Report of February 26 th 1998

Illustration : Pierre Joubert : Les Pastoureaux :

"Une Histoire du Mont Saint-Michel" - Editions Ouest-France


Hi all,

Since last month, we are getting organised in putting up common projects : Pierre is making some tee-shirts with a collage printed, and we are gonna sell them for getting some money to invest in CD making and printing of writings.

We have been exchanging in interzone23 about a possible status concerning Interzone, but due to the different countries we live in, we have not yet decided anything and are gonna see which will be the most fittable to our needs when the moment comes.

You keep on sending texts; the ones which are ready to publish are quoted in the Work page, where are also gathered the coordinates of people according to their professional specialities. The dreams you send are added to the Dreams page.

Steve has been creating a common mail for the music organisation : Contact us if you want to use it as you need the pass word.

We got in touch recently with Geert Lovink in Holland : (see more of his sites in the links page) who answered quite nicely and supports us.

Check the infos to come in the News page and mails in interzone23.



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