Saturday January 30th 99 : "THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE"

(it starts here : see for the next mails below)

Hi Zoners,

1. You are invited by Grovetta : Grape2061 to join the listed Yahoo! Club named "THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE".

To become a member of this club, just go to the Web address below:

You need to go to the address above to join the club, but you can take a look at the club by going to: It contains a chat which can welcome a large number of people : let's meet there when you want. I'll be there for the next chat appointment of the 23rd.

Grape 2061 needs someone to help send out invitations. If you got some spare time and want to do it,
you can join her at :

2. You can have a look at the Interzone Ring page which has been remade and now contains the ex-Work page :

3. You can listen to Chaya's recording in Real Player files at made by Dean.

Have a great week-end.


February 1st 99 : Koulin's new address


juste pour dire que j'ai une nouvelle adresse e-mail vous pouvez me joindre a cette adresse sans probleme.



February 2nd 99 : Printing and house

Hi Zoners,

Two subjects which require your attention and
advises :

I have been writing to a list of printers for the book, and asked them about a price for our anthology, with a short description of the diffferent tomes.I'm beguinning to receive answers, some are interested and are gonna call me about it. But I cannot deal with them alone, an am requiring your assistance in this.

As I'm getting several anwsers, we shall have to compair prices, see if it's worth it, and also how many to have printed,
according to the numbers of Zoners wanting to get involved in it.

The aim of having the book printed is to sell it in the frame of the Zone, what we can do without any commercial society nor putting anything official.
We have to see then about the formula to adopt : 1. if it's worth it, let's say if we can have books of 100 pages for
about 1 $ each, then we can buy ten and sell them 10 $, which is a reasonnable price. this leads then to personnal
benefit for the individuals who make it. then the benefit would be: 10 $ X 10 = 100 $ -

As we got 7 tomes already of 100 pages each , this makes 7 dollars for a whole book, which we can sell then 70 $.
If we do this with 10 books, we get then 700 $. less the price we invested (70 $) and the fees of the mail to get the books.
This is just an example for the moment, we have then to confront it with the real prices of the printers, but this is
just to give you an idea of the way I see it.

2. We can also use it as an opportunity to constitute a capital : on the money we earn with it, we give 1 /10 to Interzone :
if 100 zoners do this and, from the money they earn, give 50 $ to the Zone, then we got 5 000 $ we can put in a bigger project.
Some of you might have other ideas, this is only one but there must have other possibilities.

If you are aware of printing , publishing, etc, and can help me here, thanks for letting me know in the following days.

If you want to be part of this and have the book printed for you, let me know as well, with the numbers of copies you would like.

I'm gonna see the first prices the printers offer, and will let you know the result. Then we shall have a more solid base to evaluate what is worth here, and if we decide to have it printed, which printer to choose.

2. House project :

After a visit to Poitiers yesterday, it comes out houses with more than 4 rooms are not easy to find, and rarely less than 5000 fr (1000 $ ) and people rather sell them than rent them.

I'm gonna put an advert on the web of the region to ask for such a place : we might find something this way, allowing to put up what we planned for the hotel, but out of the commercial circuit.

I'd go to work there, Poitiers is just half an hour drive, and would officially open it as a psychotherapist, which would allow then the other activities in a place of conviviality, a "lieu de vie" openned to the population, through an association.
I'd rent the place with other people here : artists wanting to share a space with others, or students to rent the rooms, or Zoners wanting to have a place to come here, etc.

This would also be a good formula for the apomorphine cures in future if they reveal themselves possible with doctors in
Poitiers, specially in the frame of non-profit and non-governmental doctors associations (the "French doctors", who now work here as well and give free cares in the frame of home-hopitalisation as well).

I'm waiting for complementary information on the cure itself which I'll forward to you.

This sounds the easiest and best formula, as it keeps us out of the business and immigration problems we had with the hotel, and allows a completely free frame : we shall be in our place, a private one, and free to make all the activities we want.
The aim is to put up with the people relations which are similar to the structure of human organism (see Korzybski's general semantics and Henri Laborit's books , the French biologist, about this) , and offering them things which answer their needs, which the world we live in does not provide.

Substitute relations based upon money by relations based upon the needs and structure of human organism, which
are a priori fittable to any human organism :) For experimenting it previously and in the frame of the Zone
as well, I can say it works far beyond my expectations. :)))))))))

So the money we need to start is limited to the minimum : share the rent of the place and charges, and the money we earn is in the frame of an association. This money will have 2 sources :
a) artistic activities : every artist gets the money he earns from his gigs, lectures, Burroughs' museum, etc...
b) the place of conviviality with lectures, groups, etc..., talks, etc..., which won't have fixed prices but will work on donations, exchanges, etc..., so can be accessible to anybody.

