of September are on line at :


Hoping autumn is not too cold in your place : in Belgium it's been just fine untill now.


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