Interzone report of August 23th 2003

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 Hi all,

Due to the holidays, the activity of the Zone is reduced. From my side, since the latest report, there has been people here nearly all the time : Patrice Dantard came for holidays and brought the videos he had taken in November. Philip Beitchman had planned to visit, but had the opportunity to have a free flat in Paris. Trevor came from Cape Town (South Africa) for three days.

Académie 23 :

I have been concentrating on the settling and registration of my new job, so I now am independant worker, psychotherapist, and prepairing an official academy : see the site on line : Académie 23: e-mail:

One good tip here, Patrice Dantard gave me : you can get free site, web space, email at , without advert nor pop up. I am going to make changes in the sites soon, probably going to leave skynet, and see for a new organization on instead, to gather all the sites of the Zone in the same place.

As a result, I have not done much on the other sites, nor written any article this month, nor made the news page of August yet.

Ooops : Sixth birthday of Interzone and August 2nd meetings :

August 2nd was not the fifth but the SIXTH birthday of Burroughs' escape, sorry for not counting correctly (2003 – 1997 = 6). Well, six years ! This looks incredible ! A mail from James Grauerholz made me realize it : on August 2nd, James met with some friends in Bill's house for a commemoration.

James is well and still in touch with the Zone. I forward his best wishes to all.

There was a meeting in the chat room, but the time was a bit problematic and some connected to the chat and did not meet anybody. Though Pierre Belouin was here and a Zoner from US as well.


Foe and his friend Shogo have been putting together five songs with lyrics. Name of the unit: Kotobuki Feedbacks.
Name of the album: Kaidoh Racer Fou
Full name of the song that can be downloaded: sunnyday - life of cicada_ summer 0f 2003.mp3
Download link:

If any of the zoners are interested in sponsorship/distributorship in other countries feel free to contact him at Vasha <> is in Holland at the moment having a great time, and travelling through Europe. He has become a travelling exhibition himself. His group SALA has made acd-r which was released by Russsian label (at least) TANTRIC HARMONIES : more details from: RailheaD has put new texts on line and remade his site : see "The RailheaD"

New pages on line:

Académie23 :

In the other Zoners' sites:

Kotobuki Feedbacks : Kaidoh Racer Fou

Vasha and the group SALA : TANTRIC HARMONIES : more details from: "The RailheaD"

Erratum : in the previous report, Yannick Chosse's URL were : Homo Attractus :

The news page will be on line soon. This report is on line at

The French version will be on line in some days at :



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