Interzone report of February 21th 99

Hi Zoners and new members J ,

I hope you are well

Here is the monthly report of Interzone activities :

1. The Interzone Coffee House :

Grovetta (Grape 2061) created it as a Yahoo club on January the 30th , the Interzone Coffee House, , and she invited other Burroughs' fans out of the Zone to join ( you can join at : . As a result, 50 members have done it since, and people have been sending many messages (about 150). There is a chat-room, a photo album where you can put pics in, a callendar for the appointments, a page for everyone, etc., and the atmosphere is nice. We don't actually serve real coffee yet, but we are studdying the question J

Due to the success of the club, Yahoo created a special "William Burroughs" category in the Yahoo clubs, and there are two others presently :

Burroughs' Naked Lunch : Dedicated to the beat author junkie

Nova Mob : : William S. Burroughs Research Club

Nova Mob was created at the same time as Interzone Coffee House by elGorgo, who joined, and dedicated his club to research on William Burroughs. To get to the mails, you must register in the home page.

So to the new comers, "Welcome to interzone" !

2. Researches on William Burroughs and Brion Gysin'work :

ElGORGO who dedicates his Nova Mob Yahoo club to research on WSB and Brion Gysin (see paragraph upper) is interested in this direction, so I propose that we gather our mails on this subject into Nova Mob : So all the info will be there. I'll send mails there about some subjects I'm at at the moment. Several of you are already working in this, and propose several directions : Jeremy ;, Jake : ; Rick : J'lahn : ,, and more.

a) Related to GS :

In a synchronistic way, I'm getting more involved here with the French group of people on Korzybski's general semantics. I hope to come with some of them to a collaboration on WSB and Brion's domains of research : I have been working at it since years, and came to the result that some domains as synchronicities, magic world, non-ordinary levels of reality, cut-ups, etc., which are not understandable in the frame of Newtonnian physics, get to some extent understandable in the frame of quantic physics and on the data of general semantics.

I think we should put up a serious group of research in the frame of Interzone, gathering your personal observations of such domains, and consider them in the frame of a scientific step according to different lightnings. Then we could submit the results to a team of scientists having a common frame of thinking, which allows to understand each-other.

We could for instance studdy the domain of synchronicities, through different aspects : dreams, cut-ups, events of common life, etc., gather our respective experiments and data bases, and see what comes out of it. See what you think.

b) On desintoxication :

I just got a mail from Dr Carlsson from Sweden, who has been working on apomorphine since years now, and sends a set of documents. He advises a medicine called "propanolol" better than apomorphine, but I have not studdied the documents yet and the doctors among you would be more likely to appreciate the contents.

Liberale in Switzerland accepts to get involved in the research, but says it's huge. As far as I am concerned, the direction I'm involved in is putting up a desintoxication cure as much efficient and comfortable as possible and a place to make it at the scale of the Zone, in a legal frame, and taken in charge by social security. And also provide to people afterwards a place stay in the frame of the Academy. If some of you are interested by the protocole of cure and post-cure, let me know.

At first, the most urgent in the direction we have taken is to determine if apomorphine cure is really worth it presently, on the base of the results of the people who have experimented it, this in the aim to put up a desintoxication cure as efficient and comfortable as possible in the frame of the Zone. "The Zone takes care of its own."

  1. The Academy :
  1. Human relations :
  2. At this time, a number of you are having a hard time splitting with the partner, or with loosy jobs, etc. Jon proposes to create a "Zone lonely hearts club" , an Alex,, to work to form a support and a means for relation. A Yahoo club specialized in relationships is easy to create.

  3. Alex is gonna come and live in Europe, and proposes an Interzone meeting in Paris in August.
  4. Physical academy:

We can get organized together to put up something physical. Things would be easier if we start to consider what Zoners who want to get involved in this can bring practicly, rather than me handling things here alone, which is not satisfying . We should see what are our real ressources at all levels, included human ones, and then see what we can do with it.

Anyway, here are the directions I am trying in function of the circumstances, and the context , and without big money investment :

After talking about it with her this afternoon, it comes out of it that we can put up with her a project like the one we had foreseen about the hotel in Migne, open it with a license 2 for wines and beers, in the frame of an association, and rent the rooms to students. Chantal is ok to work with the Zoners who want to get involved in it. Her husband works in a jazz band, and can bring people in the place very quickly. We have been friends since 1976, so we know each other and can work together.

 4. The Anthology :

 5. Trade foodJ :

Buy Pemmican from Joshua's The Casa Blanca Carne Seca Beef Jerky Web Page is at:

Josh is gonna exchange me some against home made chocolates . "The Zone feeds its own", avis aux amateurs ! J

6. New pages and sites :

Snappy has created her site at : " hey! i am working (slowly very slowly) on my own web page. J it's not quite right yet, but this is it so far" Snappy!

Terata new home-page

RailheaD : see Burroughs' pics at : and pieces of writings.

JJ Dobson : Particularity Web Design :

Vincent Molloy 's site on the illustrator "Alex Barbier" : Alex Barbier is connected to the Zone and getting the news. He included Burroughs as a character in his comix, which look more like water color paintings than comix illustrations really : see "Le Dieu du 12" . Some pics too in Liberale's writings in'.html and

Jens Gebhart : "Infozone" :

Reynald Drouhin :

RoikaXul :

elGORGO : death dwarf: [a WSB interactive site]

The page Interzone Ring : now contains the URL of your sites, as well as the infos on Interzone gathered by rubrics : it now contains the ones which previously were in the page "Work"

See the most recent infos between 2 reports at News 3 :

Jon Nelson : Nevada

- Dead Joe's Forked Yew : Dead Joe just has also made a printed review called :"Dead Ends : Forked Yew - This is the Blood" You can write to him about it at : Page Web :

- Philosophy : Frantz : Qu'est-ce que les actes bestiaux ? :

- Human rights : see Vincent's Molloy's article on human rights ( in French) at

- Apomorphine file an research on desintoxication :

- Department on general semantics :

- Zone links

7. Last Words 1999 :

More recordings at :


  1. The Zone's services :

For you chat appointments : see the worldclock : and Chiki's time zone : .

My ICQ # is 3146693

Hope I did not forget anything. All the best waiting for the next spring report J .

Much thanks for your involvement , participation and support.

Take care.



Report of March 21st 99