Let me know what you think about this home project. In case you like it and want to rent the place as well,
let me know .

In case it would be a flop after 3 months, I'd stop then, but I do not start with this expectation, as I have done such a work before and got enough documentation and work done to start right now.
After the association is created and the job started, we can then get support from culture and health , but we shall ask
for it when they can state the results.

We can exchange directly about all these subjects in the Interzone Coffee House Grovetta openned this week-end : To become a member of this club, just go to

It has got a great chat there, and a place for mail exchanges, already a whole pile in it, and 15 members have registered.
Many other stuff (pics book, etc.) So we can fix an appointment for the next week-end for instance. I'll know more about all this, and shall gladly exchange about it with you.



Mail to Interzone Coffee House

Death Dwarf, Nova Mob, Smash the Control Bagel

(24/M/Cary, NC)

Feb 3 1999
3:09PM EST

hola folks... i was on my way to create a WSB club, when to my surprise i saw there was one! great!

i may still use the nova mob for something though, perhaps research discussion or essay posting. in any case, it's a companion piece to my site...

the site is called Death Dwarf. right now, it's only a collection of detailed links to all of our WSB sites and their contents. it's meant to aid people researching WSB, or to help any new to WSB find the answers to specific questions located in all of the resources online.

i tried to add this to my member comments, but at the time yahoo! clubs were acting up (they do this QUITE A LOT *g*)... so here's the URL

nova mob club: [use undetermined as of yet]

death dwarf: [a WSB interactive site]

I would be greatly interesting in posting research papers on WSB on my site, as well as artistic work.

Pleae visit the links! If you find a dead link, or if you have a site not on there, let me know!



De : <>
À : <>
Date : dimanche 7 février 1999 23:25

Hello Everyone,
Because of all of the members we have gotten in this club, Yahoo! has made William S. Burroughs a CATEGORY. Before THE INTERZONE COFFEE HOUSE, he was just listed as someone in the Author section. Aren't you all proud of yourselves? Just look at the top left hand side of the used to be: Category: Author. Now it is: Category: William S. Burroughs. :)

Protocole of cure and post-cure : February 21th

Here is a mail I sento to the soros Institute some days ago :


This mail about a protocole of cure and post-cure of desintoxication on which I am working at presently in the frame of Interzone, a group of Burroughsian readers, which I coordinate, in collaboration with our doc, Jim, who put up a service of free-councelling for the Zoners who were asking for assistance.

This protocole is based upon the research we have been making on desintoxication. It's aim is to provide a place where addicts from the group can come and first physicly kick as quickly and comfortably and as possible, (from heroin, alcohol , psychotrop and substitutes as methadone) and then in a second time, help them to restructurate psychicly while earning their life in the frame of a physical academy.

The cure would consist in the protocole of the apomorphine cure William Burroughs got from Dr Dent in
London .
We have gathered infos on this cure and are waiting for more , but the results coming from
Denmark and Sweden where this cure is still applied have been positive until now and confirm Burroughs' assertions about it. see and following pages.

Physical cares can be added to bring a maximum of comfort during the cure : massages, accupunture, etc..., according to the patient's choice.

The cares would be given in the frame of home hospitalisation, prescripted by a doc from the city, with the help of
a liberal nurse and the other residents of the place. So they would be taken in charge by social security, while
being much less expensive than a cure in a hospital .

Once the cure is finished , then people can join the academy for the time they want to, so they are not confronted to loneliness, nor to problems of money, work, nor of promiscuity with the dope surrounding.

Now the academies would not be centres of care for addicts : just places where Zoners can meet, work together, make researches, etc. , and find a shelter when they need it. Some have problems for kicking and ask for advises and help, so they could come for this, and be with other people who are not into dope and work with them on other subjects of
interest. So this it would be a transitory activity, not a permanent one, in function of the request of the people,
and the academy could welcome as well people needing other cares taken in charge in home hospitalisation
(depressions, AIDS, cancer, etc.)

The post-cure would consist in being part of the activities of the academy, of different kinds :
- trainings and courses on domains allowing to restructurate personnality,
- artistic activities of the Zone openned to the public : expos, concerts, lectures, selling musical and litterary productions,
etc., see :
- homework for the commune : prepair food, cleaning, etc...
- a place of conviviality openned to the public , like a bar, but without alcohol nor any fixed price, where people can come and have a chat and a drink, feel at home, and give what they want to when they leave.
If they got no money, they can provide a service.

