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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 300 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developped here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone


 Hi all,

Many things this month :from the Zone's side. Reading this report will take you some times, so make yourself comfortable before starting. Good read !

Louis :

First, one sad news : Louis, the guy who made me discover Burroughs' books in 1977, has died, from complications after an operation he had last summer. Though he lived in a psychiatric hospital, he had an actual influence: he played a big part in the group B 23 we made with Burroughs' and Gysin's support and complicity from 1984 to 1988. He is the seed from which Interzone grew up, so we all owe him a lot. Louis August 2003

See some poems and articles he wrote in the magazine "Objectifs" at and some writings on him at :- Poems by his sister : "Louis", and "Les Coteaux de la tendresse" at : and "Cendres de toi" at

- "The time of the Naguals" : ,

- In the Crossroads of Dead Ends : and

 - CQFD ou William Burroughs + sémantique générale = nouvelle carte de l'organisme humain :

Mr Lambkin :

Jill Fryer in Australia translates the 3Crossroads of Dead Ends" and sent the translation of the chapter Mr Lambkin:

Jeff J Dobson's writings :

Jeff sent one text : "The Woman Who Couldn't remember, on line at See his site at , Burroughs' pics at : and pieces of writings.

Burroughs images by Buddabuck :

Buddabuk made more images, very nice ones, which are beeing gathered in Interzone gallery See & The URL is going to change to soon when I make some space there.

Stella Matutina:

Stella Matutina is a Chrismas tale for children published in 1936. I have used some of the illustrations in the Zone's sites since some years. Though the context of the story is religious, this publishing is not to take in this frame: it is a tale for children, as any other tale, which does not seem to me to be limited to this context.

The book is on line at and is available in printed version (20 euros) and on CD as well.

The Taxidermist :

Due to the size of the images, I have moved it from to to save some space in The look of the page has changed.

The English translation is going to be checked and the French and English version will be available on CD. You can get it in printed version as well.

Zone economy:

History and aims:

We started to mule about economy some years ago , in the frame of Interzone productions, to put up an economical system at our scale. See the different accounts on it through time in the rubric "Economy" of Interzone Academy at

I New data on money : what are we talking about exactly?

II Application of those data in the context of the Zone

III Proposition to experiment a zone of free exchange

IV A non-Aristotelian economy (january 2002) (This one has just been translated in English).

The Academy project: (updated)

The idea here is to elaborate an economy the structure of which is similar to the structure of the group, and based upon the actual facts: our actual needs, resources, means and potential, rather than a ready made economical theories and ideologies. The main problem we were confronted to in Interzone Creation was not to reproduce the tricks of official economies, because their structure, the relation they rest on (competition) are not compatible with the frame of the Zone and would lead to the end of it. Also we do not actually need to use money: this is not the result of a decision, simply of the organization we spontaneously adopted in the frame of our Burroughsian experiments : the result of a third mind structure, based upon the principle of non-additivity (1+1 = 3), so starting from our own respective resources, we got much higher, much easier and pleasurable result than what we could have foreseen to get in conditions of a formal business. This is no theory nor bla bla bla : the facts can be stated in the different sites and links of

Though the aim here is not to give up with money, just to find a satisfying way to use it for all the members. The main postulate of the economical ideologies, rightist as leftist, rest on the belief that to get resources, one has to take them from somebody else, and that economy ineluctably leads to competition. The result of it is more and more poor people and less and less rich ones. As long as one functions like this, such an economy leads ineluctably to conflicts, strength relations, and mutual destruction, which is a nonsense for everybody, as a presently rich person has big chance to become poor in future. A loosers' game !

We have demonstrated that this postulate is false, and that if one shares the resources, they increase, and everybody wins.

Though it might appear new, it only is the type of relation adapted to the Western democratic systems, supposed to be states of rights, in which the strongest's law is obsolete. So this just is a economy the structure of which is similar to our democratic models, nothing more. It just requires to apply the base of our political state of evolution in the other domains of human sciences, economy is part of.

Its bases :

Now the new thing is the necessary frame to make this similarity of structures possible, Alfred Korzybski's general semantics, a logic of thinking based upon quantic physics and Einsteins' work, (Alfred Korzybski: "De la notion de simultanéité" at which rests on our present level of scientific and technological evolution, and the biologist Henri Laborit's work on the structure of living organisms, which rests on general semantics.

So our main problems in human affairs are not a matter of ideology, nor morals. They come from the fact we have not integrated yet at human levels the data of our scientific evolution, and still rule them according to logics of previous paradigms : the antique Aristotle's logic, based upon Euclid's physics, and Descartes' one, based upon Newton's physics (XVII° century). So we live in the world of 2004 according to obsolete vision of man and of the world. We presently are in a similar situation as people of the XVII° century who had to forget about the vision of the earth as flat and at the center of the world for the vision of a planet part of the solar system. Getting updated to our present scientific level of evolution requires from us a similar mental revolution.

This update allows us to consider human affairs through a scientific step, and to apply them mathematical ways of solving. Then what do we state ? We state that the most of the human problems were created by the false postulates and the dead ends of the previous logics, and that once we put postulates fitting to the facts instead of the false old ones, we can solve the antique oppositions and contradictions.

So GS allows to harmonize levels which previously were considered as opposed or separated : the structure of our political democratic models is similar to the structure of human organism

Interzone is the result of such an expriment, in the frame of a group of readers of Burroughs and Gysin. Here I must specially emphasize the main role of the American Zoners, who spontaneously impulsed this structure and spirit of Interzone. See their sites in the Interzone Ring at and their work in the most of the pages of the Zone's sites .

Its tools :

* Interzone artistical and literary productions : the catalogue of 2003 nos is obsolete. See the Catalogue of Interzone Creation 2004

* The Académie 23 : center of teaching and research on general semantics, through which we can officially sell our creations. (see the report of November for more details)

* A press agency : Reporters Rédacteurs d'Interzone

New pages on line:

Louis' poems and articles: :

Poems on Louis : : and

Mr Lambkin : translation Jill Fryer :

Jeff J Dobson: "The Woman Who Couldn't remember, on line at

William Burroughs' pictures by Bubbaduck &


IV A non-Aristotelian economy (january 2002)

Projet Académies :

Stella Matutina:

The Taxidermist :

News of November and December at &

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Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year to all of us.

Agent Izzy

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