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A lot of things this month, in several domains :

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Press release

Brion Gysin by CM von Hausswolff Färgfabriken, 19 September - 25 October

Over the past few years, artist and itinerant curator CM von Hausswolff has put together a series of exhibitions at Färgfabriken in which he has presented, in a personal way, some of the greatest influences on his own work as an artist. These exhibitions, featuring such names as Friedrich Jürgensen, Leif Elggren and Rune Lindblad, have become small gems whose importance has been recognised far beyond the borders of Sweden.

In connection with Carsten Höller's show in Färgfabriken's main hall, Carl Michael von Hausswolff has brought together a number of works by Brion Gysin (1916-1986) which will be shown in the three project rooms.Brion Gysin's importance is commonly underestimated and relatively unknown. Artists, writers and composers from the 1950s onward refer to his works. The list includes such names as Paul Bowles, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Brian Jones (of the Rolling Stones), Ornette Coleman, Steve Lacy, David Bowie, Nicholas Roeg, Brian Eno, Psychic TV, Coil, The Hafler Trio, Ceryth Wyn-Evans, Carsten Höller, and CM von Hausswolff.

As a painter, Gysin developed a calligraphy technique of his own, based on Japanese tradition, which was so refined that William Burroughs wrote in a text about Gysin's work that "writing is 50 years behind painting". As a poet, he was one of the pioneers of Sound Poetry with works such as I Am That I Am and Pistol Poem. He also published a number of books, including The Process, The Last Museum and, in collaboration with Burroughs, The Third Mind. Working
with Ian Sommerville, a mathematician, he developed the Dreamachine, a brain-wave simulator that stimulates and brings on hallucinations.

CM von Hausswolff met Brion Gysin in the early 1980s and has since been influenced by his work.

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For further information and press images, please visit or phone Färgfabriken on +46 8 6450707 (Moa Keskikangas). Pictures at :

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Ivory coast : From Koulin MAH Yeo Adama, officer in the Ivorian army has been killed in Man, in the west of Ivory coast. See Koulin's mail at

Investigations on French psychiatry during the latest 20 years :

The look of the front page at has changed again.

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In the frame of the Zone anthology I have gathered and put on line the huge quantity of poems en English sent by Zoners during 6 years in the Interzone Library : see the contentsof the contents at : and the different pages at : , ,, ,,, ,, , .

The contents of the articles previously gathered is at but now has to be updated with the texts which have come since. The cut-ups, short stories and theater will be on line soon.

So you have an idea of the quantity of writings which you sent since 1997.

As it is too big to be printed, once the whole will be finished, I shall put them on a CD which you can get then. This will be the second compilation on Cd . The first one is on line at : The name of the collection is "Come to Free the Words"

Also in Interzone Library : the book "Techniques de Contrôle et Stratégies de non-contrôle" has been completed : see IV Techniques de contrôle permettant l'exercice de la domination : and V Techniques de contrôle appliquées aux exécutants : (automatic translator)

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Remake des "Dix Petits Nègres": enquête sur les facteurs de mortalité et de morbidité en milieu hospitalier et propositions pour en sortir

Poems of The Time of the Naguals : : a , ,, ,,, ,, , .

"Techniques de Contrôle et Stratégies de non-contrôle"

IV Techniques de contrôle permettant l'exercice de la domination :

VTechniques de contrôle appliquées aux exécutants :

Brion Gysin's biography from Here to Go - Planet R 101 :

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