The aim is to quit relationships based upon money, to restaure relationships based upon human needs, and a the aim of the academy is to offer a place answering the needs of human organism. I am a psychiatric nurse, 15 years experience in hospital in France, and have already put up a similar group in the past , applying the biologist Henri Laborit's data on
the structure of living organisms, with great results on the therapeutic level, so this is not only a theorical assertion.

We would make it through an association, which is easy to put up without much money.

I thought you might be interested in such a project as a
possible perspective.

Isabelle Baudron

Chat appointment ofFebruary 23rd 1999 :

First Drew joined at work, and said he would come then to Interzone Coffee House, which he did . Snappy sent mails from work too, but was busy. Clamshowder came to Interzone Coffee House and we talked about his site, and work with music, and he said he can press the musics of the Zone on a CD for 1 £ each.

He proposes you upload MP3 and designate area on the web. Then he goes there, takes it and presses the CD, which is sold at a low price in the frame of the Zone.

If some of you are interested, he propose to find a coordinator to take the orders, who then send them to him . Then he presses the CD and sends them to the Zoner's address.

He proposes we all work at the cover, which we can easily make with a colour printing machine.

Then Terrata joined, and had an interesting conversation with Clamshowder on post-modernism. Josh joined too Then Gutlist, 14 yo, joined, and said he was alone at home for two days as his familly had gone to vacations and brothers and sisters as well, so he was feeling lonely and bored in the house and rather uncomfortable. So we talked to him and cheered him up. Then he disconnected and I talked with Clamshowder about the CD , and his ancesters in Scotland until 1.30 in the night.



De : Baudron <>
Date : jeudi 25 février 1999 18:40
Objet : CD

Hi all,
Here is one proposition from Paul Sinclair whom I talked to
in the chat appointment the other day :
see the News page for the account of the appointment :

He works with music, and he said he can press the musics of the Zone
on a CD for 1 £ each. He proposes you upload it on MP3 and
designate an area on the web he can take it from. Then he presses
the CD, which is sold at a low price in the frame of the Zone.
I propose that he presses in function of the number of orders,
so he does not loose money.
If some of you are interested, he propose to find a coordinator to take
the orders, who then send them to him . Then he presses the CD
and sends them to the Zoner's address.

See what you think.


De : Shuhei Higashi <>
À : 'BAUDRON Isabelle' <>
Date : jeudi 25 février 1999 22:57
Objet : RE: CD

can you find out what is the minimum # of CD for the price.
I know a press who does the same thing for approximately 70 cents a piece
but with the minimum of 1,000


De : Baudron <>
À : Shuhei Higashi <>
Date : vendredi 26 février 1999
Objet : Re: CD

Hi Foe,
This looks really interesting, but before ordering 1000, we have to be sure to sell them afterwards.

Here is one suggestion which would allow us to make profit individually and for the whole Zone as well :

1. we can sell the CD in the frame of the Zone at a very low price as Paul suggested it : if 100 zoners buy 10 and each zoner then sells them to a higher given price, lets say 10 $, (this is an example) he got a profit of 9 $ per CD, for 10 CD : 90 $

2. Then, if the Zone allows to make money, it seems fair to give one percentage back to the zone, let's say 10 % :
if 100 zoners five 9 $ to the zone, then we got a capital of 900 $, which we can use in a precise aim
we decide in common, or invest it in another project of producing and selling the Zone's art.

What do you think ?

Practicly, someone has to gather the musics first, because a lot of Zoners might have some to propose.
so we got an idea of the contents of the CD and its length. and we also got the CD Pierre has pressed already.



February 27th 99 : CD again :

Following the sending of the mail on the CD, several of you answered : here is a summing up of the suggestions :

  • Steve has music in his site : and might advertise and take orders for the CD.
  • Josh suggests to include web pages in the CD. The thing is that the idea might be valuable for the book as well, as the most of it is on the web, with pics and graphics.
  • Ramuntcho says that mp3 makes some extra-noise ; if the CD is good enought, he has a producer who might be interested.
  • Jeremy can give some material
  • Lisa Lovebucket (Ooboulou) proposes music and recordings as well.


February 29th 1999 :

Hi all,
I'm leaving on monday 29th in the evening to Poitiers for some days to see the different opportunities about
the academy so I won't access to my computer then : you can write to me during this time at
and I'll check the mail from some friends' computer , but shall not answer, as I won't be connected
myself. I'll send a mail with the news about what's going on there as soon as I can.

