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Hi all,

Some news from Old Europe :))))))

This was a edgy month really, very very busy due to the number of different tasks to do : the job, still more papers to fulfill and offices to go to (social security, insurances, papers for the car, etc, etc., yurk !), Minet, my white cat, to look after (he tends to think I am at his service actually), and the Zone's work. But I am in holidays next week, so things are going to become more relaxed.

About the hotel, I have come to an agreement with the owner and am about to leave the place at the end of the month for a new house, big enough to receive people, make dreamachines, etc. I am sorry the hotel project ends like this, but the place is not livable and I cannot live longer here.

New events :

Optical Sound & Aspic Records

The French newspaper Libération published an article on Sound Art on friday january 31st :
Optical Sound and Aspic Records c/o Pierre Belouin 9 place des étudiants, F-67000 Strasbourg

"Différentes espèces d'Interzone": Cabaret 23:

Eléonore Hellio, a friend of Pierre Belouin, is organizing an exhibition in Strasbourg, <Espéces d'Interzone>V.02/03 . I am invited for a conference on Interzone, Burroughs, the dreamachine, etc. See the details in the news page of January at

Future association:

I have written a draft of status for an association. Though this will only be a frame of the Zone's activity dealing with money, to make it possible in a legal frame, and will not interfere with the rest of the Zone. I'll put the draft on line when it's finished, so you can see about the articles and we can adapt them then.

Interzone Press Agency:

The front page at has got a new look. Some more articles :

Jean-François Rivière Les Webs du Gévaudan

Isabelle Aubert-Baudron Description des conséquences de la privatisation et de l'économie de marché observées dans le secteur de la psychiatrie publique

CV Isabelle Aubert-Baudron:

 Interzone in Africa:

- Batou in Dakar, Senegal and his rap band MC3 <> : more about them soon.

- A message of Koulin from Ivory Coast : "Je crois que nous devons défendre la Côte d'Ivoire, ne pas s'occuper des problèmes de personne mais de penser au pays et à ses habitants, car faire la guerre est égoïste car ceux qui attaquent pensent défendre la population ,mais lui font mal dans une certaine ignorance... Merci, mes frères, d'avoir une pensée pour la population de la Côte d'Ivoire qui souffre parce qu'il y a une lutte de pouvoir." Koulin

"Comment peut on envoyer des enfants de Dieu tuer d'autres enfants de Dieu au nom de Dieu ? Je ne comprend pas et c'est pas sain." Alpha Blondy artiste musicien reggae man Ivoirien

Dreamachine :

The page  Dreamachine class: has been updated.

No time to make any dreamachine nor to run after record players at the moment. I have put the plans on line, a 12 years old kid can make it. I am not interested in money here, but to put the dreamachine to anybody's disposal. If I can make it, then you can as well : I am not a genius and was hopeless in math at school until I read Korzybski . The stuff to get for the making it is cheap, it takes one afternoon to make it. You can get the whole info at

In the new place I am getting, I'll have enough room to make them. I'd like to make multi functions ones, with a nice look so they can be used as beautiful luminaries as well. 

Cyber space invaders in the Intezone Coffee House:

In the Interzone Coffee House , there recently has been a number of organized intruders who came to make mess : sending spam mails, agressive and insulting ones, and some of fake political subversion (about anarchy and "French situationists") (?) and some of war propaganda. It took some times before we got aware of what was going on, and afterwards, I made some cleaning up among the new subscribers. Then two subscribed to Grape's Resistance Underground, and started again. I turned their mails into amusing exchanges and made fun of them. So the result turned to be the opposite of what they expected. Two did hara kiri and the other one ran away. Complete victory of the Zone !!!!!!!!

The great side here is that the Zone succeeds to go on fulfilling its function of psychic refuge. What we do is opened, we have nothing to hide. We are involved in arts, and in making real a Johnson family happen: this does not concern ideologies, but a code of conduct to get to a livable life on this planet:

" The Johnson Family" was a turn-of the century expression to designate good bums and thieves. It was elaborated into a code of conduct. A Johnson honors his obligations. His word is good and he is a good man to do business with. A Johnson minds his own business. He is not a snoopy, self-rightous, trouble-making person. A Johnson will give help when help is needed. He will not stand by while someone is drowning or trapped under a burning car.

The only thing that could unite the planet is a united space program... the earth becomes a space station and war is simply out, irrelevant, flatly insane in a context of research centers, spaceports, and the exhilaration of working with people you like and respect toward an agreed-upon objective, an objective from which all workers will gain. Happiness is a by-product of function. The planetary space station will give all participants an opportunity to function."

William Burroughs ,"The Place of Dead Roads".




We can choose to expose ourselves to strengths of construction or destruction and make of this planet a paradise or a hell. As far as I am concerned, I refuse to let strengths of destruction pollute my mental universe. Though when they get on my nerves, I must admit that I do not dislike to use them as objects of experiments, which may end to become real fun. About this, I advise you to refer to the non-control strategies, on line at : , which contain useful tools. The text is in French, but you can get an English translation through the translator "Voilà" at the top of the page.

Burroughs' and Gysin's books on line:

Boy Scout Manual: that page contains info on the issue of RE/Search (#4/5) containing the manual.

"Here to Go" is availalble both new and used from amazon:

New pages on line:

News of January 2003 and February :

Dreamachine class:

More poetry by Laurent T <> POEMES

Daniel Gualda : Planos para una maquina de conferencia triple Ricardito Epiligo

Interzone Press Agency

Actualités :

CV Jean François Rivière:

CV Isabelle Aubert-Baudron:

Description des conséquences de la privatisation et de l'économie de marché observées dans le secteur de la psychiatrie publique :

In other Zoner's sites: see the details in the news pages : &

Tom Allen Bookreviewers

Jean François Rivière Les Webs du Gévaudan

Jean-François Riviere Toujours plus fort !!! Après les bisons du Limousin... les "aurochs" de Lozère !!!

 Rasta Robert < With change of my account at cistron, my new base url of my website is so also the HIS last words page is now at

This report is on line at :
. It will be in French soon at

Winter has been cold but nice here. Waiting for spring.



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