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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 400 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developed here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone



 Paul O'Donovan: "Support Burma - Freedom Democracy"


Hi all,


Looking for Ian's interview :

Théophile Aries ( ) is looking for an interview of Ian Sommerville published in Gay Sunshine and info on him. If you can provide it, you can join him through his site, or send it to me and I shall forward it to him.

Interzone books and copyrights:

In Interzone Creations, a number of books are on line for free ( ) Following problems with people taking large extracts of my writings, I have protected the contents of my books and articles on line through the site CopyrightDépot: The list of the countries which can use this site is at Protecting a whole site costs 10 €, which I found cheap and simple compared to the sum of formalities to protect works through postal mail. I have used it since april for my doc on general semantics.

I have included a for the books on line which are not mine.


Bernard Bacos has put on line two new pages about Jean-François Bizot's friends in "La Fête à Bizot" with photos taken by Philippe Chevalier : and , and still the pages he put on line last month: and

Bernard has a site in My Space:


Joshua Berlow : Call for Dedicated Novel Readers & Editors :

Joshua Berlow is looking for people to read and write reviews on his next book : See the whole at date of October 30th

"The novel so far contains eight chapters of roughly 4500 words each. When I began writing it I thought of it as a New-Age science fiction story. As more of it got written, I realized that it needs more horror. I'm not adverse to paying qualified editors. I'm looking for dedicated readers/editors who can commit to critique a novel-length work, one chapter at a time. Each chapter will be sent out via snail-mail. It should be returned with any markups, comments, and the critique. Each chapter critique should be at least 500 words.
If you're interested in this project, please e-mail Joshua Berlow:
Put "Call for Novel Editors" in the subject line of your e-mail.
If you want to get paid, include any relevant credentials and the amount you would charge per chapter, along with your mailing address and telephone
number. Depending on the number of responses received, there might be telephone interviews. This e-mail may be freely forwarded, distributed & copied, printed out & posted on cork boards, etc.


Master Musicians of Joujouka:

Next concert: Boujeloud festival in Morocco on January 9th 2008.

You can read in their blog a number of articles with pictures

* JOUJOUKA over 15 years working in the village discussed by producer Frank Rynne

* Brian Jones at Joujouka (art by William S. Burroughs)

Willliam Burroughs Art and music from Brian Jones and The Master Musicians of Joujouka recorded July 1968.Click here to see video
courtesy of

Mythimedia is an official project of Bologna University. The work and art of Burroughs are often cited in the website
and especially
In fact,
is the only official website of Bologna University about the presence of Greek Mythology in contemporary Culture.
For more info, contact Mrs Eleonora Cavallini

* Words of Advice - William S. Burroughs on the Road NEW

New Burroughs documentary Words of Advice - William S. Burroughs on the Road

Words of Advice - William S. Burroughs on the Road
Directed by: Lars Movin & Steen Møller Rasmussen
Denmark, 2007, 74 min.

A portrait of the American Beat Generation writer William S. Burroughs (1914-1997) based on never-before-seen footage from his visit in Denmark in October 1983, and from his later years in Lawrence, Kansas. After having spent more than a quarter of a century outside of the United States, in Mexico, Tangier, Paris and London, Burroughs returned to New York in 1974. Shortly after he began touring and reading his work to new generations of readers and thus establishing himself as a cult figure. The film focuses on Burroughs' unique talent as a performer, and on his later work, especially what is known as The Last Trilogy. In addition to the historic footage there are new interviews with friends and collegues such as James Grauerholz, John Giorno, Hal Willner, Jennie Skerl, Regina Weinreich, Ann Douglas. Music by Material, Patti Smith, Islamic Diggers.

Premiere: November 9th at the cph:dox festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Only international screening at this point is as part of the Burroughs tribute event at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on November 10th.

* Listen to Radio documentary on Master Musicians of Joujouka :

The radio documentary "Return to Joujouka" is available for free download on
Click Here for link to show download
It features interviews with Blanca Hamri, Ahmed "Titi" Attar, George Chkiantz who engineered the Brian Jones recordings "Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka" (Rolling Stones records, 1971) and more...........................Recorded in Morocco, presented by Neil McCarthy this half hour documentary was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 28 August 2000. Sadly this was the same day Mohamed Hamri , Joujouka painter and mentor to the Master Musicians, passed away in the village..


