Interzone report of September 21th 1999

Hi buddies,

What a month !

I was supposed to start by a 3 weeks of course of gestion , but there were problems with papers to give to get the money for it, and I just attended one day. It turned out that it was about making a studdy of market (we say here 'etude de marche') about a business the students want to make. In the circumstance for us, the hotel. But as we are no certitude about the place to buy yet, I cannot make anything as such. So I did not make it.

1. Hotels:

Now the hotel would be in the frame of a commercial society and run classicly. At the moment, Iggy is volunteer to work in it with me and to buy it with me. He knows much more than me for the money, as he got his own business since 16 years. If other Zoners want to be associates, please let us know.

The exhibitions of Zoners in the frame of the hotel would be completely separate, and we can make an association, wich is easy and cheap to make, elaborate status which prevent us from the pervert sides of associations (bureaucracy, concentration of powers, etc.), and limit it to the minimum formalities (counts, and some meeting of the bureau once or twice a year, which we can be made in a chat-room and recorded, so the distance is not a problem.)

2. House rented in the country-side:

A number of Zoners would also like to have a place in the country side, so it's possible to rent a place around Poitiers as well, which would be cheap in sharing the rent at several people. Then the bar and restaurant could be used as well as a place for exhibitions.

So there would be a retired place where people can rest, work, studdy, etc. and a place in town opened to the world around to feed us. The retired place could also provide fruits , vegetables fruits, etc. for the restaurant, and we could also buy cheap and good products from farmers So both would be complementary. (see more below in Money and commune organization )

3. Exhibition at the museum of modern art in Paris

Jens Gehbart from Infozone invites me for an expo on art and economy at the museum of Modern Art for the end of October.
"ZAC 99
Zone d'activation collective
Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris
7-28 octobre 1999

Depuis quelque temps, de nombreux jeunes artistes ont choisi de travailler et montrer leurs oeuvres, à travers des structures indépendantes sous forme d'associations fonctionnant en réseau et regroupant des personnalités d'horizons différents (plasticiens, critiques, architectes, musiciens, graphistes, designers et diffuseurs). Invités au musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris, ce sera pour eux l'occasion d'exposer, d'expérimenter un autre type de fonctionnement, d'élargir leur public, et ainsi d'apporter leur propre dynamisme.

Since sometimes, a nomber of young artists have chosen to work and show their art, through independant structures, under the form of associations working in nets and gathering personalities of different speres (platicians, critics, architecs, musicians, graphists, designers and diffusers). Invited at the Museum of Modern art of Paris, this will be for them the occasion to expose, experiment another type of organization, to widen their public, and to bring their own dynamism.

Jens Gehbart: e-mail:;
infozone : e-mail:;"

This leads us to :

4. Money and commune organization:

The aims of an economical organization at the scale of the Zone are :
1. Give the artists of the group means to earn their life decently.
2. Sell the collective productions of the Zoners who want them to be as such, and administrate the money in a collective way according to their  will.

On a practical point of view, the result of my low income experiment here is very interesting : I can manage with the 350 $ well, and even put aside about 300 $ since May without wanting it. Though I have a free flat, only pay the charges : gas, electricity, phone, water.
As a result, I got all the time to work at the Zone's work, which is fine. My main needs are fulfilled, so things are just great.

So this leads to the following calculus :

If one person can manage with 350 $ by month, then let's say 10 people can manage much better with 3500 $. With this, they can rent a big house in the country side, and live comfortably. If each of them can earn 350 $ a month with the selling of their art, exhibitions, concerts, etc., this can work. Of course they can earn more if they want to, but the aim here is not productivity, but to have a maximum quality of life with a minimum of work and money. :)

For the exhibitions in the hotel, as long as we sell and produce our stuff, we got no copyright to pay to the SACEM . The performers ask for a price they want for the evening, generally 500 Fr per person (a bit less than 100 $ with a $ at 6 Fr), and the customers pay a price of entry. So the hotel should feed the Zone as well.

5. The Zone's structure: (see more on the subject in the editorial of Interzone Productions at )

Since the creation of Interzone Production at, we have been exchanging on the money. See :

- some Zoners live from their art, and the aim fo the Zone is to support them. They send a list of their productions, and the price they want for them. So you join them directly through E-mails and see with them for the sending : i'm not gonna interfere in creations which are not mine and money which is not either.

