Interzone report of September 2001

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ANA COSMODELIA: "Tantric Mushroom"

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Hi all,

Sorry for being late in this report sending : what a month !!!!! Another car bumped into mine on the 1st as I was working, visiting patients. As a result my car was dead and I could not work anymore, had to find another job. At the same time I have problems with the ADSL connection and the "fatal errors" related to it which make it hard to get connected a long time : so when you get this mail, it might take sometimes to put the pages on line. The whole mixed with the news is really too much !

Now things are now fixed for the most, except the connections problems. So here are the news of this month, which has been nevertheless very active from the Zone's side :

First I hope you are all well and have not suffer from the recent events in US. The two Zoners living in New York are ok.

The Zone zine :

Miguel Alonso in Spain has printed 50 issues of the first Zone zine to present at a comix convention at A Coruña in August . We have been gathering articles, pics and comix. Deadpoet_uk sent a lot of articles and comix , on line at : & Miguel is going to put it on the net and sent the cover to the Interzone Coffee House : : see in the galery.

Catalogue :

The catalogue of our productions is finished and printed. I am starting to spread it. You can see the first pages on line at: .

Zone's literature:

a) The Taxidermist : :I have finished the English translation, and Philippe Beitchman in US is going to check it. Then we can print it on a CD.

b) A new novel ,"Les Dieux de Cluny" by François Darnaudet, following "Le Fantôme d'Orsay", is ready.

c) The Crossroads of Dead Ends (translation of Le Carrefour des Impasses) : some chapters translated in English at :

- Introduction:

- Mr Lambkin :

- Mr B :

- Louis :

- Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen : 1789 :

Selling the Zone's literature :

I have got in touch with a bookshop here, "L'Ecrivain Public", and after I presented the Zone to the owner , he reacted positively and accepts to sell our books in his place. So several of our books are for sale there already : Sud Express, Le Carrefour des Impasses, Le Taxidermiste, the translation of Korzybski's seminar of general semantics at Olivet College. I am going to print the two French tomes of The Time of the Naguals soon.

In case you want to sell your books as well, you can send me a copy and I shall put them in the bookshop.

New connections:

In France I am in touch with a collective of artists on the net : Adelo Nathaniel proposes that we exchange our respective infos and work together.

Cut-up machines : ; [gary's];

Tee-shirt selling, on-line stores :

Littlemute and Kanji are selling tee-shirts on the net at cafepress : Juanjo and Ana experienced it as well.

- Kanji's online store: "for all your anti-establishment needs. featuring the CIA Taliban Shirt! PLEASE NOTE: I make no money from this --- all proceeds to the Red Cross." Kanji.

- Littlemute's tee-shirts : Littlemute at : .

Detoxification : apomorphine allowed in Europe since February 2001 :

For those interested in detoxification cures (see the menu of the Medical Research rubric at ), Lorenzo in Italy sent a mail about it : "In Italy it is currently sold in drugstores, for 'erection' problems. There are 3 same products with different names : Ixense, Uprime and Taluvian,
Each tablet contains 3 mg. of apomorphine and four tablets costs 40 us dollars!!! It has been advertised from several months now in Italy, and the news said apo is distributed for the above problem in all Europe." Lorenzo asks about info on Dr Dent's apomorphine cure, if it's still practiced. I have no information about an eventual use of it. In case any doctor might provide it, thanks for writing to : Lorenzo Vassallo <>.

New pages in the sites :

In :

The catalogue of Interzone Creation on line at : ;,,,,,,

Dead Joe Open Letter to Humankind (So Called) :

Dr Dolophine: : The Pub

The Crossroads of Dead Ends (translation of Le Carrefour des Impasses) : some chapters translated in English at :

- Introduction:

- Mr Lambkin :

- Mr B :

- Louis :

- Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen : 1789 :

 In the other Zoner's sites :

* Lucaspicford's site : Please stop by my WSB tribute page at and click on Interzone. There's some cool stuff there.

* Adelo

* Ricardo Mbarak <>: Exhibition in Paris / Exposition à Paris / Amal SAADE

* Teleferique <> : The Leib is a handy tool for mixing images and sounds by Erational.
You can use Leib on the Internet or download it . The offline mode enables you to personalize Leib with your own sounds or graphics.

* William M. Brandon III : William Brandon III Appearing in Rain Crow Magazine Issue #2

* S B My webgallery :

* Big Fish Little Fish <> TEO WA AND LOVEBUCKET_S 30TH BIRTHDAY PARTY : This is to let you know that Madame Wa and the Lovebucket will be holding a joint thirtieth birthday party on Saturday 15 September from 8pm to 2am upstairs at Charterhouse, 38 Charterhouse Street, EC1 (Farringdon or Barbican tube). There will be decks, DJs and some live action, plenty of chaos and endless shenanigans.Daisy Campbell, James Cavendish, Oliver Senton and Michelle Watson all have birthdays during the same week and we hope they will be partying with us.It would be an honour to share this occasion with you. Further details to follow shortly. Big love and buckets, LLB

* Jamie Russell <> : "Queer Burroughs" :

* I AM J'lahn. <> Our Dark, Prophetic Visions [END 111] ... .

* Editions de l'Eclat : <> informations ECLAT
definition du lyber a la rubrique : Qu'est-ce qu'un lyber? en page d'acceuil
Dans la rubrique : "Creons 1, 2 3 lybers" , les editions Agone ( lancent prochainement les Lyberagones ... Benvenuti!!Merci de votre fidelite Michel Valensi

Yahoo clubs :

* The Resistance Underground club Grovetta created last month has been particularly active. See the new illustrations in the galery.

* Lazarusdreaming : The Flowers of Evil":

* "THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE" : . New photos in the galery.

* EL GORGO's NOVA MOB : William S. Burroughs Research Club

* "BINDA 23" < , dedicated to the music project.


* Jonathan "PURPLE HOUSE" :

* Jazzresin < > : Apo33 mp3 :

* leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


* Chapel Perilous.

 The news since the report of August are on line at : &

This report will be on the web at and in French at

Take good care. :)



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