Report from January 21st 1998 :

Hi all,

Lattest news from the Zone :

I have been adding some more sites from people of Interzone and others to the coordination page.

If you want to join, you can think in advance about subjects you would like to discuss with the others or which require common exchanges.

Here are some possibilities in the frame of the group :

- through Interzone 23 you can leave a message with the description of the writings you want to sell, and people can join you and buy them from you directly,

- the texts can be printed in a book and sold in the frame of the group, on the net. We got an address of a cheap publisher (32 pages books with texts, collages, paintings, etc.: $ 320 for 1000 copies for good quality white paper. The print can be of 120 pages maximum. Cheaper price for cheaper paper :

- you can also make a site with your writings on it, some of it readable and some of it hidden, and accessible with a code of access; so people can read the beginning and if they like it, they can buy the end. Then you send the html address of your site, and I link it to a special page in Western Lands, so people can access to it from here.

- etc. : as usual, ideas and suggestions welcome.

Over and out.

Talk to u on Friday.



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