Interzone report of August 21st 2001

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Hi all,

August 2001 is the fourth birthday of Interzone. For the start of the group, see at the page :

See a Brion Gysin's biobraphy from Here to Go -Planet R 101 by Brion Gysin and Terry Wilson at

Gary and Tanya have finished their trip in Central and South America and are now back in Great Britain. See the accounts of their travels at :

This month has brought some new directions :

- In the Yahoo clubs, Grovetta's"Enfants Terribles ": and For nonconformist singles : do not exist anymore. Grovetta founded a new club : The Resistance Underground : The orientations of this one seem more political (not ideologic), oriented about control systems and other devices. :)

Zone zine :

In Spain, Miguel Alonso has been printing a Zone zine to present at a comix convention at A Coruña in August . We have been gathering articles, pics and comix. Deadpoet_uk sent a lot of articles and comix , on line at : & Miguel will put it on the net after the expo.

We had previously made projects about a Zine, but it required too much organization and work. Miguel has been realizing the first one.

The Taxidermist :

I have translated an English version of the Taxidermist, which is going to be corrected by Philip Beitchman. Ernest Unity has finished the music to add to the comix.

Dreamachine class :

Three people wrote to me on the same week to ask infos or help to make a dreamachine. I proposed that we work together for the exchange of info, what they agree with. As a result we are going to make a dreamachine class. In case some want to join, let me know. We are probably going to make it in the Interzone Coffee House, where a number of Zoners already have made dreamachines and can share their info as well.

Project of Academy in video:

This dreamachine class idea led to the one of making videos on dreamachine making, courses of general semantics, etc. If the ones among you involved in video are interested in this, let me know at : I got a place where it's possible to make it.

Littlemute's tee-shirts :

Littlemute is selling tee-shirts at : . His site at contains a lot of news, infos, pics.


Deadpoet_uk: BANDS & TRAGIKKKOMIX > downloadable muzix:

Three new songs of Miguel Alonso on line at :
just click "electronica mgm".

Binda 23 acoustic music url has changed

Zone litterature:

Morgan Landuré : 7 chapters of Tabula Rasa are on line at :

Illustrations :

See Roland Hamon's galleries at :

New pages in the sites :

In :

Brion Gysin's biobraphy from Here to Go -Planet R 101 by Brion Gysin and Terry Wilson

Morgan Landuré : Tabula Rasa

Roland Hamon's galleries :

Dalton Vrij's : new version of Seattle Spoon at :

Rod Pitman: A Foreword to Kohel Haver_s COPYRIGHT and MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION

On line at

Some pages have been modified :

The Time of the Naguals :

Juniel's page has had new photos added at

The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah :

Dalton Vrij's Seattle Spoon has been modified at :

 In the other Zoner's sites :

- Binda 23 acoustic music url has changed

- Littlemute 

Yahoo clubs :

* The Resistance Underground : The orientations of this one seem more political

* Lazarusdreaming : The Flowers of Evil":


* EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : William S. Burroughs Research Club

* "BINDA 23" < , dedicated to the music project.


* Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

* Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

* leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


* Chapel Perilous.


The news since the report of Jully are on line at : &

This report will be on the web at and in French at



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