The Whirling Dervish:

Next concerts to come: November 17th - Downtown LA, November 28th - KXLU 88.9FM, December 10/27/2007 King Neptune's 17205 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY Sunset Beach, California The Whirling Dervish ( w/ The Radio Sweetheart ( and beats spun by The Sugarlight Girls! (
Click here for the flyer :

11/17/2007 Charlie O's 501 South Spring Street in lovely Downtown L.A 90013 on the corner of 5th and Spring St.
Description: New Venue brought to you by the folks at Bar 107 - Muthahumpin' good times!...a little more info than that soon to come.
The Whirling Dervish ( Epic Debauchery ( The Studiofix ( Charlie O's (

11/28/2007 12:00 AM Live on 88.9 KXLU's LIVATION! Description:Playing a live set on LIVATION, wednesday nights on KXLU 88.9
click here ( ) for the live feed of the show. See attached flyer or click here:
but WAIT! there's more...
12/06/2007 08:15 PM The Derby We play at 10pm! 4500 Los Feliz Blvd - where hillhurst & los feliz blvd. meet! Los Angeles, California 90027 US
Cost:$8 w/flyer Description:The show is $8 with a flyer, or you can send us your name and we can put you on an $8 list! You should do one or the other because the show is a silly $12 without! Don't delay act now!

Neil Young: Chrome Dreams II - In Stores Now

Neil' Young's album 'Chrome Dreams II' is now officially in stores today, and features the epic classic "Ordinary People." You can also get a special edition of the album at iTunes that comes with a digitial booklet, plus get a special physical edition at selected stores with a bonus disc with songs from the upcoming archives!

Also, check out Neil's youtube channel by clicking here and see four new photo montage videos from the new album.

Neil Young is pleased to announce additional pre-sale ticketing for his 2007 Chrome Dreams Tour. You can buy tickets to select Neil Young shows before they go on sale to the public through and this webpage:

Fans purchasing tickets to Neil Young will receive a copy of Neil's new album
Chrome Dreams II!

Please check the website for updated information on fan pre-sales and general public on-sales.
CDs will be shipped before the show so fans will be able to hear
Chrome Dreams II before Neil performs selections live! Ticket purchases of 3 tickets or less per transaction will receive 1 copy of the CD. Persons purchasing 4 tickets per transaction will receive 2 copies of the CD. There is a 4 ticket per person limit. Five business days after the purchase process you will receive a special URL with a one-time use access code to receive your free CD. Offer applies to all Internet purchases.

12/19/07 New York, NY United Palace Pre-sale begins Oct. 24 at 10am Eastern

Kenji Siratori:

"Metamorphosis" 3"CDR
Label: Industrial Culture Records Catalog number: ICR005 Solo death ambient work by Japanese cyberterrorist Kenji Siratori.
myspace price: US$5.00 (postage: US$3.00) UK: 4.20 pond (with postage) Euro: 6.20 euro (with postage)

Kenji Siratori & Yuya Sakurai "Psycho Maria" CDR
Label: Hypermodern Texual audio collaboration by two Japanese writer Kenji Siratori & Yuya Sakurai. They unleash psychological death to the end of the world. myspace price: US$8.00 (plus postage: US$3.00) UK: 5.40 pond (with postage) Euro: 7.65 euro (with postage)
We accept Paypal. Paypal id:

Galleries and exhibitions:

Paul O'Donovan's gallery :

New illustrations : "Support Burma - Freedom Democracy", "Dark hours don't count", "City Life 2" and "The Tonto Woman captured" and "Tree Study"

The Cat Inside: Installation sonore et visuelle de Ramuntcho MATTA - 2007

Maison de l'International - Grenoble from October 23rd to 31st:

11am / 6 pm from monday to friday: - free entrance.

