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Hi all,

Things are going on well here. The new place is just great and the area as well. The countryside around is wonderful, and I have not seen the 1/1000 yet. Two weeks ago it was really hot and I went to swim in the river, 100 meters far from the house. There are two camping places run by the municipality, so it's a good place for a Zone meeting in summer, out of the hotel project which failed recently.

Last episode of this hotel du Pont story: I have just got the totality of the guarantee deposit of 1220 euros which the owner of the place intended not to give back : he ended to do it in 3 pieces, hoping each time that I would give up. I had to threaten him to go to court to get it all back, and I received the last check just before going to the advocate appointment. So this is a closed file. :)

News from Butch Burroughs :

Butch Burroughs is a cat Burroughs gave to Roger Holden and who got feline leukemia since 4 years. Roger is sending news, which are good : Butch is apparently ignoring the disease with the highest despise, and feeling well. You can read more about them at

Cosmodelia in India :

Juanjo and Anna from Spain are travelling in India since some months and are sending a mail from Rishikesh in the frame of the project of a place for the Zone : they want to buy or rent a place in this country and are inviting other Zoners involved in this project to join their efforts to them. See their mail in the news pages of May at . You can join them at . Rishikesh is a beautiful city on the Ganga river, a meeting place for saddhus.

New catalogue 2003 on line :

- The Interzone catalogue 2003 is on line at : At the moment it only contains the productions which I can physically make myself. . If Zoners want to add their own books, music, video, etc., they can send their address email, so they can be joined by eventual buyers.

- About the dreamachines making, I have one 78 rpm record player which is being repaired and have just received a new one, 33 and 45 rpm, which I ordered to La Redoute ; the size is ok for a dreamachine , and the new cylinder, the dimensions of which must be adapted to the 45 rmp, will be ready soon.

- In the frame of Interzone Academy I have included lectures and seminars. The prices mentioned here are the ones to the public. In the frame of the Zone, we can keep on with the usual way based upon exchange. Of course , the Academy is opened to the other Zoners as well.

- Fair trade : Another thing to do with this catalogue : we might sell products from our own countries which are sold to a higher price abroad : for instance I include to the catalogue a French product easy to find here which is sold in US to a higher price : we sell it at the price in US, and the difference with the French price can then be divided by two and shared between me and the American seller, so we both make the same benefit. Same with a Zoner in Senegal or Argentina : I can buy him a product which is cheap there, and more expensive here, and we equally share the benefit.

At the moment , official economies are smelling a bit funny, so we can use the frame of the Zone as a ground of experiments to put up a fair economy on democratic bases between people around the world.

See about it the previous reflections about it in the rubric A non-Aristotelian economy at in the page I New data on money: what are we talking about exactly ?

Zone money idea:

One clarification about the money we once thought about creating in the frame of the group : & : in 2000,we thought about creating one money to facilitate the exchanges between our respective countries, as we had to go through banks for it, and pay commissions to them, which higher the prices of the goods and makes the exchanges more complicated. So having our own money would have avoided this. Chiki proposed to create "zones" , but we ended to give up because we had no symbol of exchange to be represented by this money : the money must represent something to be a money: For instance, the official moneys represent the reserves of gold . One cannot say : "Let's make a money", and print bills which do not represent anything : the bills won't have any value, just like monopoly bills.

But since we started to work at this, I have seen the idea used in other contexts, and with other aims which have nothing to do with ours : in Ruigoord festival, one had to get "ruigoos" to buy something, and in the festival "Espèces d'Interzone" in Strasbourg, one had to pay with "interzonards", bills some of which has a Brion Gysin pic on it. In both cases you had to change your money first when coming to the festival.

In both cases, the aim was not to facilitate exchanges, as the official euro was a common money for everybody , and the easiest symbol of exchange. The value of the ruigoo and interzonards was higher than the euro, and the aim was, for the organizers, to get money from the difference . In other words, it turned to be more complicated and more expensive for the users, and it turned out to create a money which created exactly the same problems as the ones we wanted to get rid of.

Though in Strasbourg, the prices of the cafe remained very honest : half a euro for a cup of tea or coffee, which remains twice cheaper than in the bars in town. When in Ruigoord, one coffee was 1 ruigoo = 1,5 euro : 1 coffee = 1,5 euro instead of 1 in town.

As the festival in Strasbourg referred to Interzone concept through its formulation, it seems important to say that there is no relation between us and the use of money and other symbols I have stated there, and that we are not involved in those uses, which only involve the people who have organized it.

Reporters Rédacteurs d'Interzone :

Interzone Press Agency has a new name : Reporters rédacteurs d'Interzone, a new look with an animation realized by Daniel Gualda, and the front page has a new address : , which will be easier for the publicity. I have renewed the domain name for 5 years, and as a result, can have free referencing in Yahoo, Google, and other search engines. Daniel Gualda is going to make an animated banner which will be put in the site for 40 euros, paid by Jean-François and I . We shall see the result then.

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All the best , keep on trucking. :-)


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