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Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in the report : I have been working all week starting a new job and had to make a number of things in time for papers concerning the change of residence and country for the car, the social security, the job, the house here, and got a terrible migraine on the 21st, so making this report in time was beyond my means.

Zone's calendars 2003:

Though during the month I found the time to make some calendars 2003 : one with Burroughs pics and one with Kenji Siratori's paintings. Here are the covers here, on which is a calendar of the whole year. Each calendar has13 pages: one cover , and one for each month with a pic in a personalized frame. Printed on bristol, A4 format. The result is quite good actually and this is the best I have been doing as far as illustrations are concerned.

Another one with Zone's pics is being prepared .

They cost 12 euros each. You can order them at, and for payment, use paypal system, which I have subscribed to: (see more below at "Money")

I am going to sell them in Coulanges and tell you the result next month. :)

The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah:

Batou in Senegal is going to translate the text in wolof and manding. He and some friends of him have a rap band so they are going to make the music as well.

New events : Optical Sound & Aspic Records : Sound Art ?

see the details in the news page of december at :

Sound Art ?
14/12/02 ­ 08/02/03

Concerts : Serge Comte 16-17h et Sébastien Roux 19-21h

Installations : Goran Vejvoda, Pierre Belouin, Frédéric Post, Ramuntcho Matta, Jeremy Deller, Emmanuel Hervé

Librairie Florence Loewy Books by Artists
9 rue de thorigny 75003 paris
T : 01 44 78 98 45 F : 01 44 78 98 46


The building in Coulanges:

Patrice Riemens who lent me his flat in the village before I rented the hotel is here and we are examining the situation. About the fixing of the building itself, the heater and hot water are now on, but the rest has not progressed. The owner is a crook who does not want to do the minimum work for the place to be livable, only wants to take the money and expects that I am going to get fed up and leave the place , so he can keep the two rents deposit, which he does not intend to give back, according to the solicitor. But I am going to oblige him to make it, and then, when the asbestos is taken away as well as the whole rubbish, and the heater, the broken windows and the leaking in the ceilings on the third floor will be fixed, then it will be okay.

The heater works at the first and second floor, and for the first floor, repairs are needed. It comes out it is a financial gullet: I have already spent 200 euros (500 liters of fuel) during the first month and had to order 500 liters more. At the moment the weather is not cold : one can go out with a pull over , and it's really nice, but when it's cold, I'll have to find another way of heating instead, less expensive: may be a wood heater at the first floor, and in my bedroom, a small fuel heater.


As far as money is concerned, the rent has cost me since the start :

- 610 euros for the month, 305 euros for the rent of December, lowered by half due to the discomfort of the place, plus 1220 euros of deposit (2 months of rent), plus the solicitor's fees ( 300 euros) plus the fuel : 400 euros, plus the insurance (200 euros for the whole year) , plus the charges (phone, electricity, etc.)

- I have got a job, which was supposed to be paid 1400 euros a month, but (there is always a "but" it seems as far as jobs are concerned) but after one week for a try, the boss says that the job will really start in January, and will be a 3/4 part time job, which is 1050 euros. I have tried other places, but as a psychiatric nurse, I cannot work in France in a general hospital nor as a liberal nurse : nothing to see with the training : the decision has been taken after pressures of liberal nurses syndicates on the successive governments (see ).

One clarification here , which has no relation with the Zone, but is representative of what is happening in economy at the word scale, so you might state it yourself in your own place as well: the so called "lack of nurses" which is supposed to be general in Western countries, is in fact organized and wanted through three main ways :

- limiting the possibilities of work to prevent people to work in such or such domains, or require from them so complicated conditions that they give up,

- reductions of the staff and restructuration of services which poisons peoples' life : more hierarchy, less means, no time to think, and the impossibility to make a correct job, which gets to be dramatic when you work in health domain, because you are directly confronted to the consequences on patients' life : the whole makes this job unlivable, and people just quit or get ill or die : since 1981, in the two services of the psychiatric hospital I worked in during 15 years, 14 healers have died on a staff of 100, a high percentage from depression and suicide, and most of the rest from cancer.

The result at long term is that the hospitals and clinic use the "lack of nurses" becomes an excuse to employ the minimum : where 6 healers were employed before, now 2 make the work, which means that the expenses for the staff has been devised by 3. I have recently seen a place with one nurse for 100 patients, which is delirious, and the rest of the staff is mostly composed of cleaning staff without training. This legitimates conditions of work which were illegal before. This phenomenon is not limited to health, but extended to whole economy.

The money which is saved from the staff expenses then is taken away in different ways, invested to bring more money, etc. Before, the aim of health was to cure people, now it has become to make money on staff and patients. In other words, it rests upon an inversion of the values : health is not here for people anymore, but people are here for the businessmen to get money from them. The value of a nurse job is collapsing: previously it had a basic human function and allowed to live decently; now it brings just enough to live and has become a way for other people who do not work to make more money on your back than the one you earn working. Formal work has become a rip off in an economy based upon institutionalization of swindle.

"The magical theory of history: the magical universe presupposes that nothing happens unless someone or some power, some living entity will it to happen. There are no coincidences and no accidents. A chaotic situation is always deliberately produced. Ask yourself who or what sort of creature could benefit from such a situation. Even in the crudest economic terms there are those who profit from chaos… speculators, black marketeers, ultimately warlords and bandits…"The Place of Dead Roads - William Burroughs.

The present situation exactly is a demonstration of this.

Now practically, at our level, I am going to keep this part time job, and use the free time to start something in the bar through an association, which will allow to open a bar without alcohol and sell our productions with the minimum of formalities.

Association :

I have received the papers for it; a neighbor is going to help me here, as she has a long experience in this domain with some artist friends, so she knows all the tricks. Any proposition welcome from the Zone as well, of course. :)


Following the advise of some of you, I have subscribed to Paypal, : This allows to send or receive money through email from a number of countries, and for a small fee, (1,96 $, much less than sending money through the banks). So this is simple and quick, and does not require any legal frame.

As a result, Kate in US has sent 25 $ , which arrived on my bank account :

CODE ETAB: 11706 - CODE GUICHET: 00001 - N° DE COMPTE: 51379872001 - CLE RIB : 07


IBAN - INTERNATIONAL BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER : FR76 1170 6000 0151 3798 7200 107



Gary thinks that we got to use it for the selling of the Zone's creation and make a cyber shop this way. It's easy and we can try, nothing to loose. :)

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William Schafer

This report is on line at : . It will be in French soon at

I am going to spend Christmas in Coulanges, wish you all my best for the feasts and new year.



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