" Sound is a great tool to travel through time "

Ramuntcho has imagined the room 25 at the Beat Hotel rue Git-le-Coeur, where Gysin and Burroughs lived between 1957 and 1965. The room was an improvised center of intellectual and creative avant-garde. They used there tapes and tape recorders, they discovered through their work that language manipules us and that one can enlarge his perception fields using language. The question what is the use of a tape-recorder leads to the question what is the use of life. The question may not be what to do in one's life, but how use one's life putting it in question which carry new subjectivities : play with life to reveal it unhoped potentialities.

In this installation, sound allows to hear those technical experiments and the visual part instals us in a visual symetry, a moror in which one is not reflected. The cat purring with pleasure gives us the feeling we are the autitory witness of materialization of two spirits: friendship can provoke big upheavals on the earth: when principles of pleasure succeed to change the notions of creativity. One year before he died, Brion Gysin gave Ramuntcho 23 tapes which were , to him, the treasure of his existence. The sounds of this exhibitions come from these tapes."


Optical Sound Newsletter:

Octobre Rouge Details in Interzone news Concerts at the musée d'art contemporain in Marseille on November 23rd 2007 :

Palais de Tokyo The Third Mind:

Joseph Nechvatal sent a review he wrote on the expo going on at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, On the Third Mind , on Burroughs and Gysin. You can read it in Interzone News at at the date orf October 22nd.


Ricardo Mbarkho: Video Art in Germany + Video Art in Lebanon :

40 YEARS OF VIDEO ART IN GERMANY From 29.10.2007 to 1.11.2007 6 pm - 8.30 pm
Opening: 29.10. at 6 pm Goethe-Institut, Beirut

The Goethe-Institut Lebanon presents a selection of the best and most remarkable works of video art of the last forty years in Germany. The videos will be shown in a multiple-screen artistic installation at the Goethe-Institut, along with a collection of works by Lebanese video artists compiled by SHAMS.
PS. The video "Arameans" by Ricardo Mbarkho is screened in the SHAMS compilation.
Contact: Lilly Ottens Goethe-Institut Cultural Program Department 11, rue Bliss Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961-(0)1-740524 / 745058 Fax: +961-(0)1-743524


Yann Vogel:

Yann has updated his web site, adding pictures of recent demonstrations in France at and To get to ut: type Nom d'utilisateur: manif , Password: 456789
18 octobre 2007

 Bernard Bacos in My Space:

New pages on line:

In Interzone sites:

Update of Interzone books:

Paul O'Donovan's gallery : "Support Burma - Freedom Democracy", "Dark hours don't count", "City Life 2" and "The Tonto Woman captured" and "Tree Study"

In the other Zoners' sites:

Bernard Bacos : LA FETABIZOT: and :

Interzone books

LA FETABIZOT 2 : Bernard's site in My Space:

Joshua Berlow : Call for Dedicated Novel Readers & Editors : date of October 30th

JOUJOUKA over 15 years working in the village discussed by producer Frank Rynne

Brian Jones at Joujouka (art by William S. Burroughs) courtesy of

Mythimedia Burroughs' video
Eleonora Cavallini

Radio documentary on Master Musicians of Joujouka

The Whirling Dervish: flyer : Concerts :

Neil Young:
Chrome Dreams II iTunes Neil's youtube channel pre-sale ticketing for his 2007 Chrome Dreams Tour:

Kenji Siratori: "Metamorphosis" 3"CDR and Kenji Siratori & Yuya Sakurai "Psycho Maria" CDR

The Cat Inside: Installation sonore et visuelle de Ramuntcho MATTA Maison de l'International - Grenoble from October 23rd to 31st:

Optical Sound Newsletter: Octobre Rouge Details in Interzone news

Palais de Tokyo The Third Mind: review by Joseph Nechvatal

Ricardo Mbarkho: Video Art in Germany + Video Art in Lebanon :

Yann Vogel: Blog 18 octobre 2007

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You can access the Zone's info between 2 reports in Interzone News and blogs at



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Joshua Berlow: The Cynicism of Diogenes (US)

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Optical Sound (Fr)

Vasha Dadaja (Lt)

William S. Burroughs by Michael Rose (US)


Paul H. Truculent Enigma (UK)

Neil Young (US)



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