Jon Nelson

About Nevada though, I've always thought that if Satan doesn't live in
Nevada, that's probably where he spends most of his time. The whole state
is nothing but toxic mining sites, nuclear waste dumps, nuclear test
sites, weapons proving grounds, whorehouses, casinos, and mormons. A drive
down almost any secondary road in Nevada will take you past at least one
set of huge electronic gates with all kinds of security signs, often with
guards in unmarked uniforms, ala area 51. Primary roads always lead to
golf courses that use more water per minute than the human population of
North Africa. The golf courses feature exotic plants and architectural
themes that are meant to inspire thoughts of Scotland or Tahiti. All set
amidst absolutely barren alkali desert. The casinos are kept refrigerated
to about fifty degrees, with a continuous feed of muzak featuring tunes by
Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols and The Little River Band (I swear, I've
heard it)

There are some of the most remote and bizarre outposts of civilization
there. I was once in a combination, bar , whorehouse, truck stop, cafe,
and casino. The staff consisted of one old man. If someone needed fuel, he
pumped it. If they wanted food he cooked it, If they played blackjack, he
dealt it. I kept waiting for someone to come in looking for a blow job.

Virtually everything I hate about the land of my birth is in Nevada. The
perfect place for drunk ass holes to commit art by blowing things up.
Hell, the boys at the test site in Mercury probably think of themselves as
artists too.

Yours for art


The Time of the Naguals

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