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Hi all,

I am just coming back from a week of holidays, so this report is coming to you with some delay. Here is the result of the activity of this month :

Physical academy :

At the moment I am putting up official workshops of general semantics and other non Aristotelian teachings, which is the start of a physical Interzone academy . If any of you is interested being part of it, thanks for letting me know. The program of the seminars will be on line soon.

Fifth birthday of Interzone and August 2nd meetings :

Next August will be the fifth birthday of Interzone. We have been doing a lot of things during those five years, and a meeting to take the stocks of the situation would be useful.

Personally, I am taking a new direction on the professional level; it is compatible with the Zone's activities and can integrate them. The productions we have been doing now are available: see in the catalogue http://wwwinter-zoneorg/catal1.html and we can start working officially with our own stuff, while making our own organization. But this requires to be discussed : I can decide about my own productions, but not for the other Zoners' ones. So we have to put up something which can be applied not only at the scale of an individual, but also to the other Zoners who have been active here too, knowing that if the bases are solid, it will work, and if they are not, it won't. So there is no point of reproducing models which rest upon abstractions, false postulates, and reveal themselves as failures on human levels, as the consequences would finally be prejudicial to us.

a) Meeting in the Interzone Coffee House chat-room:

If you want to talk about all this, and more, about the Zone, we shall meet in the chat room of the Interzone Coffee House on Saturday August 2nd 2003, date of Burroughs' departure.

Practical info: From the experience of the chat room meetings we had every month at the start of the Zone, it comes out that if we want to really talk, we have to be in the same chat room, otherwise, if we have to use different programs, it becomes impossible to handle very quickly. Though to play it safe, in case the system of Yahoo would be temporarily down, or for the computers which cannot get to it, we have to foresee another one, which does not require any download and can be easily and quickly accessible. Let me know if you know any: I shall forward it in the report of July and in the chat page at

To get to the Interzone Coffee House, you have to join the club at . If you do not want to stay in the club after the chat, you can unsubscribe then.

b) Physical meeting :

For the ones who dig the French country side, a physical meeting is possible here. For the lodging, I can book some camping places here, or rooms in the local hotel or bed and breakfasts. Just let me know in advance for the reservations.

Dreamachines :

a) Raphaël Naquet : La machine à rêver - Concours d'entrée FEMIS Avril 2003 Raphaël came and see me about the dreamachine some times ago, for a work of research he was doing . You can see his work in pdf format, with Acrobat (download at )

b) I have made one dreamachine with a new Sony record player bought at La Redoute . The turn table is rather large, which made it easy to make the new plans adapted to 45 rpm, with more holes than the 78 rpm one. So the problem of getting the record players is solved.

I have covered it with a painting of Kenji Siratori, Rep. You can view his paintings at As a result, this new dreamachine is multi-functions one : it can be a nice lamp, or a record player, or a dreamachine, and in the last extremity, a game for cats: mine uses the holes of the cylinder to play with the bulb.

Reporters Rédacteurs d'Interzone :

The look of the site is new since last month, and it might change soon.

New pages : Pénurie d'infirmières : un phénomène planifié sur le long terme plus Raphaël's work at

Daniel Gualda has made a banner and has built his site linked to, You can view the following pages :

- NEWS on line at

- Max video frames, on line at: , galeria de personajes del estudio de tatuaje.

- Nicolas Mustel, Serie Infantil, Serie Urbana, on line at: , arte joven, pintura, Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina.

Daniel Gualda, traducción al español bastante irresponsable de "Muta" primer capítulo de "Electric Blood" de Kenji Saratori, on line at:

We tried the publicity proposed by (see the previous report at ) for 50 euros : our banner appeared during 4 days in categorynet, and that was all. A journalist, Thomas Quéguiner, wrote an article in the site, which you can read in the news of June at

Though none of this brought anything new, and as a result, we all decided that we shall not spoil one more euro in such campaigns.

New pages on line:

News of May and June

In other Zoner's sites: see the details in the news of May and June

deadjoe the yew's bit on the 6-8 No Cover (rebrdcst 6-13) is now up at as well as the new and nopefully improved How Do I Love Thee from the new orleans CACNO gig.

Daniel Gualda <
NEWS on line at

Max video frames, on line at: , galeria de personajes del estudio de tatuaje.

Nicolas Mustel, Serie Infantil, Serie Urbana, on line at: , arte joven, pintura, Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina.

anthony rousseau < New videos at VISUALCUT Lecture à l'ETRANGE FESTIVAL à Florac dans les Cévennes, en Lozère, dans le Sud-Est, vendredi 30 et samedi 31 mai 2003.
il y aura également des projections de vidéos de mes amis, plus une exposition, de mes encres de chine, en petit format, et un très grand format, de 3 mètres sur 4. vous pouvez avoir le programme auprès d'Antoine, à

Lisa Lovebucket legendary comic genius Ken Campbell added to the bill ( and ( Argonauta has now Unofficially launched at (choose the third tentacle, magazine)

Jim J'lahn < New URL of the The 111 Experience

Optical Sound and Aspic Records Aspic Records is organizing "Le Placard de la Salle de bains" in Lyon, june the 13 & 14th, at la Salle de bains, contemporary art space.24 headphones / video / 2 euros entrance fee.56 rue Saint-Jean / Lyon 69005 (subway : Vieux-Lyon) The program is open to anyone. If you want to play : (The page is in french. If you need more info : Le Placard #6

Le Placard de la Salle de bains is part of the festival Le Placard #6, organized by Büro from april 26th to july 29th. Le Placard is an annual headphones festival. This year, Placard 's events can be found in Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris, Minneapolis, Bordeaux...

This report is on line at and will be in French in some days at

Wishing you happy holidays.


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