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Hi all,

This month has been really busy, as a result, I have not found time to write down the French report of October. It started by the moving up of all my stuff, plus a lot which a Belgian friend gave me for the hotel and which is going to be really useful. I really settled in the hotel on November the 1st.

News from Coulanges:

The place has not been occupied since two years and the heater is not working yet, neither the hot water, but it should be fixed soon, I hope. Though the fire place downstairs works great and a neighbor provides free wood.

The bedrooms are ok, some need some repair, but nothing very big, more a succession of small things.

Patrice Dantard came during some days and found the place practically ideal: easy of access from Paris, beautiful region, everything basic in the village. And he got a good feeling of the hotel globally in spite of the lack of comfort. We went to visit Vezelay, very nice city. He filmed the place and is going to put the video on the net once the film is ready. I also have taken photos which you can view at the page when they are scanned : I should receive them tomorrow.

I have put in a page the mails Zoners invested in a place project, so you can have an idea of the progresses of the adventure. See at :

About the organization the work inside, at the moment i have been doing a lot of cleaning as it is dirty. I have not touched the kitchen nor back kitchen, as they are not livable as they are : some asbestos is in the back kitchen, falling down from the ceiling due to a water leak , and it has to be taken away by specialized services. As a result, I am in relation with the owner and solicitor to have things fixed.

The relations with the people of the village are excellent : all know the place and have souvenirs there, they are happy to see it inhabited again, and are glad to see new people coming. They would like it to be opened to them in some ways : the kids would like to have a place to meet instead of the street, and to use a computer. And the old people who get bored would like to have a place to meet instead of the local home. :) As a result, I am thinking about different activities on different days of the week.

PayPal and bank account:

  • Some of you asked me if they could use PayPal system for donations. I have subscribed two days ago and am waiting for my member number to complete the registration. So you can use for it the email .
  • You can also send money directly from you bank to mine. Here is my RIB ("relevé d'identité bancaire"), which you have to use for it :

CODE ETAB: 11706 - CODE GUICHET: 00001 - N DE COMPTE: 51379872001 - CLE RIB : 07


IBAN - INTERNATIONAL BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER : FR76 1170 6000 0151 3798 7200 107


At the moment, this is my personal account. Now for what comes next, we need an association. As some Zoners do not feel like being art of a formal association, I am going to make one independent from the Zone, but which can integrate some sectors of it dealing with money.

Different uses of the place: 

Concerning the ways the place can be used, here are the different ways I am planing on the base of my means :

a) A place for the Zone, and a base for the academy :

- Out of moments when we meet, the place is at your disposal if you need a shelter, place to rest, meditate, etc...

- A place to organize seminars and workshops : I am prepairing a site of general semantics teaching to come soon.

- A place to sell our creations, make concerts (the space of the restaurant and bar is11 m x 7 m : 77 m), conferenes, expos, etc.

b) A big house for Louis :

As a psychiatric nurse, I can welcome people who need a place out of a psychiatric hospital. Actually, the guy who made me discover Burroughs'' books, Louis, is still there. (see at and CQFD ou "William Burroughs + sémantique générale = nouvelle carte de l'organisme humain : ) In one way, without him, I might never have heard of Burroughs, and he was at the start of what we are living in the Zone. Once, he told his sister that I was going to get a big house and get him out of the hospital. This was my aim when I stopped working in 1991. Now the big house is there, and I can make it. So he will be welcome when he wants.

c) A place opened to the people of the village :

I can easily make it accessible to the people with different aims on different days in the week :

- on wednesday, open it to the kids

- on another day, make conferences,

- make a cine-club,

- a day for free exchanges and meetings,

I am going to see with them what they say and how we can put this up.

A room can also be available for the inhabitants when a quiet place is needed.

d) Formal rents :

As there are nearly nothing to rent in the area, I can also rent rooms to newcomers who need a room for some times (teachers, etc.), as well as tourists.

Actually, all this can be put up very quickly as soon as the place is fixed.

For the practical side, I am going to have advises for the association as it's a creation of a work, so they will be helpful for the formalities.

Zone proposal from Rod Pitman and Brian Kern :

I have received a mail from Brian Kern about the Morrison film they are at since soe months (see the previous reports), with a proposition for the Zone . If you are interested, you can write to him at :


rod and i have a proposal for you and the zoners. the morrison film is officially in the 'international documentary festival amsterdam' on the 21st through the end of this month. we have a money making plan for the zone.

there is a mug shot of morrison taken in florida before he went to ucla. it is public domain. we want to put it on a shirt and sell it at the festival. rod will offer very generous percentage rates to anyone who might be able to help us. there are other things going on. rod may want to set up his production company in your zone. the zone could be the location for the next project that we have told you about with telepresence network.

the basic money idea for the short term is just to cover our travel expenses, and that can be through some shirts and posters with jim's mug shot on them at the festival. it is possible there is someone in the zone who can make these and their incentive would be money going into the zone, as well as covering their work. in the long term... that is the talk we
shall have when i get there with rod. unless rod and i can't scrape enough euros together for a train ticket, we will come and see you. we would love to have you come and see us and the film, but we understand how busy you must be.

give me more info on this prez position at the zone. what all does this entail? i have some ideas for nomination.

look forward to seeing you,


hello evbody,

rodney is on his way to amsterdam with a tiny bit of cinematic history in his satchel. jim morrison's first student film will have it's world premeire at the IDFA 2002 (international documentary festival amsterdam) this
month. i believe the date for the 'official' party to be the 25th.

What a cursed blessing it was for max shwartz to take his first and final lead role in jim morrison's directorial debute at UCLA in the summer of 1964. imagine your girlfriend liz, your true and only love, brings jim
morrison home from school one day. liz and jim lost their psychodelic virginity together, and max lost liz. jim told max to 'be a poet' but ginsberg just told max to lighten up. the movie has survived by the hair on max's teeth and can now be enjoyed by jim's millions of fans everywhere.
three and a half minutes of black and white imagery climaxing in a masturbatory metaphor foreshadowing max's fate as well as jim's own future floridian court scandal that effectively made americas leading sexual
politician an expatriot in france.

to celebrate the excavation of this film, meester pitman is planning a grand unveiling. we could use some help. we need posters. lots posters.

we would like to sell warm long sleeve shirts with morrison's teenage mug shot emblazoned on the front. the image is public domain and ripe for interzoners. we welcome any proposals and will get back to you directly as the time is short.

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All the best, take good care.


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