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Hi all,

This month has been extremely surprising, and full of adventures as usual. :-) and the weather really cold here : down to - 13.
At the end of December, Philip Beitchman and his friend Lionel Bloom came to visit. Philip joined the Zone from the memorial in 1997. Both met when they were students, and have lived in the Beat Hotel when Burroughs and Gysin were there in the sixties. Having them here was a real pleasure. They liked the hotel and the area. We went to the restaurant by night in Clamecy and found a small unexpected one at the feet of the cathedral. The next day they went back to Paris.

As far as the hotel is concerned, the situation is still the same in spite of the different letters sent to the owner and solicitor. Though the owner took out the asbestos from the ceiling of the back kitchen. He called for Emmaüs to take away the rubbish remaining from the restaurant , but when the guys came, they burst out laughing and refused to take it, which was predictable. So the whole stuff is still here. Being fed up, I have written a letter to the DDASS, official organism responsible for hygiene and laws on renting, so they will start an investigation. A bailiff came this morning to write down the list of all the problems, then I'll see a lawyer, the rents are going to be blocked and shall keep you posted about what's going on.

As far as money is concerned, I am keeping the nurse job here and received today a letter saying I am going to get a part of the rent paid by the state , which is great actually. So I can make it.

I have put the whole documents (letters, etc.) in the page on the hotel at : for the Zoners invested in the project.

I also have added pictures of the place taken when I arrived. But I had made a mistake with the pellicle, and they have been taken on the film taken in Ruigoord, so both places are superposed. The result is unexpected, but interesting. :)

Interzone Press Agency:

I have proposed in a forum of free-lance journalists which I subscribed to last year, Categorynet to publish in the site Interzone Press Agency and get contacts through the site with magazines, whom they can deal with on the financial level and sell their articles through Paypal. Jean-François Rivière , a journalist from Montargis, liked the idea and sent one article : Défi de FERME :

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(see previous report ) They cost 12 euros each. You can order them at, and for payment, use paypal system:

New events : Optical Sound & Aspic Records :

Pierre Belouin has been really active this month :,
New Optical Sound and Aspic Records website : Distribution in France by Limonade Sound Art ? Janek Schaefer-Live*15/01/03*20h00 "L'homme Orchestre"

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George Laughead : Photos of WSB Burroughs family plot in St. Louis

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anthony rousseau <>,, Mes meilleurs Voeux 2003

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All the best for 2003. Take care.



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