You can check the new pages which I just put on line in the
Interzone Academy :

*A double-blind cross-over study:apomorphine/placebo in chronic alcoholics by C. Carlsson, P. R. Johansson, B. Gullbergt Nordhemspolikliniken, Gothenburg, Sweden (this one is from the documents Dr Carlsson sent me on apomorphine from Sweden. He has been working on it since years. More to come soon on other files)

*jakearoo42 : The Quantum Writing Experiment
* Protocole of cure and post-cure of desintoxication
* Psychological training to increase the defenses of the organism
* Les six exercices fondamentaux de NAROPA (yoga training) (still have to translate in English: to come soon)

* Introduction a la semantique generale de Korzybski : which are in English at :

Well, just have to wish you a good read; waiting to talk to you soon.
Take care as I do :)))))

De : Baudron <>
Date : samedi 6 mars 1999 18:13
Objet : Back from
Poitiers : results

Hi all,

I'm back from
Poitiers since yesterday night.
I have been looking in several directions, and here are the results :

1. The negative ones :

- the appointment with the doc of Medecins du Monde was very deceiving : they are not openned
to anything except to the official paths, and the doc said to transmit the info on apomorphine to a
psychiatrist at the hospital. But Jean Pierre V, whom I met too, and who knows him,
was rather dissuasive , saying it would not lead to anything due to their self-autosatisfaction
in matter of cures for addicts, and their opposition to any creative step. So I won't loose more time in this direction.

- For an eventual hotel, the liquidators have nothing to propose at the moment. There are businness for
sale in
Poitiers, but I got no money to buy any, and Chantal, my friend who proposed to work in the hotel
with me recently, does not have any either. So the question is solved.

2. The positive ones :
- Chantal's husband and brother in law , Jerome and Christophe, work in a jazz band for 20 years, Cimagil .We have been friends since 20 years but did not meet since a long time after we settled in different places.
So they are discovering Interzone at the moment, and are very interested in working with us in several directions :

a; They just produced a CD with the local means, and got 200 for sale at 100 fr each. They invested for it 9000 fr and get 20 000 fr for 4 musicians. I'm making a page on them with extracts of the
CD so you can listen to it and buy it if you want:
They are really interested by the opportunities of the Zone in CD producing and ok to work with us.
They are not connected yet, but one guy of the group intends to, so we are gonna meet soon about it.

b. They are looking for texts to put musics on, and are interested in working with me on the French and Arabic versions of "The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah". So we are gonna meet to put up a show on those texts, which we can play then
in cafe-theatres.
Christophe made the same experiment we want to put up with the hotel 10 years ago, with a bar he had and could play with his band and give music lessons, but he said he would not do it again due to the huge work an energy it requires, and prefers to make gigs in places which already exist.

c.Now they were thinking about renting a big house to live in and as a place to play and open to the public, exactly as we foresee it from our side, so we can practicly put up something with them
after sometimes. I have checked the newspapers of free adverts (Vincent's girlfried work in one)
and one can find some beg ones, 5 - 6 rooms, for about 3500 fr / month.

For knowing them for a long time, I know they are nice guys, and in the same spirit as we are. They are good musicians, are looking for working now, and openned to new contacts and ideas.
They also are interested in any contact with Zoners, for contracts for concerts. So if you got opportunities , you can let them know.

d. Cafe-theatre :
Vincent, the Zoner student in philosophy in Poitiers and I went to meet the owner of a place who
welcome groups an animations, and proposed her :
- a concert for Cimagil, which she accepted (I got 20 % on the money of the contract, he he he)
- animations I can make on the dreamachine (she is interested in seeing it , found the idea funny,
so I'm gonna take the dreamachine to her soon )

- gave her the project for the hotel, so she can see if she is interested in anything I could do in their place.
She said she needs someone working in psychiatric area, for councelling for some clients, which I can
do easily.
- apparently, she got similar ideas in many domains as us, says people need to dream, :) and is openned
to things in this domain. She is a cheerful girl, very human, not formalist, and openned to what I said on the Zone. Christophe is gonna join her for the concert from his side, and we may all work together

e. General semantics :
I met Vincent's friends who are looking for learning more on Korzybski and general semantics.
They are interesting guys, and proposed to introduce me to a teacher in philosophy here. I plan to make a group of teaching there, and record on videos the courses, then we can sell them through the Zone :)))))))))
Vincent and his friends are also student in cinema, and working on video, so this might help.

Well, this is it I guess.
Let me know what you think of those directions, they are practicle, and the funny thing is the directions
which go in the sense of the Zone work better than the other ones. :)

I'll keep you updated about what comes next. Have a look in the News3 page from time to time :

About Dead Joe's recording of the "Last Words of Hassan Sabbah", the URL I sent sometimes ago did not work. It is :



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