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 Hi all,

Académie 23: ride on !

The big news of the month : The Académie 23 now is officially registered under the n°26.89.00780.89 at the Délégation Régionale du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle de Bourgogne and is operational. So the project which collapsed last year in the frame of the hotel du Pont now is actuazlized, and even if we have no hotel, we can do exactly the same without it and with much less hasstle.  We also have the means to realize the project of the festival foreseen in Poitiers in 1999, which could not happen in the frame of the cultural services, as now, we can handle all the parameters.

There is enough supply in the area to welcome and feed people : the municipality puts at my disposal a house which can welcome 20 people.There also is a formal hotel in the village, and I can welcome 4 people in my place. There also is a large room in the mairie where it's possible to make seminars, conferences, exhibitions during the week-ends. In summer, the 2 camping places of the village, on the edge of the river, the Yonne, can welcome people (200 places) and has a restaurant. The village is accessible from Paris by train.

My owner is finishing to fix a new flat at the first floor, which she wants to rent and which will be ready at the end of december. This place would be ideal to open a small bar, and have a room behind for courses, lectures, exhibitions. I am going to see with the local people here if there are enough needs to make it work if I rent it : the monthly rent is 250 euros. My owner would prefer to rent it to me than to somebody else, but before taking the decision, I must be sure that I can afford it.

It is opened, and we can make a rubric on Burroughs' and Gysin's teachings : Burroughs was a student of Korzybski, and GS influenced a lot his writings, which is not enough taken in consideration.

Agence de Presse Interzone:

The site of psychiatric nurses "Psychiatrie Infirmière" publishes my articles , and quotes the "Agence de presse Interzone" with other big French media as "Le Monde" and "L'Humanité" who published articles on the subject, which is rather valorizing.

The name of the site has changed and now is "Reporters Rédacteurs d'Interzone". The aim of this site is to allow us to put our articles and reviews on line, sell them to the media who are interested through a fair contract and allow the reporters to get a card of press. The frame of Interzone allows us to make an international press, with relevant articles.

As a result, Interzone now is able to provide its members different ways to feed themselves.

The Zone feeds its own

Changes in the sites:

    • William Burroughs' pictures :

Bubbaduck in "the Interzone Coffee House" made nice pictures of Burroughs. On line in Interzone Creations galeries at

I am stopping to pay for the Belgian server, as I now live in France, and have transfered it in geocities : so the new URL now is at : The site in Belgium is still on line at , but it might disapear soon. As a result, my email will disapear as well. Thanks for sending the mails at or

I have scanned and old book for children, "Stella Matutina", a Christmas story, from which are extracted some pictures of little angles in the Zone's site (front pages of Interzone Library and Académie 23) It will be on line and available on CD next month for Christmas.

Concerning the new site Académie 23 at , I have problems to load the pages, so I have made a mirror site , also in geocities which is easier to use.

I have put on line a translation of a chapter from "Science and Sanity" by Korzybski related to Einstein's work : "De la notion de simultanéité" at to emphasize the scientific backgroungs of general semantics. This domain is not known in France yet, due to the lack of translations of Korzybski's books: the only published one is "Une carte n'est pas le territoire" aux Editions de l'Eclat, and the other one on line is Transcription des Notes des Conférences de Sémantique Générale Données à Olivet College at

The book has been revised and updated. :


New events :

New pages on line:

William Burroughs' pictures By Bubbaduck

Interzone Library :

Académie 23

Alfred Korzybski: "De la notion de simultanéité" at

News of October and November at and

  • In the other Zoners' sites:

Bubbaduck :

Paul Bowles Official Site

Daniel Gualda" < i´m working with ks concept and creating flash movies.

Yannick Chosse Galerie d'art numérique Yannick Chosse Homo Attractus

cordwainer WASHINGTON DC HOLIDAY BOOK FAIR I will be attending the following, and shilling "Insanity Factory" on
Thursday, December 11th 6 to 9 pm The Resource Center for Activism and the Arts 1611 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC

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All the best.

Agent Izzy

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