- some Zoners say : "The art we made in the frame of the Zone is common, so we do not revendicate the property of it. Use it as you wish for the whole Zone. " So if we come to sell it, what shall I do with the money ? Add it on the Zone count , which is a bit less than a a 100 $ with a $ at 6 Fr. (money put aside from the tee-shirt selling last year and Wales' gift of 50 $) . Then we got to decide together what to make of it.

As a consequence, we find ourselves de facto with common properties : money, writings, collages, etc., and have to determine together a way to administrate it. The commune is not a fantasy anymore. :)

One suggestion, if I may, let me know what you think about it : We might save some money for Zoners in case of emergency. A sort of a bank people could borrow money from, and give it back without interest later on.

6. The Interzone Coffee House:

Much thanks to Grovetta and Alchemickal for their great work there. The exchanges are interesting, many infos on Burroughs. The club has got a whole bunch of members, like a clone of Interzone. And a huuuuuuuge quantity of mails. The atmosphere is really cool and you can meet members when connected through Yahoo pager .

See also the other clubs at the bottom of the page. They are more specialized in specific domains : research on Burroughs for El Gorgo's club, music for Binda 23, and tape recording for the new one : Burroughs' tape recorder.

7. The Zone's productions:

I have not started to advertise on it, though Chiki and I have registered it in the main search engines.

It comes out of the exchanges (see that Zoners do not want Interzone Productions to be a formal commercial site , and think it has to remain a free pirate enclave, where we can make our exchanges freely.

The catalogue is on line at : . It contains a list of the products, with their price and the e-mail where to get it from. Though it's not complete yet.

a) The anthology:

Two English tomes are now disponible : The cut-ups at : and the articles, fiction, at : . I can send them to Zoners for free in zip Word files. Or in printed version at the price of 1 Fr per page.

b) CD:
- Pierre Belouin:
Music for Dreamachine: Deadline : October.
- Paul Sinclair sent the following list of the musics he got already for the CD:
binda23&datawhore - surrender to my function    (need page)
codes for source collapse - animage
rent - hiding through
focus test - heelstone
roikaxul - panurge
binda23-?????    (need page)
clamchowda - hyxifig
codes for source collapse - rawar
roikaxul - zimbus
hangdog - ?????    (need page)
net - your so

He is gonna add some more of Allan J. Cronin , Dead Joe and Lotos.
- Ramuntcho Matta:
" je prepare une collection de cd dans une collection qui se dénome :one to one

je fais les disques a l'unité . Concernant brion dans cette collection j'ai les concerts de londres et un cd qui est une compilation de ce que j'ai en archives. Le prix de chaque CD est de 100F + frais de ports...
si tu connais des gens qui sont interessés donne leur mon mail. Je t'envoie une liste des titres disponibles trés bientot.
I prepair a collection of cd called : one to one. I make the record by unit. Concerning Brion in this collection I have the concerts of London and a CD which is a compilation of the archives I got. The price of each CD is 100 Fr + mail fees. If you know people interested in it, give them my E-mail. I 'll send you son a list of the available titles." Ramuntcho

c) Illustrations and post-cards :
Agent Zero is having some printed with his illustrations and art. See in the catalogue soon.
Grape (Grovetta) and Alchemickal give the ones they have been making for the Interzone Coffee House to the Zone.

8. New pages and sites :

In the Western Lands:

Fraser Magor : The Annals of Port Coquitlam :

New page of The Time of the Naguals :

In Interzone Productions :

More in Exchange on business at:

Creating reality:

The point on hotel, bars,money, work, etc.:

The contents of the two first tomes of the anthology: The Time of the Naguals : and

New page of the group Cimagil:

In Interzone Academy:

New page of News :

9. Dreamachine again and again:

Amy <> has made a dreamachine with a fan motor. She just sent tonight the procedure to make it . See on line tomorrow at: .

10. Zoners migrations :

Dean Kasabow, which hosts Interzone Productions at has returned to Bulgaria about 2 weeks ago.

Koulin in Ivory Coast and Chadi in Lebanon have problems to get a visa to come, as the papers take ages.

Alex is in Europe for some months.

11. The Zone's services :

Interzone doc : ; Interzone 23 :

William Burroughs Yahoo clubs :

For the time of your chat appointments of the 23rd : see and the worldclock : . You can meet other Zoners all day in the chat of (and the reste of the time too) I'm generally on line in the evening here and early night, between 10 pm and after midnight, in the Interzone Coffee House, Interzone in and in mIRC. My ICQ # : 3146693

This report will be on the web at

Between two monthly reports, see the news at :

Much thanks for your support, involvement, creations, propositions, and critics.



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